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Feature: The top 15 stories that changed LGBT life in the UK in 2012

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Reader comments

  1. i don’t think any of those have “changed LGBT life” particularly except the first one (equal marriage), and that hasn’t even happened yet.

    This is just a nice collection of highlights and lowlights in LGB activism this year.

  2. Who writes these melodramatic headlines?

    None of these stories have changed LGBT life (not even number 1 as equality has not happened in 2012.)

    They are merely 15 LGBT stories from 2012?

  3. Ex gay therapy is killing people and the priest and psychotherapist who do it are quacks and frauds who are criminals who need to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Stop these murderers before they can kill another child or person using their mental and physical torture. These quacks do even more harm than pedophile priest because they kill people or lead their victims to kill themselves.

  4. I think you’ll find that’s not “LGBT”, but just “G”.

  5. WHAT a load of utter cobblers!

    As others have said, this is the farthest thing from a list of stories that have actually had any real impact and is simply a list of stories that a bunch of dumb, easily-led, pooves & lezzas have decided to focus on!

    Now I can say that because I am a gay man myself, but seriously – the bloody idiots who wrote this have absolutely no right to be working in serious journalism (maybe that’s a reflection on just how far the Pink Paper has sunk) – find these people, put them where they belong: working in retail!

    As for gay marriage, yeah – only a bunch of credulous fools would be swayed by being told that marriage is not a religious definition, but that the difference between gay marriage and a Civil Partnership is having a ceremony on religious premises, with a religious official in charge of the ceremony, and with a religious content. BUT – if the church or religion doesn’t WANT to conduct such ceremonies – THEN YOU STILL CANT HAVE THEM!

  6. …And we open with Ken Livingstone’s slip of the tongue, which is harmless fluff, rather than focussing on Conservative Boris Johnson’s genuinely damaging impact. Nice work, BlueNews – er, I mean PinkNews.

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