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Student leaders warn naked university Christmas calendars challenge ‘dignity at university’

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Reader comments

  1. But if you put any image on the internet you will never know where it will end up. By putting it up there you do so in the full knowledge that people will take it and do whatever they want with it. That goes for any image published off line too.

  2. “dignity at university” – have they been in a Union bar on a Friday night!?!

  3. I don’t remember the Calandar Girls from North Yorkshire going into porn after they did a nude calendar for charity, so why should anyone else end up it porn?

  4. PeterinSydney 25 Dec 2012, 11:11am

    I like the first dude, quite yummy.

  5. Fair point. It is a bit cheap. People aren’t sex objects.

    1. You might not be. I am! :)

  6. If the woman’s institute can do a naked calendar then those that are condemning thus are serious prudes.

    1. yes, it was that naked calenders were pretty much the preserve of car and fitness enthusiasts until they made one. At least I only ever saw naked girls posing on cars and naked men posing with weights…

  7. Mister Fister 25 Dec 2012, 11:38am

    Where can I buy one?

  8. No harm in it. No genitals on display. It’s ok to like looking at fit bodies. The union seem a bit Presbyterian.

    1. I wouldn’t consider genitals as particularly harmful either…

  9. There’s a bit of a paradox here: it’s very likely the women who take part in these calendars get harrassed, as the NUS women’s officer says; but I bet the men get nothing like the same level of harrassment or objectification. Yet if equality is an issue, you can’t promote one calendar and disapprove of the other.

    Or is she suggesting that all such calendars shouldn’t be produced in future because women get hassled even though men don’t?

    1. There’s an obvious solution here: male- only nude calendars. This should preserve women from ‘harassment and objectification’ and save a lot of us from total boredom…

      1. That’s got to be THE best response I’ve seen online in three years! Thanks for the day brightener.

      2. They sell those…

    2. Mark Whiley 27 Dec 2012, 8:21pm

      Pretty certain that none of those involved in “naked” calendars in my Uni were forced into it. The Sports Federation would send out an email asking who would like to do it – or an individual sports team would ask who would like to do it – and they would take part.

      Sadly there are a lot of nude/male hating feminists (varying degrees of hatred) at University and in the NUS.

  10. Benjamin Cohen 25 Dec 2012, 12:25pm

    I do like that the hearts are different sized. Oh dear that’s objectifying them a bit… (naughty)

  11. Awesome response! Where can we find the uncensored version!

    Soft penis is considered non-sexual and should be allowed here.

  12. Someone should remind these “Student leaders” that we are all born naked.

  13. Martin Davies 25 Dec 2012, 2:24pm

    Well done to the rowing team, where can we buy your calendar?

  14. GingerlyColors 25 Dec 2012, 3:08pm

    It all started with the Rhylstone Womens’ Institute’s Calendar Girls. There is nothing wrong with tasteful nudity showing the beauty of the human body. The people who pose for these calendars are not performing sex acts and therefore would be of little value to porn sites.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 3:11pm

    Goodness me, in this day and age, censorship is still an issue in the UK. l. What is this false outrage over displaying non-aroused male genitalia? The daily rags can publish topless photos of women and nobody bats an eyelid. Full frontal nudity of women on t.v. doesn’t get any flack. Definitely a double standard and pure sexism. This wouldn’t be an issue in the more progressive northern European countries where there is precious little censorship of any kind. We need to grow up in the UK and act like adults and stop the hypocrisy and double standards regarding sexuality. About time men were subjected to the same standard as women for a change.

  16. I wouldn’t mind seeing the dude in the centre on a porn site ;)

  17. I want one!

  18. These calendars serve a vital purpose. They were the closest I managed to get at university (or since) to naked male students – the repulsive and the hideous deserve a look at pretty people in the nude too, not just those who are pretty enough to get men!

  19. Well, if you can’t let your dignity down for a bit of fun out of life, then life is pretty boring. They look great, they having fun and there smiling. Thats all that matters. Life is too short. Enjoy. DIGNITY is for when your dying.

  20. Cleiton Keke 25 Dec 2012, 6:47pm

    Eu curti isso! rsrsrsr muito mesmo.. ( I like this! hahaha many same…)

  21. Isn’t there a joke in there somewhere about getting ‘ your Cox out for the lads’??

  22. So sexualised nudity has a negative impact on University integrity? No. The corporatisation of the University system diminishes the value of University education today. There are bigger fights to fight. Nudity is beautiful, fun, and is used in this manner to raise charitable funds.

  23. There is nothing dignified about being a bully, nor being the victim of bullying for whatever reason. The NSU should be applauding these lads for their tenacity and willingness to get their kit off for a good cause. Anyone’s face can be photoshopped onto a porn-star’s body and none of these images are blatantly sexual – just cheeky and titivating in a seaside-postcard for the new millennium kind of way.

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  25. casparthegood 26 Dec 2012, 9:28am

    Someone in the union need to get a sense of humour and perspective

  26. Tara Hewitt 26 Dec 2012, 10:46am

    Typical Barmy NUS rubbish showing how out of touch some of those people are. Student leaders can do alot of good work improving issues of real equality, improving quality of education and feedback from coursework etc then they come out with statements like this which show some of them have no grasp of what happens in the real world or on university campuses! Naked calenders which raise money for charity should be supported as students being creative and caring about the world not attacked for it. Secondly If you want to look at porn in this age of internet and easy access you dont look at a couple of nipples and some genitals covered by a superimposed love heart! time for NUS TO GET OVER IT and THEMSELVES

  27. Given that the article talks about men’s calendars as well as women’s, I’d like to know what the NUS had to say about both, not just the women’s. Or are men’s calendars just being rather lazily included in a debate about the objectification of women?

  28. Given that the article talks about men’s calendars as well as women’s, I’d like to know what the NUS had to say about both, not just the women’s. Or are men’s calendars just being rather lazily included in a debate about the objectification of women?

  29. The image is a screen grab from the trailer for the Warwick men’s calendar film. The full film is 40 mins long, full HD and stunning! It’s the film that’s raising funds for Ben Cohen’s foundation. See the trailer here:

  30. Re: Kelley Temple’s comment — sorry, but the way to confront harassment is not to run and hide. What I’d hope to see is the women — and men — standing together and pushing back. After all, that’s what this is all about.

  31. The one on the right can row my boat anytime he likes ;)

  32. So what?

    Students’ Unions can be such killjoys. People like looking at attractive people, and the sexy people in these calendars enjoy posing and making money for very good causes.

    Get used to it or get a life!

  33. New Year’s resolution: TAKE UP ROWING!

  34. I will point out that although the actual paper calendar is sold out, there are other “packages” (pardon the pun) for downloading, as well as previous year’s calendars.

    I can vouch for the fact that the 160 picture download has 160 high quality photographs of some very high quality young men….and for a good cause.

  35. Got mine the day they set up stall outside the SU. Great guys, very self-aware, and deserving of support. This will be the third year their calendar has graced my wall :)

    The Warwick Women’s rowing calendar is new, and honestly I was really impressed with the art and taste within. I haven’t heard of any misogyny directed against them because of the calendar. If there IS though… Then NUS women’s officer, let’s deal with the misogyny itself not blame it on these good ladies and their own beauty! There is no excuse for misogyny, least of all beauty and confidence.

  36. Paul Mitchell 30 Dec 2012, 1:04am

    They are hot, god!

    Can they all sleep with me?!

  37. Chaosandnoise 5 Jan 2013, 10:36pm

    As with l0uiswh0, got mine the day they came out – proud that they managed to make so much money from these calendars for such a good cause (and seeing cheeky glimpses of gorgeous guys was just a plus)

    The worst part was initially being offered the women’s one!

  38. Is there a rationale behind the size of the hearts?

  39. Christopher in Canada 16 May 2013, 5:09pm

    I not only fine these fellows dignified, but upstanding!

    Time for society to get over this whole shame-at-being-nude thing. Under your clothes, you are naked, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

    Animals laugh at us in wonderment.

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