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Transgender Big Brother star Luke Anderson: I want to start a family

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Reader comments

  1. Great! We need more FTM guys.

    1. really? That must be the most stupid comment I ever read on this site

      1. Your and other horrible comments here is the exact reason why we need more of such people, being honest about who they are. As a gay man I do understand how hard it must been for trans people to pretend they are someone else. So I’m very happy to read such positive stories of people overcoming their fears and finding they true love.

        1. You missed my point. We need people to be themselves not more FTM like they are an object and not real human beings. How patronising to say we need more. It’d would be like saying we need more black people or more gay people. How would you feel as a gay man if you were objectified like that?

  2. Luke Who?

    Big Brother?


    Sorry, I thought this a site for news of gay interest…

    1. OrtharRrith 28 Dec 2012, 9:25pm

      “Pink News covers religion, politics, entertainment, finance, and community news for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and TRANSGENDERED community in the UK and worldwide. Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community, we cover politics to theology in an intelligent manner.”

      quoted from the bottom of every page.Live with it.

      1. “Founded to produce broadsheet quality journalism for the LGBT community…”

        Yeah, right, and I’m ObiWan Kenobi.


    2. Had you forgotten that Trans people are part of the LGB & T community?

      Early dementia? Or just ignorance?

      1. Not all. A lot people I know who are trans do not like being classed as gay or lesbian because they are born the wrong sex which technically makes them gay or lesbian. When in actual fact most of them are straight after having gender confirmation treatment.

        1. Yes but not all of us are straight. I’m a gay trans man. Maybe straight trans people don’t feel like they belong in the community but I certainly do belong here, both as a gay man and as a transgender man. So I don’t appreciate having one part of my identity erased for the sake of is gay people.

          1. *cis gay people

          2. So you were born a woman who fancied men. So ‘straight’. I don’t mean to come across as rude. It’s just what I hear fro ma lot of trans people.

          3. No, I am not straight. I am gay. I am a man who likes men. My assigned sex at birth is irrelevant.

          4. Yes so you are straight after your reassignment. I thought as much.

          5. So your ‘gay’ now but after you surgery to become a woman you will be straight. Pretty straight forward really.

          6. None of my many gay friends hates transgendered folk. Nor do I.
            We do find it weird that people are prepared to ruin their lives and pay to be mutilated and have their sexual organs cut out.
            I have known only two cases. One committed suicide, because, though she lookedd fabulous in full stage costume, simply going down the street to buy groceries left her feeling depressed. She had wanted a quiet domestic life, but the “hubby” types she wanted weren’t interested in a transgendered person and almost all wanted their own kids by their own wife.
            The other was a university student, who came nearest to looking like a real woman even in ordinary clothes. To earn her living, she worked as a prostitute and was murdered by some lout who discovered the truth. It is the louts who go looking for prostitutes and they can turn dangerous.

          7. Kale is a gay man; how do we know, because he just told us, so lay of the judgemental attitude.
            That is the problem with many gay people, they can be very judgemental and harsh with other minorities. If you are going to comment you should educate yourself about the issues and not make stupid hurtfull comments. E.g getting pronouns wring, etc.

          8. Oh my God, this is infuriating. How can Shaun and Dale miss the point so badly?
            A woman who was assigned ‘male’ at birth is a trans woman.
            A man who was assigned ‘female’ at birth is a trans man.
            I am not a trans woman. If I was a trans woman I would be calling myself a woman.
            Let me spell it out for you in nice big capitals so you can understand:
            I AM A TRANS MAN. M-A-N.
            Is that clear enough for you?
            I suspect Shaun and Dale’s ‘friends’ are probably made up to excuse their serious ignorance (see ‘I can’t be homophobic, I have gay friends!’), because they are absolutely clueless about trans people and their views are vile and bigoted. .

      2. Most of them should not be part of the ‘LGBT’ Community. Adding them on is ridiculous. They are useless to society…just wasting resources! More than often it is some lesbian feminist demand EQUALITY! Because that seems to be all the fucking do!

  3. I didn’t watch much of that show but from what I saw he seemed really sweet. Good luck to him and Becki.
    Er, too much information about the sex life, though.

  4. That’s nice for him. I’m not sure how all this is done but I imagine there’s some kind of ‘science involved’. It’s great that we’re at the stage now where people like Luke are able to become the person they want to be, or the person they are. And that society is becoming less and less obstructive to it. I don’t give a toss about Big Brother but it’s nice to see someone being given the opportunity at happiness.

  5. I want, I want….me, me me ! The poor lady has went through medical mutilation so has probably had her womb removed.Brave New World is at hand for her ‘partner’ who after having a sperm ‘donation’,’genetically screening’ the embryos unfit for life (and only fit for the incinerator) in this Culture of Death,implanting the ‘fit’ embryos – yes what could be more unnatural and disordered ? Dr Mengele would be proud .

    1. Ray, you are such a holy person. Do you ever dream of giving fellatio to Jesus?

    2. Wow ray, you must be exhausted!

    3. Is this a ‘bigot of the day’ competition? There are no ‘poor ladies’ in that story. How much bitterness and spleen is it physically possible to generate because two people are in a happy marriage?

    4. Ray you clearly are someone that’s full of so much hate and one of these cowards that like to hide behind a screen and sprout abuse and pure nonsense. Clearly you don’t know the truth or the people you are abusing. Now run along little boy and get educated and learn the facts before you sprout your bs rants

    5. Ray,many couples use artificial insemination due to problems such as the man having a low sperm count or incompatible blood types. Sometimes single women choose to use artificial insemination to. Would you make the same rant at them? These are just people who dream of having a child-and why should they be denied? It’s wonderful that this can be achieved thanks to medical science. Not just for Luke and his wife,but for all who require this help.

    6. How do you know that he “went through medical mutilation” (by which I assume you mean sex reassignment surgery) and has “probably had [his] womb removed”? It certainly doesn’t say so in this article. Could it be that you don’t even know what the word “transgender” means?

      By the way, why are you people always so obsessed with trivialising the holocaust? Don’t you think it is a bit insulting to the victims of the brutal medical “experiments” that took place in the concentration camps to compare what they went through to medical procedures performed humanely on patients who have given informed consent, which can vastly improve their quality of life?

    7. ah so you have chosen here to do your trolling today, cos u obv dont know the truth or the facts, and you clearly dont know anything about the people you are writing hateful comments about, stop being so judgemental and spouting such bs and go do something productive with what little life you have!

    8. Ann Coates 29 Dec 2012, 8:31pm

      Are you really comparing a medical intervention which vastly improves the quality of a persons life and a procedure that creates new life to the sadistic experiments inflicted upon people during the holocaust? Would you describe all surgery as as “mutilation” and every medical intervention as “unnatural” and “disordered” or just those involving people who are transgender? I wish Luke and becki all the best for the future, they seem like a happy couple and I’m sure they would make great parents and i think they should ignore comments made by ignorant bigots such as Ray.

      1. Ray your ignorance is not wanted here you clearly have no idea what you are talking about you clearly believe your own nonsense to and please do not refer to luke as a female as he is more of a man than you will ever be. so please take your hate speech else where and please also educate yourself

      2. Ann Coates 30 Dec 2012, 2:32am

        I don’t value your ill informed opinion above that of Luke, who has experienced what it is like to be born into the wrong body or the medical experts who decided that conducting hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery was the right thing to do in order to increase Luke’s well being and quality of life. I’d rather listen to the views of people who experienced what it is like or those who have done expensive research on the subject, than somebody whose opinion is driven purely by prejudice and bigotry.

      3. Ann Coates 30 Dec 2012, 3:17am

        Additionally, if gender reassignment surgery enhances the quality of a persons life then, then public spending is completely justified!

      4. Ann Coates 30 Dec 2012, 3:17am

        Additionally, if gender reassignment surgery enhances the quality of a persons life then, then public spending is completely justified!

      5. For your information Ray there are children born whose gender cannot be established at birth. There is also at least one extended family known to scientific research where the children are born appearing female but change to male at puberty. I suggest you educate yourself on the science of gender before showing your ignorance here or anywhere else.

        1. Indeed – and it’s not that uncommon. But Ray won’t listen. He wallows in his ignorance and has never, to my knowledge, read links or taken in any facts given to him.

          I feel sorry for him. He must be so unhappy to spend so much time on a LGBT news site making spiteful, nasty comments about people. Most trolls are sad people who fume at their own impotence (in the broader sense). Pity him.

          1. Good for you! I’ve had a penis between my legs for 50 years and, personally, I sometimes think having one is overrated. :)

      6. again, no one wants to see your drivel here, infact how you have the audacity to come here and spout your ill informed opinion (if you can call it that!) is beyond me! the only person who must be ‘unhappy’ is you!! if you have nothing worthwhile to say then please pop off elsewhere. you clearly dont know Luke or Becki, as they are wonderful people. you are very judgemental, and also judging on slander you have read elsewhere – which may i add has had to be retracted! so try getting facts before sounding off. Luke is an amazing guy, which is a lot more than can be said about you!! maybe you should take a look at yourself as you are clearly a very bitter, lonely person. now take yourself away. no one wants you here.

  6. The comments for this article on this web-site are worse than those for the awful hash of this story in the Daily Mail!

    1. OrtharRrith 29 Dec 2012, 4:15pm

      I wish you were wrong. There are some great people and some amazing supporters here on Pink News, but there are also a number of seriously transphobic bigots who seem to foam at the mouth every time a Trans article is posted.
      I for one am pleased that Pink News covers these stories and i am glad for the support many gay readers give the trans community.

      1. LOL, and you claim to be a journalist of “broadsheet” quality?

        Quality broadsheet journalists are impartial and non-opinionated:- they report the news, they do not also comment on it.

        Reporter or columnist:- make your mind up, you can’t have it both ways without looking like you are trying to engineer consensus, rather like they do at The Daily Mail in fact.

        Hoisted by your own petard methinks!!

        1. OrtharRrith 29 Dec 2012, 8:28pm

          You have to be smoking some serious shit, is it grade A stuff? Who’s claiming to be a journalist, broadsheet or otherwise?

          Go back to smoking what ever it is you are on and leave everyone else alone.

        2. Ann Coates 29 Dec 2012, 8:30pm

          Ray – Are you really comparing a medical intervention which vastly improves the quality of a persons life and a procedure that creates new life to the sadistic experiments inflicted upon people during the holocaust? Would you describe all surgery as as “mutilation” and every medical intervention as “unnatural” and “disordered” or just those involving people who are transgender? I wish Luke and becki all the best for the future, they seem like a happy couple and I’m sure they would make great parents and i think they should ignore comments made by ignorant bigots such as Ray.

        3. OrtharRrith 29 Dec 2012, 8:42pm

          Errrr… who’s claiming to be a journo? Broadsheet or otherwise.

          Go back to smoking what ever shit it is you are on, as it must be good stuff judging from your comments.

  7. Once again people are judging on the slander that is printed and once again so many vile and disgusting comments. If you haven’t got anything nice to say then do us all a favour and shut up.
    You don’t know the facts and the true story and clearly you don’t know the decent people that luke and becki are. I wish Luke and Becki all the happiness in this world and hope all their dreams come true as this is a couple that trully deserves it

  8. clearly Ray, and anyone else posting rubbish comments dont have a clue about Luke or Becki, they are one of the most genuine, kind and caring couples you will ever meet. you’re comment is disgusting, so take your judgemental and over opinionated nose and stick it elsewhere. Luke and Becki dont deserve your hate, and no one wants to see it!!

  9. also, you need to go get the true story and the facts, before judging! you may be surprised!!

  10. The whole reason Luke went on BB was to show people what life is like for people with Gender Identity Disorder. Normally it’s portrayed as a problem that destroys relationships or prevents people from getting a partner. To see Becki fall in love with Luke as a human being, regardless of genitalia, is a positive story that would surely give hope to anyone in his position. It would be wonderful to see them have a family, whatever it takes. In future though, Pink News, could you please interview them yourselves instead of rehashing someone else’s article which is already riddled with mistakes? Thanks.

    1. I am absolutely disgusted by some of the comments I have read on here. What happened to compassion? You think Luke hasn’t been through turmoil? That his change of gender was a spur of the moment decision? I hope to god,that the people who have made these despicable comments,are never unfortunate enough to suffer in the way Luke has. I don’t know Luke personally,but from what I have read about him and his wife,they deserve the upmost respect,for sharing their story and at least may give hope to someone else who is going thought the same thing. After all, isn’t that what human beings are supposed to do? Support this family,instead of shooting off your dirty mouth about something you will never know anything about,because you haven’t got the good grace to think about how they feel.

  11. was there any need to finish this article with details of their intimate private life

    1. They are taken from an interview with Closer magazine, and it will do their readers no harm to discover that a transgender person can have a perfectly good sex life. Indeed, the very fact that the interview was picked up first by the Daily Mail and then here shows that it IS considered news.

  12. As usual people reading an article “borrowed” from a paper that was “borrowed” from a magazine, The coloumist was the only person that spoke to them before printing, I would advice that before you start writing your horrible comments get the facts straight and ray your words are so wrong and you are just a keyboard gangsta, Hiding behind a computer. I would just like to ask the reporters that write these stories “borrowed” from other papers do you ever think about what happens to the people you right about???????????

  13. Ooh nice, buying babies and picking them out for their features. Eugenics anybody?

    1. It is only eugenics to the same extent that the normal method – choosing to mate with someone because you like their characteristics – is. The problematic form of eugenics is the prevention of certain kinds of people born, which this does not involve because the couple could not have children without medical assistance.

  14. It’s great to see other ftm guys out there but really, were the comments about the sex life really appropriate? It seems to me that it’s just feeding trolls that being LGBT is about having “different kinds” of sex. I mean… we don’t publish bust measurements or penis sizes so freely…

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