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Silvio Berlusconi: “I have a lot of gay friends, they’re friendly and funny”

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Reader comments

  1. He’s wrong: he’s definitely been accused of stealing money from Italians.

  2. He used to be a clown, now he is just sad.

    1. He’s particularly sad because he has now got to pay his ex wife €36 million per year for life. YES €36 million PER YEAR.

      Oh dear, what a pity, never mind!

  3. If Italians are stupid enough to re-elect this corrupt paedophile in the next election then they deserve their recession.

    why is Italy in the EU and Turkey not – Turkey enjoys greater press freedom than Italy and women have a better equality record than Italy.

  4. Why do Italians always vote in these corrupt laughing stocks?!

    1. For a laff?

      1. They must be pissing themselves at this one.

    2. I believe it’s bad habits that persist since the times of the Ancient Rome. In very little Berlusconi is different from such names as Caligula, the Counts of Tusculum and Rodrigo Borgia and the Borgia crime family. Unfortunately most Italians never learned to evolve politically.

  5. Berlusconi qualities : crook , pervert , mafioso , frozen face , liar , ignorant … come to think of it the one in the Vatican ain’t much better !

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Dec 2012, 6:26pm

    Italians deserve what they get! About time that country joined the 21st century and legislated for its LGBT community, so damned backward.

    Maybe a nice juicy scandal coming from the Vatican in 2013 would change the atittude, hopefully of an heterosexual nature for a change.

  7. Grillini is not “italy’s most prominent LGBT activist”

    Neither Mr Grillini nor the Arcigay represent me.

    You guys seem to be stuck in the 80s when it comes to the Italian LGBT movement.

    On the dictator: he is gaining ground in the polls.

    its a nightmare

    1. Jerry Joe 1 Jan 2013, 8:25am

      I am not italian but but from what opinion polls i have seen it seems that his popularity is weakening and there might be a real chance for the parties that want civil unions to get power.Am i wrong ????

      1. Hi there,

        Things are far from clear. The catholic-dominated Democratic Party is poised to win but the truth is that the election remains largely up for grabs. Plus don’t forget that the Italian electoral system is a mess. We could well end up with a hung parliament.

        There are also other factors to consider:
        1) The Vatican is now actively supporting Mario Monti.
        2) No one knows what the Mafia will do
        3) The monster still controls most of this country’s media.He is spending most of his time in TV where he talks, uninterrupted, for hours on end. The latest Polls suggest that this strategy is paying off, he is gaining ground.
        He won’t win but he could end up being the leader of the opposition,which would be a disaster.

        Ps: The truth is that nobody is in favour of Gay Rights. The chances that the next parliament will pass legislation in favour of the LGBTQI community are next to Zero.

        1. Sorry to hear that…. I thought that the Democratic Party would be in favor of unions because i read that in 2007 there was a proposal from romano prodi that was not materialized because his government fell and that one of the candidates of the democratic primary supported unions(Matteo Renzi).

          1. The Democratic party, PD, was founded in 2007 as a merger of the “Democrats of the Left” (heirs of the,homophobic,Italian Communist Party) and a catholic party called “the daisy”. As a result that party is now full of catholics who oppose LGBT rights.

            The proposal you are referring to was called the “DICO”. If approved the DiCo bill would have given cohabiting partners some “rights” but only after nine of cohabitation! The proposal did NOT recognize Gay couples or Families as such. No ceremony akin to marriage would have been celebrated. In fact, the bill stipulated that partners had to send to each other a registered letter in order to register the union!
            That bill was an insulting, homophobic, disgusting piece of rubbish. I’m glad it didn’t pass.

            Matteo Renzi is the mayor of my town, Florence. He’s a catholic politician and a member of the ultra-conservative “communion and liberation” movement. It’s true that he supported unions but he lost the primary….

        2. Wow !! It seems that even my extremely homophobic country(Albania) is making more more progresses in regards to legislation.All sort of discrimination against LGBT are banned and our prime minster even suggested equality in marraige but that was more of stunt than policy.Still he is a right winger !!!

          1. :)

            Yep, you guys are doing quite well actually! What’ s going on in your country is very interesting … From what I gather Kristi Pinderi and PINKEmbassy are doing a really great job promoting LGBT rights!

            btw: i must say that Sali Berisha is indeed a most surprising and resourceful politician …but i still prefer Rama! ;)

        3. Jerry Joe 1 Jan 2013, 7:01pm

          Edi Rama his party has a good shot this year but his party’s voter base is much dominated by a bunch homophobic ex-communist.However if countries like France ,Uk and Germany move forward with equality he could use the ”european card” to do this in Albania too.We are very much Europhiles and for example the death penalty has 90 % support but has been scraped because of the europhilia

          1. The italian and albanian left have a lot in common apparently ;)

            On Rama and the ”european card”: That’s exactly what i wrote in a couple of articles i published in an italian website some months ago! Glad i got that right! :)

            btw: Have a great 2013 Jerry Joe!

            all the best!

    2. JL, whether or not you feel represented, Grillini is, if not THE, then ONE OF THE most prominent LGBT activists. His work cannot be ignored, even if his influence is dwindling. The problem with the Italian LGBT movement is that they are too busy going at each other’s throats (as your message illustrates) to join into a strong movement that has any political weight.

  8. Pavlos Prince of Greece 31 Dec 2012, 9:37pm

    And one of this ‘gay friends’ is by name Joseph-Benedict, I am shore.

  9. I see. And do you also have lots of black friends who “all have natural rhythm”, you odious old fraud.

  10. Oh well, I suppose Berlusconi can be described as ‘friendly and funny’ too – ‘friendly’ to underage prostitutes, and ‘funny’ in that he’s a buffoon.

  11. And why did you decide to contract friendship with people you despise, Mr. Berlusconi ? Or is it just because you underestimate people’s intelligence with nonsensical declarations like this ?

  12. “I have a lot of gay friends” – one of the newer lies of the right wingers. it started with that pastor that obama mistakenly picked to give the invocation at his first Inauguration.

    Obama sure fixed that mistake at his new inauguration – talking about equal rights under law including civil marriage. The poet btw was a gay man. The invocation was done by Luis Leon, who was positive for marriage equality because he is an Episcopal – most of whom support equal marriage rights and will do (its up to the bishop of each diocese) marriage ceremonies for same sex couples.

    BTW here’s Berliconi justifying the facist Mussolini . I wonder how many people realize that Fascism came from italy and Machiavelli was Italian also. of course in most situations the church still runs the state – including the Corrupt berlesconi

    1. Heres the link on burlisconi (his real name shoulg be POOLESCONI

      Where he makes excuses for the fascist monster Mussolini

      not surprising since he is pals with a pope who UNexcommunicated Bishop Williamson, a holocaust denier in 2009

      Here the pope saying Sxxg Hxxl =

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