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Piers Morgan: The Bible needs to be amended so it supports same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Kathryn Howie 27 Dec 2012, 10:44am

    …. Americans signing a petition to get him out of the country rises.

    We dont want him back here in Britain ….Was releaved when he left.
    Americans deserve him, hes regarded as right wing here!

  2. fak off morgan

  3. Christopher Hobe Morrison 27 Dec 2012, 11:05am

    That really is sort of lame. Actually the Bible is amended all the time, only it’s called reinterpretation and scholarship. When I heard about him attacking the gun lobby I checked out his RSS feed and it was all celebrities and BS so I decided not to. Everybody has an occasional bad day, but with some people you have they have an occasional good day. Now the gun lobby never has a good day. They are starting to accuse people of blasphemy against the second amendment. They are the ones who will make gun control possible. And gay rights will be made possible by all the bigots out there especially when people realize that gays are just as normal as they are (this might not be such a good thing actually heh heh).

  4. Jock S. Trap 27 Dec 2012, 11:07am

    For once he speaks some sense. Let’s face it religious texts are changed to suit so why not on this subject.

    Let’s remove discrimination from religious texts and let’s for once show the bigots up for what they are.

    1. Peter Robertson 27 Dec 2012, 12:07pm

      I agree. Just because someone comes out with nonsense at times, you should not therefore dismiss everything they say.

    2. Har Davids 27 Dec 2012, 1:01pm

      Will there be much left of the original if we cut out all the ‘bad’ bits? It seems a move to keep on having religion while acknowledging it’s nonsense too. We might even end with a ‘gay’ version and I don’t think the pope would approve.

    3. Why not just ignore religion? Oh.. you can’t.

  5. The bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality anyway, so it doesn’t need amending on that account.

    However, it condones slavery, stoning non-virgin brides to death on their fathers’ doorsteps, kiiling disrespectful children, the murder of innocent children, etc etc.

    Too much to amend there, I think! It’s not relevant to the 21st century at all, in my opinion.

    1. Well said, and agreed. How anyone with half a brain can take it seriously, is beyond me.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Dec 2012, 12:30pm

      Well, the right wing religious nutters of all three abrahamic cults often cite the infamous verse in Leviticus (old testament, the Jewish part of the bible) in which man is not supposed to lie down with a man as he does with a woman nonsense. That too is open to interpretation. I’ve not seen any condemnation of homosexuality in the christian part of the bible (new testament), although I’m sure there are many bigots who will disagree and will invent something to justify their opposition.

      Heterosexual adultery, essentially an uniquely heterosexual phenomenon disobeys one of the ten commandments but we seldom hear of those same religious nutters condemning it, especially some of those adulterers in the Tory party who are opposed to equal marriage. Hypocrisy and bigotry all nicely wrapped up in one package and it gets a free pass by being ignored by the offenders and proponents of the one man one woman for marriage nonsense. In their case, one man and several women or vice versa.

      1. Haha, indeed Robert! Some religious folk think that they get up to all sorts of things but because they label themselves as ‘christian’, ‘muslim’ or whatever, they have the ‘get out of jail free’ card.

        Remember a certain MP by the name Mrs Robinson? She was one of the most vociferous homophobes ever and yet at the same time was having an adulterous affair with a young man over 40 years her junior. Of course, she is forgiven because she is a ‘good christian’ (she announced that God had forgiven her), but would she or her ilk think that gays should be forgiven? Never, never, never! She thought that we needed conversion therapy first and recommended “a good psychiatrist” to do just that.

        The hypocrisy is boundless. The bible is used a weapon, just as much as guns and just like guns the consequences can be deadly.

        1. Ben Foster 27 Dec 2012, 4:25pm

          I don’t need forgiving for a loving monogamous relationship that harms nobody.

          1. Of course a loving monogamous relationship (I’ve been in one for 18yrs) that harms nobody doesn’t need forgiven. I perhaps didn’t phrase myself correctly in my post above. I suppose what I was trying to say is that there are plenty of religious zealots out there (like the one I described) who think gay relationships are sinful and as such, we need to seek forgiveness, but even that wouldn’t be good enough for the bigots as they think we need conversion therapy to rid ourselves of our ‘sin’.

            They should turn their attention on to murders, rapists, paedophiles etc. who do harm others, but it appears that they will accept them long before they’d ever accept us. Although gay people do not harm anyone just because of being gay, we are still considered to be the worst ‘abomination’ of all in the eyes of many religious people. Yet, many of these religious people get up to all sorts of things considered ‘abominations’ in the bible.

          2. We sure don’t need forgiven! The religious zealots should turn their attention onto those who do harm others, but that would be too much hard work for them. They’ll accept murderers, rapists, paedophiles and the like long before they’d consider accepting us, not that we need their acceptance. We certainly don’t need anyone’s or anything’s forgiveness and it’s very hypocritical of those religious homophobes to think that we do, whilst at the same time many of them are committing ‘abominations’ according to their bible.

            I’ve had to re-do this reply because my original one didn’t appear for some reason, but apologies if it does appear at some point and you see two replies from me.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Dec 2012, 4:36pm

          Yes, Alex, I most certainly do recall Mrs. Robinson and her equally bigoted husband. She became the victim of her own bigotry when her adultery was exposed.

          Of course, then we have other bigots such as the adulteress Nadine Dorries and serial adulterer, Sir Roger Gale, on his third marriage already and then more recently that other halfwit bigot MP Bob Blackman. All Tories of course. I want to see supportive MPs calling them out on their bigotry and hypocrisy for a change.

    3. Well said Iris, the bible does not condemn homosexuality or condone heterosexuality. These terms would be unknown to the writers of the bible and to their culture. A man lying with another man was regarded as moraly wrong,but the act itself did not not define the persons involved as being of a particular sexual orientation.
      This kind of thinking comes out of the enlightenment and the individualistic culture in which we now live.
      People of the bible were defined by their obligations to their families,their community and their religion. And they lived their lives in the light of this.
      When you read of stoning non-virgin brides ( Mary was pregnant out of wedlock and was not stoned) you have to read this against the backdrop of an honour culture. There are no biblical accounts if this punishment ever taking place.

    4. Iris: I recall we have touched on this subject in past exchanges – I don’t believe the Bible needs amending despite sections that appear unpalatable in modern culture. I believe the Bible is divinely inspired but also needs to be understood contextually and linguistically. Sadly people do take sections out of context and misinterpret the text. As to whether the Bible condemns homosexuality, thanks to you and others I am less inclined to that view even though the few “gay passages” that do exist would seem to see homosexuality in an unfavorable light. Also, from what I can make out, the Bible only commends heterosexuality and that in a committed relationship in currently understood marriage.

  6. Oh, Christ! Do I *have* to look at his smarmy, smackable face? Can’t we have a photo of the Pope looking mad, or something?

    1. Sasha – I suspect we may disagree on some fundamentals but what you write here sums up how I felt went I first read the story – not v.charitable I know but something deep down wants to do the intellectual equivalent of what you suggest. Seems Mr Warren was quite restrained in the circumstances :)

  7. In an ideal world, the bi-bull would be scrapped completely. Along with the Qur’an. Or at least classed as ‘fictional works’ from the Iron age onward.
    How can any book featuring talking snakes, men walking on water, turning water into wine, crackers into human flesh, talking donkeys, unicorns, mythical floods, an evil celestial dictator with a huge ego problem, stoning disobedient children to death, forcing women to marry their rapists, worshiping human sacrifices and men rising from the dead etc. If all that was believed by just a few people, we’d call them “insane” but because it’s believed by 2 billion, we call it faith, and have to respect their beliefs? What a world we live in. At least the classic Greek and Roman myths were creative and entertaining.

  8. ‘Amend’ the bible? Can we not just ban it instead or have one of those exercises where people surrender them to the authorities without fear of prosecution or is that idea too communist?

  9. My God, There are so many stupid people in the US. Nothing will ever be done about the gun laws. Even after the unspeakable tragedy in Newton anyone speaking out against guns is vilified.

    1. Tell me, if certain guns were outawed today….what do you realistically think would happen with violence in the next few days, or weeks, or years? Be realistic, the world is filled with evil, violent people who have all the means to kill innocent people. Outlawing some guns today would be meaningless. The problem is with the individuals heart and soul. There is no strong work done with promoting morality, honesty, justice and everything else that makes a man a worthwhile being. :Look at how society has keep all institutoions from talking about morals, justice, honor, fairness, etc. — we are a desperate, hating species and there’s only one answer – which I won’t mention because all of you will simply scoff and ridicule me. I’ll let you figure it out personally.

      1. Well, I can’t agree with your morbid view of humanity. Quite pitiful. But on your point about guns… Tightening gun laws will not prevent all atrocities of the Newtown ilk but it may stop a significant number of disgruntled teenagers who have the whim to kill but can’t reach in and grab automatic weapons from their mother’s wardrobe.
        You say “society has kept all institutions from talking about morals, justice, honor, fairness, etc”.
        Who do you want to teach morals? The Opus Dei? Muslims?

  10. ...Paddyswurds 27 Dec 2012, 12:33pm

    This is one of those stories of a type that are becoming more prevalent on Pink News lately. It is so utterly inane and vacuous that it makes one think “Oh what the phucks the point” in ….. … .. .

    1. Pink News has far too many dreary US stories which are copied almost word for word from US websites. There does not seem to be anyone asking if the stories are relevant for people outside the US

      1. Dave North 27 Dec 2012, 3:02pm

        If you read most UK newspapers you will find the same stories replicated word for word on the online sites.

        Not sure about the printed versions as I never buy them.

    2. in … commenting?

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Dec 2012, 12:34pm

    Say what you want about Piers Morgan, I’d rather have him supporting our rights than remaining a bigoted Tory in opposition. There are far too many of them as it is. Interestingly, he also happens to be a catholic, one of many who support equal marriage which means we shouldn’t paint all catholics with the same brush except for the hierarchy. Same as the CoE.

    1. Well, I just wish his support was posthumous.

  12. I have a better idea for the bible – a nice big bonfire.

  13. Good on Piers Morgan. People often forget that some parts of the bible are not the word of religion but the opinions of a group of mortal men, who held extreme views on society.

  14. I don’t think I trust Piers Morgan as an LGBT ally as I’m pretty sure that he said something really transphobic not long ago.

    1. The only unforgivable sin!

  15. Sam D. Maloney 27 Dec 2012, 6:14pm

    I think this is designed more to bring attention to Morgan than it is to support equal marriage. We all KNOW the Bible is flawed, we’ve moved past it’s views on women, divorce and slavery. We can waste time arguing whether it’s time to admit that it’s teachings on homosexuality are equally based on cultural norms, or simply insist that the Bible is not and never has been the law of the land in western democracies, and ask our opponents to give us ONE reason against it that does not refer back to a spiritual life view.

  16. What makes me laugh is that people believe the bible is the word of god! What utter rubbish. The bible was written by men. The earliest part of the New testament was written about 70-100 CE .

    Revision was conmen to fit in with a society’s belief system. You also have to remember, that individual men made their own changes to reflect their own interpretation and beliefs. Such as the homophobic reference’s, preventing women having nothing more than a subservient roll etc.

    In short Morgan’s call for the bible to be amended is not out of line with the history of Christianity or the book itself.

    1. Dave North 27 Dec 2012, 9:07pm

      You heathen.

      Burn in the fires of Beelzebub’s hell fires of torment for all eternity.

      And on the way out please leave some cash on the collection plate.

      Ta much.

      Robes and fineries to buy, lawsuits to cover, raped children to pay off.

      Doesn’t pay for itself.

  17. Julian Morrison 27 Dec 2012, 10:15pm

    Epic troll is epic.

  18. What a wanker.

  19. Rick Warren is a complete Assho–.
    Another celerbrity evangelist getting rich off of idiots.

  20. Paul from Tarcoma, WA 28 Dec 2012, 3:29am

    What a doshbag!

    Stupid silly man!

    The bible has absolutely NO meaning today!

    Yes I am a Christian, however I do not need some book from 4000 years ago telling me about slavery is OK for your daughters, peadolphile priests screwing alter boys that are barely 10 years old is fine while at the very same time adult to adult male to male sexual contact is wrong and that shellfish and red meat is forbidden!

    The bible was written by some loney old perverted bigot in a cave somewhere in northern Isreal dreaming and making things up as he went along smoking cones, while at the same time he continually denied his homosexuality while rooting alter homeless runaway boys that are only 8 years old!

  21. douglas in canada 28 Dec 2012, 5:34am

    When a christian comes to me with the “perfection” of the bible, I simply ask them if they have sold everything they have and given the money to the poor. That is stated in the new testament as the way to get into heaven.

    If said christian has not done that, then I tell them, “If you can’t follow your own rules, don’t expect the non-christians to follow them.”

    I’d rather be an honest non-believer than a lying believer. Bunch of hypocrites!!

  22. David Nottingham 28 Dec 2012, 9:37am

    You can’t “amend” the Bible! What a ridiculous suggestion, Piers. It shows you know nothing of biblical history and theology. What’s at issue is the mis-interpretation of some biblical texts by right-wing religious nuts to somehow justify their homophobia and hatred. Now thats what needs to be tackled intellegently and acedemically. Amending the Bible, indeed? How funny!

  23. It’s impossible to ‘amend’ the Bible, simply because the whole point of Christ’s ministry was to ‘amend’ strict Biblical Law with the law of MERCY (which is the real defense for same-sex marriage). Morgan’s comment displays ignorance of the Bible as a living document.

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