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Feature: The weirdest and most unexpected LGBT stories of 2012

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  1. Though I find Paris Hilton’s immature views distasteful and dont care about her exploits, I do believe she meant she finds promiscuity, rather than homosexuality, “disgusting”. The AIDS comment was unfortunate but she obviously didn’t mean that gay men deserve to get it, just that she would be afraid she would get it were she to be a gay man engaging in casual sex with strangers. It was an unintelligent comment and I would expect no less of her based on what I’ve seen of her on TV.

  2. So there were zero positive trans stories in the last article and instead two stories in this one that portray us in a negative light. Right. Thanks for that then, Pink News. There were lots of positive things that happened for the trans community this year that could have been included in the last article and yet you still decide to pick your stories exclusively to make us look like freaks.

  3. That bitch Paris is just like most people , ignorant!!

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