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Cameroon’s Catholic Archbishop: Giving gays equal rights is a ‘crime against humanity’

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  1. The church has committed more “crimes against humanity” than gays ever have. Quite simple really… why give the old fart an audience?

    1. Is he on record about child abuse? I suppose his ideas about crimes against humanity aren’t much to go on though.

      Cameroon being so advanced and all that.

      “Red tape, high taxes, and endemic corruption have impeded growth of the private sector. Unemployment was estimated at 30% in 2001, and about a third of the population was living below the international poverty threshold of US$1.25 a day in 2009”

    2. The church has committed more “crimes against humanity” than gays NEVER have.

    3. Justice for all 27 Dec 2012, 8:49am

      Tehj church is a crime against humanity

      it created the hatred of Jews and hitler that led to wwII etc
      I mass murdered muslisms in the crusades to convert them. No wonder some of them hate us
      the dark ages courtesy or the ROMAN REICHSTAG.

      they also claim to protect life – goebbels again.



  2. Catholicism – a church built on wholesale slaughter, the blood of millions drip from its church walls and pour down the streets of the Vatican.

    The savagery of bronze age barbarians should be reminded, at length, every time these filthy swines insult every man, woman and child in the name of their odious church by trying to laughable usurp ANY moral authority.

    The killer church of Rome needs to shut up

    1. “Jewry – built on wholesale slaughter, the blood of millions drip from its walls and pour down the streets.
      The savagery of bronze age barbarians should be reminded, at length, every time these filthy swines insult every man, woman and child in the name of their odious beliefs by trying to laughable usurp ANY moral authority.
      The killer Jews needs to shut up”

      ..who wrote this , Himmler ? Oh sorry , it’s written by one of those people(homosexuals)who call themselves ‘gay’ and pretend it’s all about ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’…but it’s not about jews but about catholics.Why this foaming hatred ? – oh, it’s because the Church for 2000 yrs has preached that Marriage is the union of one man and one woman and now you want to distort it’s meaning as you have distorted your disordered version of ‘sex’ ?

      1. Actually christian churches have only been in the marriage game since about 1200, when they got involved in their capacity as Europe’s chief bureaucrats and record-keepers. Before that marriage in Europe was an entirely civil matter, and before the 4th century christianity actively eschewed marriage as something worldly and irrelevant to its core ideas as an apocalyptic death cult.

        The creepy cult of sexual repression and erotic dysfunction, however, now that has been there pretty much since the beginning. If you want distorted and disordered then look no further than your own paedophile hierarchs and basket-case celibate shamanry – they pretty much wrote the book on how to corrupt and pervert human sexuality.

      2. First – Go learn some history, Ray…your statement (“the Church for 2000 yrs has preached that Marriage is the union of one man and one woman”) is simply false.
        There are multiple forms of marriage other than one man/one woman recorded and sanctioned in the bible itself.
        The church, at one time (circa 1400, I believe) performed marriages between two men, and had a special wedding mass specifically for that type of union.
        Second – church of rome/jewry comparison is a false equivalency. The statement made regarding the wholesale slaughter by the church and her minions is nothing more than a statement of historical fact. Subsistuting “jewry” for “catholicism” renders the statement meaningless, as judaism (which would have been the correct word for what you were attempting to say, you dolt) does not have the clearly documented history of bloodshed and intolerance.

        1. “The church, at one time (circa 1400, I believe) performed marriages between two men, and had a special wedding mass specifically for that type of union”

          The Gospel according to Tachell ? Historical evidence please ! Look up Didache .

          1. — @Ray:

            Actually, there’s a lot to be said about 65snake’s statement.

            check this out:

            Incidentally, this author, Prof. John Boswell, is the winner of the 1981 American Book Award for History.

            Also. as far as I know (and I certainly don’t know everything) the First Part of The Didache elaborates on the meaning of adultery and divorce; the Second Part, on baptism and eucharist; and the Third Part, on ministry and the ordination of clergy.

            These ‘Doctrines of the Twelve Apostles’ were likely written sometime before the 2nd century so that the authors could not have commented on the blessing of same-sex unions which occurred quite some time after that in Europe.

            But as I say, I may have missed something.

            Finally, I didn’t know Tachell (sic) had published anything about the history of liturgical ceremonies in the roman catholic church.

      3. Please carry on Ray you do give us a laugh at times your views are so pathetic.

        Your sick homophobic and anti-Semitic views are repugnant. Go back to your church and lecture your kiddy fiddler priests, don’t try and lecture us we don’t need it from a bigot like you, who has as much moral authority as Adolf Hitler.

        1. Trying to reason with extremists is very tiresome .I don’t have so-called ‘homophobic’ or ‘anti-Semitic’ views.An anti-Catholic extremist (Hitler was one too) posted a vile comment and I replaced the word ‘Catholic’ with another word to illustrate just how repugnant it was – it could of been ,’muslim’, ‘woman’, ‘homosexual’, or ‘Pole’.This website is fast becoming the ‘Gay’ version of The Protocols of Zion, but instead of jews as the target it’s Catholics and other people of good will who acknowledge marriage as between one man and one woman .

          Yeah keep on believing the Pope is a Nazi and all your tiresome lies about kiddy fiddlers, gay witch hunts, Inquisitions, ….has no one mentioned Galileo yet ?!

          1. @Ray:

            Thanks for the link to Philip Jenkins’ interview.

            Jenkins is obviously a distinguished scholar, admittedly leaning to the right, who believes that there is ‘an historical mythology which is geared against the (catholic) church and the whole system of belief’, that there are no anti-catholics quite as bitter as catholics themselves, and that the American Constitution itself is a product of anti-catholicism.

            So it’s safe to say that he is leaning far to the right, although Jenkins himself has left the catholic church and is now episcopalian.

            The fact that you compare PN to The Protocols of Zion (of all things) indicates how strongly you have been influenced by this man, especially when he compares American anti-catholicism to anti-semitism.

            Interesting stuff, and you may have related your line of thought to this topic, but frankly, it escapes me.

          2. The catholic church, across history, from the Inquisitions to the crusades to the wholesale slaughter of indigenous people as it spread its filthy cancer to the new world, to the genocides against women to the modern day phenomenon of not only barring condom use, but ouright lying about its efficacy has killed or caused to be killed MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Apologise for the rancid cult all you want. it doesn’t remove the truth of a church that spread influence and consolidated power on bloodshed.

    2. GulliverUK 26 Dec 2012, 9:44am

      It is the hierarchy – they’re mad, completely stark raving bonkers. The majority of their followers here and in the US are for equal rights. That is the same with the Anglicans here. There needs to be a revolution against these leaders, they need to be faced down and forced out.

    3. Don’t forget the child abusers they hid and fostered in their midst – and employed and paid as priests

  3. Yeah, sure, end of the world, sun’s gonna implode, makes the baby Jesus cry, Hitler’s greatest triumph… whatever…

  4. John Briggs 25 Dec 2012, 10:35pm

    Backward people

  5. Europe’s legacy in Africa, religious intolerance and poverty, a perfect environment for fundamentalism to grow. I hope Africa can get the help it needs to get out of the dire situation it’s in, people like this Archbishop are responsible for holding it back.

    1. Bull.

      African homophobia is entirely Africa’s responsibility.

      By claiming that African bigotry is as a result of European colonialism you are saying that Africa bears no responsibility for its murderous bigotry.

      Ireland; INdia; Australia; Canada; New Zealand were all able to shake of colonial laws.

      Are you saying perhaps that Africans are too stupid to do the same?

      1. dAVID – Are you saying that it had/has (missionaries are still going there and preaching, as authority figures, homophobia) no effect at all

      2. What I’m saying is that we’ve only just started treating gay people as human beings here so for Africa, the poorest continent on earth to do a complete 180 degree turn on the issue of gay rights overnight would be too much to ask. In reality we only just have started treating gay people equally here, wasn’t it only fifty years ago that we were still jailing gay men? I’m not saying that the Africans are too stupid to do the same but they are brainwashed by religion and they’re not the only ones, similar attitudes exist in Eastern Europe towards gay people. The examples you gave-Australia, Canada and New Zealand are wealthy countries with brilliant education systems, countries like Uganda have one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Where do you think gay rights and equality come from? They don’t just fall out of the sky, they come from education and the hard work of activists, if Africa is going to change its attitude towards LGBT people then it’s going to need the same.

      3. India decriminalised gay sex in 2009, so very recently. yes you’re right it was a colonial law because it was the British who put the homophobic laws in place, just like they did in their colonial possessions in Africa and the Caribbean.

  6. Shocking. According to the bible the Christmas message is ‘Peace on earth and goodwill to all.’ Why can’t these awful priests just give it a rest for one day?!

    1. Christmas is never mentioned in the buybull.

      The fictional character of Jesus is born in a shed in the buybull.

      Christmas is merely the name given by the christian cultists to the pagan festival they hijacked, when they pretended that Jesus was born to a woman called Mary who fooled her stupid husband into thinking she was a virgin when in actual fact she was being intimate with the local.shepherds.

    2. Justice for all 27 Dec 2012, 8:53am

      CUZ THE CHIEF INQUISITOR Learned his lessons well in the Jugend.

      But actually for most of its existance, its wanted to be and waS in most of europe the ROMAN CALIPHATE.

  7. Cameroon doesn’t exactly have an unblemished record when it comes to protecting human rights, so it beggars belief that one of its most senior clergy should have the gall to utter such un-Christian opinions. Then again it obviously condones all the barbarous acts of torture committed in God’s name.

    1. I wish people would stop saying homophobia is unchristian.

      Their homophobia is very compatible with christianity – they use the same work of fiction – the bible – as the non-bigots to justify their prejudice.

      If you use a work of fiction as the basis for your entire beiief system then of course bigotry is compatible with your absurd belief system

  8. Giving financial aid to genocidal dumps like Cameroon is the only crime against humanity I can think of in this story.

    I wonder if this bishop rapes children like most catholic clergy seem to do?

    1. David Myers 27 Dec 2012, 9:03am

      “rapes children like most catholic clergy seem to do”? You really want to maintain that as a truth? Come-on. Yes there have been catholic assulters of children and yes the current pope helped cover it up, but the simplicity and stupidity of your “most” comment betrays the simplicity of your thinking and helps explain why so many of your comments on this site are justifiably downvoted. You are a troll – simple!

      1. If dAVID was referring to all bishops both current and historical then his statement is true, the sexual abuse of children was common place in history. As was the sexual exploitation of nuns, but that’s another story.

  9. Cameroon: definitely one of the worlds worst places on Earth to be gay ): I wish there was something I could do.

    1. There is – you can contact the Department for International Development and demand that all British aid to dumps like Uganda and Cameroon is stopped until these dumps start respecting human rights.

      Your taxes should not be propping up these backward dumps.

  10. It is a severe case of inferiority complex. The developing world have to have someone to feel superior to.

  11. A 3 yr sentence for sending a text declaring love someone. This brings sadness to my heart.

    It’s about time we started excluding such countries from participation in any world events such as the Olympics, football tournaments and so forth. No more financial aid, trade or anything. We need to send the message that their backwards thinking and behaviour is not acceptable to the rest of the world.

  12. Inciting hatred.
    Inciting violence.

    Forget his “god”, forget his “religion”, he should be arrested for the exact same crimes he accuses his country’s homosexual population of. Then tax the catholic cult to hammer the point home.

  13. How many crimes against humanity is the Catholic cult guilty of? They are to numerous to count. This man is an insult to humanity his beliefs repugnant. In a word he can kiss my arse……. second thoughts Ewwwwwww

    1. ‘How many crimes against humanity is the Catholic cult guilty of? They are to numerous to count’

      sounds rather like this guy ….

      “There are cases of sexual abuse that come to light every day against a large number of members of the Catholic clergy. Unfortunately it’s not a matter of individual cases, but a collective moral crisis that perhaps the cultural history of humanity has never before known with such a frightening and disconcerting dimension. ‘

      who wrote it ? Tatchell ? No it was a chap called Goebbels

  14. “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

    PC imperialism at work again .Accept our distorted vision of marriage and our disordered sexuality, natives ! , because we the metropolitan elite say so ! We are more ‘advanced’ than you !
    Thank God the people of Africa reject this inverted preaching from the homosexual lobby and their friends in high places .As we in the west fall into decline and depravity there is hope in Africa and real civilization .

    1. In the words of the bible. ‘go forth and multiply’

    2. RAY: I am more advanced than the Catholic Church, and that’s not something I say lightly as a laid back very accepting guy. Lets just set aside many years of history and look at more recent events for a minute:

      * Years of fighting, violence and hate in Ireland over which way they worship the same god

      * Thousands of people in less developed countries dying of HIV because the church’s condemnation of the use of condoms

      * Hundreds of innocent children abused, huge church cover ups and if I remember correctly there has just been evidence uncovered that to keep victims quiet some were declared mentally I’ll, castrated and locked up (whilst they were still children)

      * Savita Halappanavar (may she rest in peace) dies after being refused a medical procedure (termination) because of the beliefs of the Catholic Church. She wasn’t Catholic, she needed it, she wanted it, she was effectively murdered by negligence

      I’m not perfect believe me but I am better so far

      1. *Years of fighting, violence and hate in Ireland over which way they worship the same god – and the Protestant invasion of Ireland was all myth as was putting Catholics to death – hung , drawn and quartered ?
        * Thousands of people in less developed countries dying of HIV because the church’s condemnation of the use of condoms – funny how Catholic countries have the lowest HIV infection rate ?
        * Hundreds of innocent children abused, huge church cover ups …- and more lies to discredit the Church – and this never happened in State run homes or by ‘gay adopters ?Castration story relates to secular policy in Netherlands (where they abort and euthanize quite a lot )
        * Savita Halappanavar – who miscarried, and before an enquiry was set up for the cause of her death, the pro-death lobby had blamed ‘Catholicism’ and because she never had an abortion.Ireland has one of the lowest maternal death rates in the world , along with Malta and Poland (all RC and abortion not policy), UK is way behind

        1. You totally miss the point Ray, blinded by your desire to defend the church. Children were and still are abused and it was / is covered up, there is no excuse. Using the ‘well others have done it too argument’ is about as weak as it gets. Gay people do abuse children at times, as do every other ‘type’ of person but statically they are in the minority. Gay people don’t p, as an organisation conspire to cover it up. Mrs Halappanavar was, I believe, refused a termination on religious grounds being told “this is a catholic country”. Spout what you like about other catholic countries, Mrs Halappanvar needed treatment and was refused because of catholic beliefs. If the enquiry can prove a direct link I think criminal charges should be bought for manslaughter at the very least.

          1. ….trying to demonise the Church, making out that abuse is more prevalent there than in other groups eg C of E, Muslims , or State run homes ,schools , not to mention BBC (who hate the church)is simply prejudice .As far a cover-up goes, it reeks of Dan Brown, conspiracy theories and all leads to an anti-Catholic story in the New York Times which totally does not understand canon law (all about ‘secret’ document which was actually published by church on internet!).

            The secular media tries to discredit the Church’s teaching because it opposes abortion,euthanasia and other evils.When the Church opposed the Nuremberg laws and the Euthanasia program , nasty propaganda was released to the press (the same hysteria as today), so it’s nothing new ! :
            + 7 million children have been murdered in the womb in this country – this is called ‘choice’ or as you call it ‘treatment’ – abuse?

    3. Ray believes we can learn a lot from the peoples of Africa. There is real civilisation there, apparently. It sounds like a truly lovely place to live. I might move there. Let’s see. Uganda? Maybe Somalia! What a wonderful life those advanced people have. Makes London seem truly in decline, as he says. Bye, everyone. I’ll send a postcard if I don’t starve to death.

    4. The irony is strong with this one! You have things completely the wrong way around.

      Ever stopped to wonder why Africa is so full of homophobic religious bigots, obsessed with the repressive and poisonous neuroses of sexually dysfunctional Abrahamic death cults?

      It’s because European and Middle Eastern missionaries put them there. Homophobic bigotry is the colonial import – traditional native African beliefs on homosexuality varied widely before colonial times, with much of the continent significantly more tolerant and morally sound than many parts of the world today.

      When your paedophile hierarchs and celibate preachers of guilt-ridden theistic nonsense have given up their concerted efforts to poison the sex-lives of others, we might be willing to listen to them on matters of morality. As it stands, however, the catholic church is the most demonstrably unsuitable institution to offer such advice that the world currently has.

      Grow up and stop believing in the fairy tales!

    5. there is hope in Africa and real civilization

      Why not move to Cameroon, then?

  15. Enough is enough. I for one will happily do anything, even legally, to rid the world, by means of the most practical choice of this dangerous organisation. Who will truly have the guts to stand and fight? Those thinking protesting & lobbying is enough are wrong and naive, however noble their intentions. We are well past this. We are fighting for our survival, so very sadly.
    You are with them or with us. There can be no middle ground. The Church is the direct inciting, financing and driving force behind the most blatant, ongoing, direct hatred campaigns agains LGBT communities.

    The Church is our number one present and clear danger. There can be no other viable avenue than fighting hard my the most survival-unsavoury means we may have to think of. They have declared what is nothing more than a call to murdeder, extinction and elimination of us all as a social and human group, in the name of a work of fiction!!!

    To survive we can ONLY fight fire with thunder.

  16. Bishop Bakot, the Roman Catholic Church’s stand on the use on contraception especially in poor countries where families struggle to feed their children is a crime against humanity!

    The Church’s stand against woman’s right to choose and have an abortion, as the recent case in Ireland IS a crime against humanity.

    The hiding of the abuse scandal involving innocent children all around the world is a crime against humanity!

    The Church’s hate speeches against sexual minorities is a crime against humanity!

    The Catholic Church’s persecution of religious minorities in Europe during the Middle Ages is a crime against humanity.

    You and your fellow posses in your gilded churches and monasteries have the audacity to speak about ‘crimes against humanity’! Shameful hypocrites!

  17. Seems that reality declines in proportion to eminence in the church.

  18. He is surely just following orders, parroting the Vatican’s line just as senior catholics in this country are doing.

    1. Of course. A catholic who thinks for him/herself is insiduously refused a place in the hierarchy.

      Example abound. Fr. John McNeill comes to mind.

  19. Har Davids 26 Dec 2012, 7:56am

    The same was probably said when someone suggested that non-white people were human beings too, and should be treated as such. And I don’t think it was a bishop.

  20. PeterinSydney 26 Dec 2012, 12:41pm

    This bigot is just aping his Boss Pope Vicious 16. They revel in encouraging violence against gay people. Disgusting old men.

  21. Is it necessarily for the civilized countries to have diplomatic relationships with Vatican? Why eg USA or UK have thair ambassadors at the Holy See?

  22. Tom Cotner 26 Dec 2012, 4:18pm

    Of course he would say or think that – he doesn’t believe that homosexuals comprise any degree of humanity to begin with.
    It is all perfectly logical to him — but then, so is his religion. Go figger!

  23. Catholics like this are a crime against humanity.

  24. Janet Lameck 26 Dec 2012, 4:57pm

    Tell that blithering IDIOT to read his bible! “Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s, render unto God that which is God’s!” This is Caesers law passed by mankind and thus has NO place to be turned down by the religious bigots in the Churches.

  25. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Dec 2012, 5:04pm

    Crime against humanity? Pot calling the kettle black and a pun deservedly intended!

    Let’s go down the list of catholic crimes against humanity. a) subjugation of
    native Latin American tribes by the catholic conquistadores; b) persecution, torture and execution of Jews in Spain under the Torquemada catholic inquisition cult; c) condemnation of condom distribution in Africa saying it causes HIV/AIDS; d) institutionalised paedophilia for centuries (ongoing) and e) tacit support for the Nazi regime by refusing to resist it or condemn while the holocaust resulted in the horrendous deaths of 6 million Jews and thousands of other ‘undesirables’ including 15,000 gay people. Enough said!

  26. Allowing the organization called Cathoic Church to continue working about the world after they have admitted themselves that their own have committed tens of thousands of acts of child molestations around the world is a major crime against humanity.

  27. Its the pot calling the kettle black!

    I think the world court should shut down this branch of organized crime called the Catholic Church.

  28. The catholic church is a crime against humanity.

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