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US: Church denied software for being “inclusive” of LGBT people

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  1. Within Utah, Salt Lake City (itself a left-leaning city) does have quite a selection of LGBT-friendly churches. They even host gathering events for our LGBT-friendly independent Mormon groups (Affirmation, Mormons Building Bridges, Mormons For Marriage, etc.), since mainline LDS Church-owned facilities usually forbid such use of their facilities. …It still galls me how far-right-leaning Utah Mormon society still is, since I was raised overseas in such a progressive gay-friendly Mormon environment.

  2. So basically what they are saying by
    “sufficiently Christian,” is “your not bigoted enough!”

  3. “violated company policy to not work with organizations that are more inclusive”

    You couldn’t make it up.

  4. Jane Bailey 29 Dec 2012, 8:50am

    Interesting that so many ‘Christian’ organisations, whilst worshipping their ‘God of Love’, actually hate so many people!

  5. Anti-gay software. Jesus would be so happy if he came back.

  6. Typically the computer industry is one of the most LGBT friendly industries. I wonder if these companies would still be making software if they knew that the modern computer was practically invented by a gay person.

    1. Actually, the person that you mention is Dr. Lynn Conway, she almost single handedly developed the first microprocessing chips which allowed for internet computer usage. Consequently Professor Conway is a Transsexual person. She worked for IBM At thre time, and pretty much got the boot after her developement, and credits taken from her accomplishments.

      1. Well i was sort of on about Alan Turing but many other LGBT people are responsible for a lot of modern computer technology, another notable name is Sophie Wilson (formally Roger Wilson) who played a big role the development of the ARM processor which is now used in roughly 99% of mobile devices. My point is anyone who makes a living out of computers today owes a debt of gratitude to many LGBT people who made it all possible.

  7. Whereas the other churches that do receive the computers simply burn them due to thinking they’re the product of witchcraft.

    1. I know…Right? (As linguistic trends go, I love this one) :-)

  8. weirdoes denying services to weirdoes… and we should care because…? “Elexio provides software and design for churches to help people know Jesus,” the words ‘body’ and ‘swerve’ spring to mind.

  9. Elexio and Church Teams must be doing rather well if they can afford to turn away paying customers for stupid reasons.

    This should warn other churches to avoid these developers. What kind of customer service or support can you expect from people who conduct business in this way?

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