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Moldova: Anti discrimination law passes second stage of parliament

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Reader comments

  1. Aussie gay activist Paul Mitchell 28 Dec 2012, 3:33am

    Long overdue!

  2. When people criticise the EU and want us to get out and help to destroy it they should remember how important the EU has been in changing laws in Eastern Europe.

    Gay rights has almost become the signifier as to which side of the new iron curtain you want to be on.

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 28 Dec 2012, 1:17pm

    Don`t have any illusions – its just alibi ‘for Europe’ in the presence of future ban on ‘propaganda of homosexuality’ (we make this compromise, and now, please, make You compromise too). Moldova still is an incredible homophobic country, and this anti-discrimination law is only formality; what real sense have any gay friendly law, if nobody believe in it: no victim have enough courage to appeal, and no justice see need use in the judicial practice. Its religion, culture and tradition, what really rules in Eastern Europe, not law and formal rules.


      btw yes- my grandfather was from there. He left because of hatred of Jews.

  4. Badly written article. Couldn’t make head or tail of it.

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