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Uruguay delays same-sex marriage vote until April

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Reader comments

  1. GingerlyColors 28 Dec 2012, 11:48am

    The wheels of democracy turn slowly but don’t be surprised if Uruguay still manages to legalise same sex marriage before we do. While the bill in Britain will breeze through the House of Commons, it faces a major hurdle in the Lords which contains senior churchmen as well as ex-MP’s from less tolerant times.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 28 Dec 2012, 3:03pm

      I suspect, same-sex marriage in the House of Lords will have no chances. But lets see – sometimes people surprise. Sometimes.

  2. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 29 Dec 2012, 3:35pm

    Meanwhile in my own country called Australia nothing happens on the equality stakes such as gay marriage, because we as a country are well known to be racist (eg the Intervention laws), xenophobic on boat people and still have homophobic marriage laws and bigoted politicians!

    What an embarrassment and sham my country has turned out to be leading into 2013!

    Australia is really the 52nd state (Puerto Rico being the 51st US state) and just another cousin of Texas or Mississippi in the US southern states!

    You can marry your cousin – but you can not marry your same sex partner!

    What has happened to my country?

    Bad governments slashing government services on Heath, education and HIV prevention, alcohol fuelled crime such as drink driving at an all time high and well as crime rates such as drug trafficking, property damage, car jackings, theft, animal stock theft, and rape rising and road rage at an all time high!

    What a total joke and a laughing stock Australia has become!

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