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Israel: Party leader calls on state to stop recognising same-sex marriages

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Reader comments

  1. Proving once again that religions based on the delusional actions of a paranoid schizophrenic (Abraham) are truly the festering boil on the arse of all humanity.

  2. Garry Cassell 26 Dec 2012, 7:30pm

    Seems like another turd who wants to be noticed for something but not sure what it is…for and against everything at the same time…arse wipe..

  3. Israel is a ‘jewish state’.
    Iran is an ‘islamic state.’

    F*** them both.

    Israel keeps banging on about the fact that it’s better to be gay there than in any other country in the region.

    I wonder how the 25% of the Israeli population who are non-jewish think they are treated in the Israeli theocracy?

    I wonder how the Israeli atheist feel about the fact that if they want to marry at home they have to be a member of some moronic cult.,

    Palestine was recently upgraded by the UN and it is now an observer non-member state.

    In response Israel announced it was building an additional; 2500 illegal homes on stolen/occupied Palestinian lands.

    It’s the rest of the west started treating Israel in the same way they treat the Gaza Strip.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Dec 2012, 7:54pm

    I find the the west hypocritical. On the one hand it opposes theocratic regimes in Iran, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, yet bends over backwards to support another abrahamic theocracy, Israel. It’s astounding that Israel doesn’t permit civil marriages. I wouldn’t want to be gay there either. It can recognise same-sex marriages performed outside the country all it wants. It doesn’t make it any better than living in the UK.. It’s rather hypocritical of Israel to recognise hetero and same-sex civil marriages from other countries but not allow your own citizens to have one. That to me isn’t democracy at all and it’s not so secular as it tries to portray itself to be. Israelis, if they really cared about democracy would stand up to the government and tell it to stay out of their marriages and allow its people access to a civil marriage for those who want one.

    1. Or just vote for a secular government in the first place. It is the only democracy in the area, but unfortunately the religious parties have louder voices.

  5. And queue the Israel bashing comments. This guy is a douche, but he’s also from a minor party.
    How about the BNP or UKIP? They’re far worse and have a far more powerful voice than this idiot.
    I think you can find idiots like this in every country on the planets surface.

    1. This “douche” has three MP’s, that’s three more than UKIP. Israelis vote for these extreme parties, they only have themselves to blame.

      1. UKIP may have no MPs right now, but they may have more than 3 after the next election. Hopefully not. However, if they do gain several MPs or more, are you going to say that as the British vote for extreme parties, we only have ourselves to blame???

        Anyway, many on the Government benches in Parliament could be considered extremist for their homophobic views and anti-disabled policies – so, some of us would say that we already have plenty of extremist parliamentarians. Apart from right-wing Tories, just look at the Democratic Unionist Party. It, as a party, is extreme and has 8 MPs in the House of Commons. Therefore some Israelis vote for extremists but just as many, if not more, vote for extremists here in the UK.

        1. “are you going to say that as the British vote for extreme parties, we only have ourselves to blame???”

          That’s the definition of democracy. Israelis vote for many small religious extreme parties. They have PR, they get what they vote for.

          UKIP’s support is very widely spread out and we don’t have PR. It is very unlikely they will get enough support in any one seat to get an MP.

          1. Well, as I said…let’s hope UKIP don’t get an MP, but the DUP (which is shamlessly outspoken in its homophobia) already have 8 MPs in Westminster so spare a thought for gay people living in Northern Ireland. They are not to share in any blame for that.

    2. Israel deserves to be bashed while it engages in largescale slaughter and land theft from another country.

      Until Palestine exists as a viable contiguous country and until Israel returns all the lands it stole after 1967 then Israel should be treated in the same way as Hamas – who are also democratically elected.T

      That seems fair.

  6. Many Jews are supportive of SSM (as long as they’re both Jewish). They see the value of bringing loving couples into the fold to nurture their families within the tradition. Some Jews are conscious of what their people went through in the 20th century. This Jew has a short memory – like many Israelis.

    1. Who cares if jews support SSM,
      Why is civil marriage banned in the Israeli theocracy for both straight and gay people?

      1. Who cares if Jews support SSM? I would like everyone to support it. As religion is not going away anytime soon and so many religious bodies would like to obliterate us, getting support from people of faith is valuable.
        I care if Jews support SSM.

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