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PinkNews Poll: David Cameron’s popularity among LGBT voters grows following same-sex marriage policy

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Reader comments

  1. But why be so wishy washy with the churches Dave?
    If you got rid of the freeloading bishops in the House of Lords you wouldn’t have to.

    1. If he dismantled the upper house entirely there’s a lot of pointless hoops they wouldn’t have to jump through.

      1. Indeed.

        The House of Lords is an undemocratic disgrace.

        Get rid of it.

        1. GulliverUK 27 Dec 2012, 7:52am

          That’s may not matter too much;

          Coalition may use ‘nuclear option’ to force through UK gay marriage law

  2. Cameron as an individual is a lot better than at least half of his party.

    Although his cowardice in the face of the religious cults is shameful.

    It will;be interesting to see how many Tory MP’svote to reject equality.

    If we do not have equality the time of the next election then no LGBT person in their right mind could vote Tory as it will mean that the Tories are the same bigots they have always been.

    1. they’re showing more spine than labour did in the face of religious institutions, they didn’t even have the courage to suggest equal marriage.

      1. Well Cameron has promised equality by 2015.

        If he fails to deliver on his promise then he is declaring that no GLBT person should vote Tory.

        And if 130 Tory MP’s vote against equality then that is a list of extremist Tories who cannot be voted for.

      2. And apparently, Gordon Brown was the only leader of the three main political parties to oppose SSM prior to the election.

  3. If that is true then god help us. These bastadrs are cutting benefits for disabled people through Atos. Companies like A4E make millions exploiting vulnerable people. But hey who cares we can get married! CAmeron Osbourne and clegg are quite evil people who shold be shown nothing but contempt

    1. Very true James and those voting your post down (it is currently -3) must be fortunate enough not to have a disability and/or don’t live in the real world. I want equal marriage rights just like most others but the Nasty Party aren’t going to give us proper equal marriage equality anyway!

      Even if they did legislate for full marriage equality without pandering to the churches, anyone with a conscience should still not vote for the Tories or Fib Dems because of their outwardly hostile treatment of the disabled.

      1. Cheers Alex the £8bn tax bill that vodafone was let off would cover all these tax cuts.

    2. ATOS and A4E got their contracts under the previous labour govt. The tories were wrong to continue with them, but you can’t blame it all on them.

      1. Voted down due to dismantling hyperbole with facts. At what point did pinknews become a subsidiary of the labour party?

        1. PinkNews appears to be balanced, unlike anyone who can’t see the Nasty Party and Fib Dems for what they really are.

          1. LMFAO

            Pinknews is NOT balanced in ANY sense of the word. I’m sorry and I agree with the general message of the site and the commenters but to think this place is balanced and not primarily a labour focus group is insane.

      2. I’ll blame them as long as they continue with this crap, thanks. The last labour government were also just a Tory government in disguise. Still are really, the centre has been moved so far right the whole bloody thing is a mess.

    3. Protip: Milliband has said he’d have done the exact same thing.

      1. Exactly the same thing? Did he? I wasn’t aware of that. However, he hasn’t done as he isn’t in power. The Nasty Party and the Fib Dems are and appear to have taken great joy in making life as worrying and difficult as they possibly can for the disabled. George Osborne stated in Parliament that the disabled still have the curtains closed whilst everyone else goes to work! It’s one thing reforming benefits, it’s another thing to do that in a completely heartless and discriminatory way – especially when at the same time they give tax breaks to millionaires! It’s so ridiculous that it would be laughable if it wasn’t true.

        1. Agreed, it’s disgusting the way the disabled/vulnerable are being abused and demonised by this government, and using the gutter press to spread their contempt and manipulate/deflect blame away from those cronies who created our current crisis. The irony is ATOS/cuts in support services etc are a false economy, as more will end up in hospital , needing more support/treatment of conditions that have escalated out of control due to being inaccurately assessed by non medical personnel from these costly business contracts searching profits/unrealistic targets .

          1. CAmeron is punishing those who kept the tories out of power. This has nothing to do with money it’s about power

  4. Ah come on lads – a pie chart here and there wouldn’t go amiss when discussing this many figures.

  5. Well done, Benjamin. I presume you’ve sent this report off in a Press Release to the leaders of all the major parties.

  6. The Conservative party is a broad church, and when you hear the homophobic comments from them, there is not a cats hell chance I would even touch them with a barge pole.

  7. Ben could be more open, and tell his readers how he voted in the last election, and what party he supports. We still don’t know that information.

    1. why does it matter?

    2. Benjamin Cohen 26 Dec 2012, 3:01pm

      How I vote is an irrelevance. I can certainly tell you that there is a very wide divergence of political views among the writers at PinkNews. We don’t say who we vote for because we try not to allow our own political views impact on coverage.

      1. Coincidentally as wide a divergence as among the authors of the press releases you uncritically reprint.

      2. Yes, Ben, but the political views of writers and especially the views of media proprietors have a very significant influence on coverage and especially on how it is portrayed. Since you are not going to tell us, I can only guess and bet you have voted for Labour, LibDems, Greens or some independent. You couldn’t possibly have voted for the nasties, not even out of financial or other inexcusable selfish interests, since you look like a quite nice guy who would never do to others what you wouldn’t like to have done to yourself.

  8. They can pinkwash all they like but while the Tories and their Lib Dem poodles cut away at our education system, NHS and welfare state they’ll still be scum. Labour needs to get a backbone and properly resist austerity

  9. I’m glad that the Con Dems are bringing equal marriage in, but given the many other worrying things this government is inflicting on this country, I continue to have a serious problem with their policies and attitudes to the public sector, the disabled, those below the poverty line etc etc

  10. LGBT people are and should be concerned with more than gay marriage. I understand that Mr Cameron’s plans to introduce equal marriage are historic and important, but in terms of the issues that affect people in general (health provision, schooling, economic inequality), the conservatives have possibly been the worst government we have ever had. I have just come back from abroad and whenever I need to explain the politics of the UK to people abroad I feel ashamed.

  11. Paul Halsall 26 Dec 2012, 6:18pm

    |If you have AIDS the Tories are a disaster – both in NHS and DWP funding.

    Frankly I hope that Gay Tories get to found out just how horrible

  12. Paul Halsall 26 Dec 2012, 6:21pm

    He is a bastard attacking the poor and disabled.

  13. Lesley Hedges 26 Dec 2012, 6:28pm

    Also lesbian asylum seekers are threatened with deportation even though they have been subject to violence before coming to the UK. this has happened under Tories and Labour and the LibDems in the coalition just stand by. I vote Green. Best policies on LGBTIQ issues by several miles.

  14. I would never vote for this man after what he’s done to other minorities.

    It was a Labour government that decriminalised homosexuality, and it was the last Labour government who introduced endless rights for LGBT people.

    They reduced the legal age of consent to 18 and then 16; allowed gay adoption; repealed Section 28; introduced civil partnerships; allowed LGBT people to serve openly in the armed forces; made it illegal to refuse goods and services to LGBT people…

    Cameron hasn’t actually done anything, he said ‘he agrees with gay marriage’ and then promptly said it would be banned in the national church.

    I can’t believe anyone’s falling for his spiel and would actually change their vote.

    1. Matthew Sephton 26 Dec 2012, 7:09pm

      Labour didn’t reduce the age of consent to 18 – that was John Major’s government. And it was a Conservative MP (Edwina Currie) who first tabled a motion to equalise the age of consent…

      1. Edwina Currie was rather out of step with her party at the time. One can’t deny that.

  15. When did the Pink News get so Tory? Come on people. Yes there are gay people in the Tory party, but most were forced into straight money marriages by their parents and went along with it all. Sad but true. I’d love to see one come out and challenge that. Maybe then I’d find a new-found respect for that particular MP. While they still hide in that world and attack us though, there’s no way in hell I’ll show them one ounce of respect.

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