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Mexico lifts ban on gay men donating blood

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Reader comments

  1. mk hernandez 27 Dec 2012, 10:31pm

    Can you please sign and forward my petition to allow gay men the right to donate blood in the US at

  2. With all the problems Mexico has, they still have the time to go forward (albeit a little slowly) with equality legislation. Good for them.Northern Ireland, you have along way to go.

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 29 Dec 2012, 3:59pm

    What Mexico has a more LGBT friendly policy on blood donation than Australia?!

    Australia is just a complete joke now!

    Australia is now on the verge of just becoming the embarrassing back water of being the conservative, racist, homophobic and xenophobic cousin or brother of the US State of Texas!

  4. Just Another Angry Gay Activist who wants SSM! 29 Dec 2012, 4:06pm

    There should be a sign at both Melbourne and Sydney International Airports that says and quotes:

    “Welcome to Australia the 52nd state of the United States, we hate boat people and immigrants, we treat muslims, gays and aborigines like third class pieces of dirt as political pawns on a chess set and that you can marry your cousin – exactly just like in the good old 1940’s style Southern US State of Texas!”

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