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Welsh local authorities criticised for failing to record anti-gay school bullying

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Reader comments

  1. It should by now be a legal obligation to keep these statistics.

    I think if they were kept people would be surprised how much homophobic bullying there is. In my experience it doesn’t even need to be overtly homophobic as it is difference that singles out the victims and many kids who haven’t even identified as gay are already showing that difference that marks them out. They may then go on later to identify as gay.

    This does make it difficult to identify but a start must be made.

    1. Well said, twitless, and as someone who was bullied throughout school for being trans (including by some of the teachers) I’d like to second that. The abuse I got was often both homophobic, sexist and misogynistic in nature as bullies often aren’t sensitive or intelligent enough to know what ‘transgender’ means let alone understand.

      As you say, the problem is more widespread than schools or society at large seems to want to let on: LGBT pupils and those perceived as LGBT are often subject to severe bullying which often has a tendency to become sexually abusive in nature by the time we reach our early teens. Schools often sweep student-on-student sexual harassment under the carpet too. Unfortunately, I speak from personal experience and I know that I’m not the only one. Local authorities need to realise that kids are still going through this right now – and ending their torment (and sometimes even saving their lives) should be a priority right now!

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