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Maryland: Gay hairstylist viciously attacked on Christmas Eve

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Reader comments

  1. That’s a result of the Pope’s Christmas message – right there. Hope he’s happy.

    1. What’s this got to do with the Pope? Since this happened in Baltimore, I’m assuming his attackers were black. The fact that blacks hate gays is well known, assuming that’s actually the reason he was attacked. As usual though, gays are too afraid to confront blacks and choose to bully easy targets such as Catholics instead.

      1. Wow. Life must be so easy for you in the Land of Ignorant Generalisations, mustn’t it?

        1. My generalisations are based on observation of reality. They did exactly the same thing when Proposition 8 was passed in California. It was the black and Hispanic vote that swung it, yet the homosexuals decided to target the insignificant and irrelevant Mormon population.

          1. Put a little more effort into observing reality, if you can. You might notice that people don’t always think or act en bloc in accordance with their skin colour or sexuality. (The thought of someone who’s both black and gay must be utterly bewildering for you, poor dear.)

            On the other hand, maybe such a possibility will be too much for your brain to cope with.

          2. Not every single individual in every single instance, but overall, all groups have a tendency to think or act in a certain way.

      2. “too afraid to confront Blacks”?
        You silly little man. You are right when you suggest that on GLBT issues most black cultures around the world have shameful and ignorant attitudes. But if you think blacks have more power than the church you need to get out more.
        Or are you talking about face to face confrontation? Yes, gays are famous for physically attacking defenceless members of the clergy. Poor old RC church – such a persecuted minority.

        1. I’m talking about both.

          Gays won’t confront blacks because while it’s acceptable to bully and persecute Christians or white heterosexuals, it’s not acceptable to attack Jews or blacks, for example, because Jews and blacks outrank gays in the politically correct Hierarchy of Victimhood. If Christians had as much power as you’re suggesting, they’d be equally protected by all the hate crime legislation, etc.

          They’re also afraid in the physical sense. They know a face to face confrontation with Christians won’t lead to violence, but a face to face confrontation with the black community would turn into a riot and even the police wouldn’t be able to protect them.

          1. There are certainly sensitivities around finger-pointing at other minority groups. But your assertion that Christians are being persecuted is ridiculous. Why do you think the churches are being criticised on these pages? Some are attacking us with everything they have got. All the “Christmas” messages coming from the RC church contain warnings that Gay people getting married will destroy society. They said the same things about Civil Partnerships, ending slavery, ending segregation etc. It’s not about God, it’s just conservatism. As some other religions have demonstrated, faith and acceptance of Gay people are not mutually exclusive.
            I have been with my partner for 15 years. We lead industrious, creative and loving lives. We are cherished by our friends and families. From where I stand I can see no reason why we should not enjoy full equality with other loving couples. Everyone says what a special state marriage is. I believe them.

          2. Ending slavery and segregation HAS made society worse, but that’s a whole other discussion. They also said the same thing when homosexuality was legalised, and they were right. They said that homosexuals wouldn’t be content with that, and that they’d increasingly try to force their lifestyle on other people, that they’d want gay marriage, etc. Why would anyone trust homosexuals after all that? If we give in to them on gay marriage, what’s next? Time and time again homosexuals have shown that they’re never satisfied with what they have and will always want more.

            The only reason they won’t force churches to perform gay marriages is because it’d mean having to force mosques and synagogues to perform them too. Can you imagine the reaction of the Muslim community if they were forced to marry gays in their mosques? All hell would break lose. That’s what Sayeeda Warsi was referring to when she stepped in on behalf of the Church of England, talking about “unintended consequences”.

          3. It’s the same reason they backed down on abolishing faith schools. They knew the Jews and Muslims would kick off, which shows who has the real political clout in this country, and it’s not the Christians.

          4. CAligualr why don’t you kill yourself? Listen to the voices and do it

          5. Very tolerant of you, James.

          6. Ending slavery and segregation HAS made society worse, but that’s a whole other discussion.

            i SHOULD BE MORE TOLERANT? You are an idiot

          7. Oh, now I get it. You don’t just hate the gays. You hate everyone.
            It is impossible for someone like you to ever know happiness. I take comfort in that. Goodbye.

          8. Since segregation ended, most blacks grow up without a father and are more likely to go to prison than go to college. Blacks simply do better under white guidance and discipline. It’s similar to how quality of life has decreased in Africa since the end of colonial rule.

            Those are simply the facts, and I don’t see where tolerance comes into it.

          9. Where did I say I hate gays. I dislike gay militants and feminists, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying I hate them, or anyone else for that matter. Not that it should make a difference even if I did. Some people just deserve to be hated. It doesn’t make my views wrong.

            In fact, speaking of hate, some of the most hateful people I’ve ever seen were people posting comments on this site. You’ve got no right to ask for tolerance or respect when you show none yourself.

          10. Since segregation ended, most blacks grow up without a father and are more likely to go to prison than go to college. Blacks simply do better under white guidance and discipline. It’s similar to how quality of life has decreased in Africa since the end of colonial rule.

            Those are simply the facts, and I don’t see where tolerance comes into it.


            It’s called little dick syndrome you want to get that looked at

          11. What is?

          12. Bless. Not very bright are you, little boots? Never mind, I daresay your self-absorption will always keep you happy in your ignorance.

  2. Garry Cassell 28 Dec 2012, 3:19pm

    Like a lying pope…bastard cares…Seems like the police are not that concerned about it…again it could have been the police beating him…not like it doesn’t happen…

  3. Poor guy – hope he recovers soon. The men who did this to him are absolute cowards and I hope they are found soon and are severely punished.

    1. They are more likely to be lauded as heroes.

  4. Such a shame, while the USA might have hate crime laws on the books, no police department will ever enforce it.

  5. Homophobic politicians and religious leaders encourage this savagery and are no doubt secretly pleased to see the “faggots” kept in their place.
    The police will do all they can to avoid calling it a hate crime.
    Poor guy is obviously a brave soul to be out in that backward environment.

  6. Some people cannot bring themselves to fell compassion for a black man.

    1. But when the people on here see the words Uganda/Africa or Zimbabwe on a thread, they’re rubbing their hands with glee, thinking of all the pejorative put downs they can come up with!

      1. What’s your point, Bob? I haven’t seen any unsympathetic comments on here.
        Are you referring to his attackers? He isn’t suggesting it was a racially motivated attack. How do you know his attackers weren’t Black?

        1. My point is the first few comment did not show any sympathy for the man who was attacked

        2. I wasn’t referring to you specifically, just something I see in general on PN.

      2. For which, see the intelligent contribution of Caligula above.

  7. A disgusting and cowardly attack. Poor man. I guess the shock will affect him as much as the physical injuries. How can people do this to someone?

  8. Cowardly for sure. What threat physically was this man to them? None. However, maybe he was a threat by virtue of the fact he has the guts to live his life in truth. That’s the threat and long may he continue.

  9. Terrible, but Christmas eve is not the 24th November?

  10. friday jones 29 Dec 2012, 12:41am

    Has anyone confirmed Cathy Brennan’s whereabouts at 9PM on Christmas Eve? :D

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