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President Obama gives Chuck Hagel his backing — despite gay rights row

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not convinced he has genuinely changed his opinion but at least we are seeing a change in society, whereby people are being convinced to change their minds or back down and shut up about it at the very least.

    It is a bit like McCarthyism in reverse. You have to prove you are nice or you get blacklisted.

    1. billywingartenson 2 Jan 2013, 3:05am

      I’m willing to let this one ride. Obama backed marriage equality which led to all 4 anti gay marriage deals in the USA going down to defeat.

      think of how utterly mad the bigots must be. their perfect record of hate broken. They know that when the USA goes forward the battle in most of the western world for equality is an all but done deal

      I’ve even read on NZ websites that that is the reason for the 8o to 40 vote in NZ for marriage. 2 votes to go.

      Coming up – columbia by midyear, Uruguray in spring, its happening now in Brazil, etc

  2. There is a saying that you need to look behind the main headline to try to find the real story that is being covered up.

    Hagel made a homophobic comment 20 years ago and suddenly this is being highlighted as a reason as to why he can’t be defence secretary.

    He has apologised for the comment. So far so good., But even if he hadn’t apologised (and he has apologised) I hardlyu think gay rights are the area of focus of the US Defence Secretary.

    The real story is Hagel’s attituide to Iran and Israel – 2 middle eastern theocracies, 1 of whom the neo-conservatives wish to invade; the other which the neo-conservatives wish to place above international law.

    Hagel is not favoured by neo-conservatives because of his relatively moderate stance on both these theocracies.,

    His past homophobia has been highlighted by the homophobic group the Log Cabin Republicans for a reason.

    But don’t for a second believe that the LOg Cabin Republicans care about homophobia – they endorsed Romney after all.

    1. And if you are wondering how the Log Cabin Republicans could afford a full page New York Times advert condemning Hagel’s attitude towards gay people then you’d be right to wonder.

      A full page New York Times advert costs $100,000 yet the LCR is practically broke,

      the LCR coinfirms that it did not pay for that advert itself but that mysterious ‘donors’ did.

      I smell war-mongering neo-conservatives at play – exploiting gay rights to increase support for militaristic aims.

  3. Probably the most significant part of this story is NOT covered in this PinkNews article. Namely, and as two posters have alluded to above, just exactly where did a virtually bankrupt organisation like the Log Cabin Republicans get the $100K to pay for an ad in the New York Times?

    The issue is covered in some considerable depth by Glen Greenwald writing in yesterday’s Guardian. See:

    Andrew Sullivan, over at the Daily Dish also picks up on it. See:

    Just saying, of course, but good and thorough journalism always requires that the “surface” story is properly investigated before it is reported.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist – but, hey, you only have my word for that, and I may be biased. Check out the links above, do a search on your favoured search engine. You’ll find that there is more to it.

  4. Hagel still hasn’t spoken out for equality today.

    LGBT equality is not yet a done deal in the military. There is still the matter of partner benefits. There still remain a handful of regulations that could be revised independent of the Defense of Marriage act that could bring some equity of compensation and benefits to gay and lesbian servicemembers. but remain denied due only to Department of Defense foot-dragging:

    1. Well it’s hardly Hagel’s fault that this has not been resolved yet.

      LGBT equality in the military is important but the repeal of DOMA is far more important and would clear up any outstanding military issues.

      Whether the next defence secretary is Hagel or not, is not a matter of grave concern to the LGBT community.

      The fact that LGBT rights are being appropriated by pro-war neo-conservative a$$holes, using the LCR Uncle Toms as a front is a matter of grave concern to us.

      Using LGBT rights to get a pro-war candidate into place is sick and needs to be exposed.

      1. I an so glad that you know what is and is not of grave concern to the
        gay community.

        I guess you believe that gay military families right to identification cards and shopping at the PX, items not covered by DOMA and not given gay spouses due to DOD foot dragging are too trivial to bring up at the Hagel hearings.

        Ambassador Hormel made the acceptance of Hagel’s vicious homophobic past actions contingent on Hagel’s advocacy for gay military spouses, but then the ambassador doesn’t know what’s really important the way you do.

    2. We’ll get partner benefits when DOMA’s gone, regardless of who’s running the Pentagon. Look, people were up in arms when Obama chose Amos to head the Marine Corps, and look how that worked out. He had testified just months before against open service, but when the repeal was signed into law he implemented the new policy at least at throughly and efficiently as the other service chiefs, if not more so. I trust the President’s judgment on this. And Glenn Greenwald is right – there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

  5. Craig Nelson 31 Dec 2012, 6:46pm

    Am glad people who said stupid things 20 years ago are able to front up and acknowledge their mistake.

    As for the Log Cabin Republicans one wonders just how low they can go. They endorsed Mitt Romney for President who was pledged to support a constitutional amendment banning marriage for gay people.

    Now if this nomination is the thing that really gets them hot under the collar then by all means go for it. If on the other hand moneyed interests are using them to have a bash at Hagel (and Obama) for other reasons then that doesn’t speak well of their judgment.

  6. Genuinely surprised at this. Usually when a GOP Zionist says jump, Obama says ‘how high?’. What a pathetic excuse for a “scandal”, manufactured by the Log Cabin Republicans of all people (who don’t seem to mind endorsing a party crawling with extreme bigots).

    Hagel was essentially demonised for holding the same sorts of views on gay rights Obama did in the past. Oh and, for not having his head sufficiently jammed up the @rse of Israel.

    1. This scandal has not been manufactured by the LCR.

      The mysterious, unidentified ‘donors’ who paid $100,000 for a New York Times advert in the name of the bankrupt, self-hating morons at the LCR are manufacturing this ‘scandal’.

      Those ridiculous Uncle Toms at LCR are only too happy to allow their name be used to promote whatever neo-con agenda that is behind this.

      LGBT rights are not within the remit of the US defence secretary.

      So is beyond bizarre that a gay group who endorsed a candidate who favoured a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, should now pretend to be worried about Chuck Hagel’s 15 year old opinion of gay people.

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