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US: Gay Republican group says Chuck Hagel ‘wrong on gay rights’

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    of course, there is also the simple truth that the Log Cabin Republicans are ALSO wrong on gay rights.

    This is a group of self-loathing, money-grubbers who’ll do anything for their own financial benefit, including stepping on other LGBT people to get it.

  2. The Log Cabin Republicans are self-hating moronic Uncle Toms.

    Those sick b@st@rds endorsed that mormon freak MItt Romney for president last year despite the fact that Romney wanted to introduce a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage.

    A more ridiculous, loathesome pathetic pack of rich, whiteboys whose parents hate them cannot be found.

    They are worse even than the drips in LGBTory. The Republicans are an extreme right wing party after all.

    The fact that Hagel is bigot scum is not in question but seeing as the Log Cabin Repuiblicans don’t care about gay rights in the slightest needs to be acknowledged as well.

    1. You lie! You said Ugandans were liars for saying they never saw gay people. And here you write stuff that is untrue – lies! You lie, boy. Like the Ugandans but on the other side – you a fanatic.

      1. Please specify precisely which of my statements are untrue.

    2. David Myers 29 Dec 2012, 9:21am

      They should be called “Aunt Toms”.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Dec 2012, 2:15pm

    From what I’ve read, it looks as if John Kerry will be the nominee who is even a preferred candidate by the GOP so they can contest Kerry’s seat in his own state which could mean one more republican in the senate instead of a democrat.

    It looks as though the Log Cabin group has wasted its money. Rather late in the game to put an advertisement in the New York Times.

    1. Kerry may be Secretary of State
      Hagel may be Defence Secretary

      1. -And in any event, this opens a usually safe Democratic seat, possibly to be contested by the Republican who just lost the “Kennedy” seat last month. Hagel may not be perfect, indeed he has some serious faults, but people do change, do repent of earlier positions and statements. He is currently the leading choice, and his position on Israel is valid if politically dangerous- certainly not PC.

        1. I think people in the US are finally waking up to the fact that the US position on Israel is damaging to the US, therefore on that issue Hagel’s appointment would be wise.

          The Israel lobby are going nuts – but then again that lobby does not care about the US, so should be ignored.

  4. Garry Cassell 28 Dec 2012, 2:56pm

    What some arse wipes will do to get a high profile job..Who do they really believe them? When did he have this conversion? Did he go and get it “prayed away”? Should be so ashame of himself that he go and just hide in a cave for the next 20 years…I guess it’s just the thing people with a head without brains does…dickhead!!!!

    1. Garry Cassell 28 Dec 2012, 2:57pm

      should read: Who do they think really believes them?

  5. GulliverUK 28 Dec 2012, 3:22pm

    GOproud are self-loathing, money-grubbers, etc. but Log Cabin Republicans took the government to court over DADT and were just about to win when the government managed to get through the DADT repeal — they were absolutely at the forefront of pushing that case forward.

    They had little option to endorse Mitt Romney as he was the only clown in town. If I had been them I would have actually not endorsed anyone.

    We need to give the LCR their dues for the DADT repeal efforts, without which it is highly doubtful it would have been repealed at all.

    1. fak off you dick

      1. GulliverUK 28 Dec 2012, 4:50pm

        Totally uncalled for and makes you look like you can’t debate without resorting to insults. Not endearing.

        If you misunderstood where I was coming from, because I didn’t explain it so good, fine, but if you think I support right-wing politics — think on. You may think them scum, but they got the DADT repeal through, and that’s a great win – for all LGBT – it sets a tone and precedent to build on, for wins in other areas.

        Many Evangelicals might make our life hell, but I’ll happily support those who want to help us get equal marriage, like Tim Montgomerie of ConservativeHome. Would you rather we hate every bishop, or support those who support equal marriage? We must build allies everywhere we can, we have a big fight ahead with equal marriage.

    2. The LCR took the government to court over DADT.

      And tnen they endorsed that mormon extremist Mitt Romney as President.

      DADT was bad policy for sure. But it had a far smaller impact on the lives of ordinary LGBT Americans than a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage would have had.

      And I would hope that no self-respecting LGBT person would want to join the US Army. That is a force for incredible evil the world over.

      The LCR are self hating scum – truly pathetic individuals willing to throw the gay community under the bus to keep the bigots sweet.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Dec 2012, 4:25pm

        Their compatriots in that other gay GOProud group are far worse. They have anti-gay right wingers on their board one of whom is that evil extremist religious nutter, Anne Coulter.

        1. GOProud are like the BNPL
          LCR are like UKIPB

          Both are vile, idiotic scum

      2. GulliverUK 28 Dec 2012, 4:42pm

        LCR have also asked the courts to rule DOMA unconstitutional.
        They got a Federal court to rule DADT unconstitutional
        They lobbied to get enough Republican votes to repeat it.
        Without them the DADT would almost certainly have not gone ahead, and if it had without their lobbying of Republicans it would have failed to get enough votes.

        Hate them all you like – I don’t support Republican policies, in fact on the PoliticalCompass score I am easily the most left-wing libertarian person around – if I get any more left-wing or libertarian I’ll be off the politicalcompass scoring system altogether.

        But I acknowledge the good work they did, as well as being totally against them endorsing Romney. GOproud are the real enemy between the two. If they are able to get anti-gay legislation repealed I support them – I don’t give a toss if they’re in bed with senators or congressmen, as long as they advance the rights and protections of LGBT Americans.

        DADT was a massive win.

        1. But why would they ask the courts to rule DOMA unconstitutional if they also support a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage.

          This group is meaningless and worthless – it exists solely to create the false impression that the Republicans are not vile bigots.

      3. Wrong. There were other options: don’t endorse Romney, don’t say anything, endorse Obama. They did none of these. I do agree, however that they are marginally better than the repulsive GOproud.

    3. David Myers 29 Dec 2012, 9:25am

      Wrong. There were other options: don’t endorse Romney, don’t say anything, endorse Obama. They did none of these. I do agree, however that they are marginally better than the repulsive GOproud.

  6. ...Paddyswurds 28 Dec 2012, 3:26pm

    I was under the impression that the Log Cabin Republican Group had been sussed as being nothing more than a front, a supposedly Gay group set up to counter any adverse reaction Republicans faced from their homophobic hatred of Gay Democrats and Gay Americans in general…… In any case they are a busted flush and displaying nothing more that the death throes of a toothless dragon well and truly slain November 6th. I have serious doubts about the GOPs chances on being elected to the presidency in the next 20 years. Americans are at last waking up to the true nature of the Republican right and their religious nutjob fellow travellers… The tragedy in Connecticut and Republican reaction to it and the calls for reform of the gun laws has been a rude awakening for Americans as to the true nature of the Republican Party, and that certainly is not to further American Democracy. he Republicans have a lot of grovelling to do before they are allowed within miles of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…..

    1. The extremist Republican Party still controls US Congress though.

      Its ability to wreak havoc with the US economy in order to benefit their corporate master is still considerable.

  7. The pot calling the kettle black.

  8. This is part of a wider smear campaign by neoconservatives against Hagel’s nomination. Any LGBT person that actively aligns themselves with the GOP is utterly insane and concerned only with economic privilege and not with the wider issues impacting on Queer and trans* people in the US.

    1. People always seem to blast you when you say you put your gay rights at the top of the list, and weight them most importantly, but honestly I do it, always. I selfishly only vote for parties which will give us equality (me, and every other queer). That comes first for me. I’m not single-issue, I think about a lot of things, but I consider that the most important. But a party also has to be able to get it – otherwise I’d have voted Green for all these years. However, I wouldn’t support the GOP on economic policies alone, when you come to social policies they are utterly repugnant. To me, to blacks, to latinos, to women, and more. They are, as you say, “utterly insane” – even ex-GOP congressmen have said that.

      1. Which is why LCR and GOProud are such profoundly pathetic groups.

        Their whole raison d’etre seems to be ‘Hey look we’re not like those other nasty queers, we are just as mean and vicious as you are, and if you give us the crumbs from your table it will make up for the fact that our own parents hate us for who we are.’

  9. johnny33308 29 Dec 2012, 2:01am

    These people are turncoats, quislings, Uncle Toms, and above all else they are filled to the brim with a self-loathing unlike anyone can imagine. So much for their views of the LGBT community (of which they are most definitely NOT a part, and never shall be). They will refuse full equality like the stupid people they truly are. What sort of human does not wish to be treated equally with all others? They are a disgrace to our community…they really need to STFU and crawl back into their closets.

    1. Aunt Toms!

  10. Christine)Am 31 Dec 2012, 7:32pm

    The Log Cabin Republicans support the GOP’s anti-Gay, anti-women, anti-“other” platform & they’re going to call HIM out? He may be anti-gay-they’re no better, based on their support and silence on the homophobic/religious extremist GOP. Please!

  11. In order to get confirmed,Hagel has now switched most of his major views whenever challenged about them.

    He still hasn’t spelled out that he would be
    for equal treatment of gay military spouses such as ID cards.

    I hope the Senate will vote no to this mediocre man that is really wrong on so many actions and issues.

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