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Ugandan bishop: I have never seen homosexuality in my country — only in Europe

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Reader comments

  1. Lying for god. It’s all the do, it;s all the ever do. Lie through their teeth and roll around in filthy lucre from evangelical outsiders.

    1. Rudehamster 28 Dec 2012, 3:52pm

      Oh yes. Their whining and dangerous homophobia is being backed by the Evangelical movement in the USA.

      1. However Uganda is responsible for its own genocidal homophobia.

        The US evangelicals promote bigotry but Uganda is more than happy to welcome them.

        Uganda needs to take ownership of its own genocidal mania.

  2. While I applaud him that there are bigger issues in the country which he has correctly identified.

    I do take umbridge at the comment “Realistically this is not in our culture, because our African sexual values are completely heterosexual, I personally have never seen people fancying it here, except in Europe,” Human sexuality is in EVERY culture and to ignore that is plain ignorance.

  3. Funny that.

    When you spend your life with blinkers on and seeing through religion tinted spectacles, its amazing the things you cannot see.

  4. “Ugandan bishop: I have never seen homosexuality in my country — except that rent boy I pay to give me a damn good rogering every Tuesday before mass.”

  5. Their ANGLICAN culture and OUR Anglican culture are worlds apart. How on earth they can be part of the same joint Anglican communion is beyond me.

    The African, and some parts of the European Anglican communion, really need to set up their own separate communion and the Church of England really need to fixate on how they serve “ENGLAND” (as in the name of the church). That can be with many other Anglican churches in the US, Europe and elsewhere, but not these ones in places like Uganda.

    1. The English Anglican church is more than happy to see gay people being murdered so long as their cult stays intact.

      The anglican cult is sick, murderous and evil to the core.

      1. Perhaps. But I think that can be fixed. There are enough good people in the Anglican communion to correct the current problems.

        For some of these African churches it will take many decades, if not centuries. Only once all aid is cut off will they re-evaluate their position, and even then they may try to hold out for many years, at great personal expense to the LGBT in those countries.

        1. “There are enough good people in the Anglican communion to correct the current problems.”

          Not in Uganda there isn’t.

          And the anglican communion in Britain is more concerned with church unity than the lives of gay people?

    2. Keith Francis Farrell 28 Dec 2012, 12:02pm

      The biggest problem is that the church are all evil. Being a christian is more than just being a member of a church, it is all about how you treat others. If you preach hate and murder you cannot call yourself a christian. I think it is time we stopped all the churches by making them pay the same taxes as everyone. They are in that business just for profit. The Catholic church was reported to be only giving 1% of its income to charity. I wonder how much this church gives.
      Also why send our money out of the UK for charity, there is so much need here in the UK

  6. Keith Francis Farrell 28 Dec 2012, 11:53am

    Of course he will not see openly gay people there,because people like him have them arrested or murdered. He needs to decide if he is christian or not. If he is christian then h must respect other people and their rights to live dignified lves regardless of who they love.

  7. This man is a stupid moron.

    Of course he has never seen homosexuality in Uganda 1st hand – it is an offence for which you will be jailed for 10 years.

    And what is this Makumbi bigot doing to decriminalise homosexuality.

    Why nothing, of course – his sick and evil cult (which fellow Ugandan moron the Archbishop of York – John Sentamu is a member) is a hate-filled, vile cult.

    And to think that the cult of England is keen to keep village idiots like this in their cult

    Are will stil giving aid money to that failed dump of a country?

    All aid and trade with Uganda should stop until homosexiuality is fully decriminalised there.

  8. Uganda is a Christian country, it does not have homosexuality, but it does have “corruption, dishonesty, impudence and impunity, human [child] sacrifice, poor service delivery and absolute poverty,”

    1. Says a lot about the country that he places child sacrifice 4th in the list, not top.

  9. If basket weaving was a criminal offence earning 10 years in prison (with a bill before parliament to make it a capital offence) then you would ‘see’ much of that either.

    But he is also explicitly claiming that in Uganda, human (child) sacrifice is more common than homosexuality. Crikey!

    1. would NOT ‘see’

  10. Lieberdavid 28 Dec 2012, 12:28pm

    Is the bishop dreaming, lying, or just plain ignorant?

    1. Yes, Lieberdavid. All of the above

  11. Suddenly Last Bummer 28 Dec 2012, 12:35pm

    You just gotta despair of these gap toothed morons, they wouldn’t be ”praising da lawrd” if they hadn’t been colonised and converted by whites a couple of hundred years ago. Any chance the rest of the civilized world could cut off aid to hell holes like Uganda, Zimbabwe etc until they showed some progressive thinking, either that or just nuke the place off the map.

    1. Gap toothed morons? Why do people use these threads on religion in Africa as an opportunity to exercise their own dislike of Africa and Africans? It’s like the constant comparisons with ‘black people’. – it’s ridiculous!

      @SLB I, for one, wouldn’t like to see any country ‘nuked off the map’ because there are many suffering LGBT who are enduring hardships you could never imagine. You really should think about the bigger picture, it isn’t that hard.

      1. Are you claiming that John Sentamu is not gap-toothed or Ugandan?

        Gap-toothed moron is a perfectly accurate description of that gap-toothed bigot?

  12. could be your stupid or you have just killed all the queers love – take your pick. What a complete moron.

  13. Dangermouse 28 Dec 2012, 12:38pm

    The only non-African infulence in Africa is christianity

    1. Oh, that’s not true at all. They also have such wonderful things as islam and rampant unchecked capitalism to spice up the mix…

  14. I actually don’t find it that hard to believe that he has never knowingly met a gay person… but only because that person is very very far in the closet because of the persecution in the country.

  15. A case of ‘None so blind as they who will not see’… as religious types are wont to say…

  16. Ignore him , this is a man who has made his lifes work believing in and spreading fairy tales

  17. Robert White 28 Dec 2012, 1:35pm

    Force Something Into Hiding? Check!

    Claim It Doesn’t Exist (here) Because it Hid From You? Check!

  18. Jen Marcus 28 Dec 2012, 1:59pm

    Where the “hell” do these idiot clerics come from? Oh,I,m sorry that was a rhetorical question!

  19. Ira doesn’t have any homosexuals either apparently….lol

    1. “at least not LIVE ones!”
      (quote from old comedy show “Soap”… where the gay character’s mother-in-law references there being no gay people in Texas)

  20. Of course he hasn’t found homosexuality in any of HIS schools……because homosexuality and peadophilia are two completely different things!

  21. Garry Cassell 28 Dec 2012, 2:46pm

    O bloody lying bishop…what bible does he use?? What a stupid bastard?? If he’s not aware of gays in Uganda, why are they pushing a law to kill them? Isn’t that kind of stupid too?? Raising a big ruckus around the world over something that doesn’t exist??? Something not right with this dear old lying bishop…someone should get some medicine to him before he starts seeing gay people..

  22. Really? I thought african people had no problems with homosexual contacts, before the europeans came. How ironic.

  23. Rudehamster 28 Dec 2012, 3:48pm

    I love the casual way he’s listed ‘poor delivery service’ after the ‘human sacrifice’ of children.

  24. Next time the Bishop is in London, perhaps he’d like to come and meet some of the Ugandan women and men who attend the Soho Mass for LGBT Catholics

    1. The bishop is not welcome in London – he must be denied an entry visa – as should all officials and politicians from the hate-filled dump that is Uganda.

      1. Doing that only ensures that the ignorant leaders in that country will never learn how wrong their laws are.

        1. Well OK then.

          Let them in and then arrest and jail them for crimes against humanity.

          Then they will learn.

          Uganda is a pariah state.

  25. These ignoramuses just get funnier. What a toilet that country is, and the sh!t on the side of the bowl is the Church.

  26. Is this man for real? Of course he has not seen any Gay people in Uganda as anyone that comes out as Gay is brutally murdered as he fine well knows. Shame on him for beginning a Christian and a priest, He should be stripped of his office as he is clearly unfit to hold such



  28. So why legislate against something that does not exist?

  29. Of course he hasn’t seen any gay people around him, it would be like a Jewish person attending a Nazi party. No one would volunteer to be in their line of fire.

  30. Spanner1960 28 Dec 2012, 5:24pm

    Actually I believe him.

    He hasn’t seen them because when they get caught their feet don’t touch the ground until they are dumped in some cell.

  31. benpinwang 28 Dec 2012, 5:27pm

    He has never seen god, anyway. How many priests who molested boys and girls have seen god or really believe in god? Ask them.

  32. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko 29 Dec 2012, 6:01am

    I’ve never seen a lithium atom, but it exists.

    Why would any gay Ugandan display homosexuality in front of your fecking hateful arse?

  33. Lelio Risen 29 Dec 2012, 3:16pm

    This is the ostrich solution. If I bury my head in the sand long enough, I will not have to see what I choose not to see.

    Don’t these people, who know they are lying, see their immorality?

    Silly question, I realize. They are too immersed in their own power trip to see anything else.

  34. Indeed Uganda has far more pressing problems than betrayal of the fundamental principles of the Christianity they pretend to support – the proponents of this law are very happy that the bill is still around as discussion of it prevents discussion of the corruption of the very members of parliament who are most vocal.

  35. Alan Edwards 4 Jan 2013, 9:58am

    I wrote a monograph on TRaditional African Homosexual Practices which is now, courtesy of an activist lawyer in the USA, in the hands of the UN. Traditional African Homosexuality involves the regular taking by men of “boy wives” and the fact that traditional healers are frequently “spotted” as children to be those with homosexual tendecies….apparently it is a trait which is identified alongside spirituality and an ability to cross the divide into the spirit world. References are easily accessible on the Net.

  36. I remember when the King of Saudi Arabia told WHO that there was no AIDS in the Kingdom because homosexuality was against the Quran!!

  37. Kurt Steinbach 7 Jan 2013, 5:42am

    The notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill The bill threatens to impose draconian sentences and even the death penalty for those found convicted of breaking the proposed law. The proposed penalty -death, is proposed genocide.

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