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Archbishop of Westminster’s Christmas message: Same-sex marriage plan is an Orwellian shambles

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Reader comments

  1. Orthodox Roman Catholicism is a blight on the soul, as are all fundamentalist religions that demand people believe absurd and harmful things on pain of eternal damnation.

    We in the LGBT movement are on the right side of history, and while we enjoy our Christmas Day, let’s remember that the world would have been a much better place without the Christmas myth and the bigotry, ignorance and hatred it has spawned.

    Wishing all PN staff and PN readers a very happy Winter Festival.


    1. Damn right! :)

      Have a seasonal hug, Gazza!


      1. Hugs to you too, Sacha! Have a great day. Love Gazza xxx

    2. The world would also be a better place if this man and others in positoons of authority at the vatican had beeb brought to justice before the international court for crimes against humanity.

      Seasonal greetings, PN staff and commentators, and especially to you, Ben Cohen.

    3. The only thing in shambles is the Catholic church who has been allowing pedophile priest to rape children for thousands of years and get away with it only to hide them from justice.

    4. same here re PN staff. a happy non religious holiday .

      For teh vat I have two comments………..

      Denns diederot hit the nail on the head in 1789 duing the french revolution -Mankind will be free when the last king is strngled with the guts of the last priest. Let me add – shame we ddint have enough kings so all the priests would have met their worthy fate.

      RE the Roman circus – all this horror might have been avoided if they had more LIONS.

  2. Liar. Bare-faced lies while given in his stupid costume, on his facile pulpit in his rancid church in the face of some preposterous fiction that said that you should not bear false witness

    The buy-bull belongs in a bin and these cosy lifers, cloistered and pampered, need to be kicked back to reality rather than babbling crap about fairy tales for a living.

    Every single day, another story to make me despise the church with every fibre of my being.

  3. …and the BBC are pushing it as hard as they can.

    I’m 100% in agreement with Gazza on this one. Happy Winterval! :D

    Sasha xxx

    1. “Winterval”? Prat!

      1. Hahahahha! Hahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha!

        Sasha xxx

        1. Delirious as well, figures!

          1. OK, then. You are right.

            I should accept the true meaning of 25 December.

            So, I wish you a heartfelt Happy Taiwanese Constitution Day!

          2. Whatevah, yawn Zzz…

          3. Samuel B – the jew who saved Christmas!

      2. Came under Maine 25 Dec 2012, 7:56pm

        Religious? T wat.

    2. “Winterval”?!

      So what brainwashing PC diversity cause did you attend, pray?

      1. Well, I was on my way to this gay Gypsy bar-mitzvah for the disabled…

        [Bonus marks to anyone who can identify the episode without googling it! :D ]

        1. Keep taking the happy pills, fool.

          1. Keep drinking, Sam! :D

        2. Sasha!!!

          “Well, I was on my way to this gay Gypsy bar-mitzvah for the disabled…”

          Doctor Who – Let’s Kill Hitler

          Tonight, incidentally, the episode featured a lady Silurian and a human woman who were married to each other. Slippery slope to inter-species relationships or a closer handle on reality than the archbishops have???

          1. why marking down? It was just a bit of fun. I DO think, though, that Doctor Who last night, Christmas Day, had a lesbian marriage cooly accepted as normal was a slap in the face to the Bishop of Wherever and his narrow views, and all those like him.

    3. And a very happy Saturnalia/Yuletide to you too, Sasha.

      1. Thanks, Rehan! xx

      2. And a Happy New Rear for Uranus, Rehan.

      3. And a Happy New Rear for Uranus, Rehan :)

        1. That doesn’t even make sense, you drooling cretin.

          1. Like you make any sense with your doublespeak and PC hogwosh, tw(i/a)t!!

          2. Samuel B – the jew who saved christmas.

        2. Tsk. Falling into that trap of not knowing how to pronounce Uranus, eh Samuel? Very revealing.

        3. Tsk – so you’re yet another one who doesn’t know how to pronounce Uranus, Samuel B? Disappointing, if unsurprising.

        4. Tut. Are you another of those who doesn’t know how to pronounce Oúranós, Samuel B? Disappointing, but unsurprising.

          1. Bah, humbug!

  4. Christians are being persecuted and even slaughtered in some parts of the world, yet for his christmas message this man has as his theme opposition to same sex marriage, even though his organisation will not be required to be involved in any way?
    He seems determined to maintain this church’s record of opposing scientific and social progress through the centuries.

  5. Well done for Pink News writing this on Christmas day. Either a) You’re like me and have nothing to do except work or b) You’re highly dedicated.

    As for the story, I’d be surprised if there hadn’t been something like this said on Christmas Day. It goes to show what sort of people these are and it shows the UK public that being different but wanting equality is against what most senior church members wish for the public.

  6. Let’s distill this message, shall we?
    “My church no longer has enough influence over the people! I’m losing my right to dictate sexual behavior based on my belief. It upsets me that I can’t even use secular law to enforce my views now that my members refuse to follow me.”
    Yes, there is some reading between the lines but that is the reality. Many in orthodox or traditional religions are beginning to question the anti-gay nature of their faith and are rejecting it. They are losing their hold on the people so they are grabbing for secular power to enforce the faith, It isn’t working either.

    1. how ca nthe church talk about sex in genral eg marriage of strss

      the only thing they know about marriage, well its with boys backsides (about 21% ere girls as victims – why – no altar girls till recently

  7. A message of peace and goodwill to all men and women? No. A spiteful rant in the light of de lining influence. Shame on him.

  8. the catholics are full of ‘double speak’ at the moment. still going on about the ‘sex crime’ at the ‘ministry of love’. when are the catholics going to stop persecuting us? they are truly evil.

  9. Yes- but how much of this can Cameron take before he “buckles under the strain”?

    What would be the consequences of that?

    1. The consequences would be that not a single LGBT person would vote Tory in the next election, as Cameron would have shown what a spineless liar he is.

  10. Merry Christmas all. I waiver between gay marriage being for the right wing reactionary queens but when I read about a dickhead like that I think gay marriage for all who want it. Not for me though!

    1. dont want a gay marriage – dont have one. No ones trying to take away your right to marry civilly or rleiigoiusly.

      Please help the victims of not just discrimination but pure hatred. the cath church is becoming islamic in its hatred

    2. the pope wants to influence the way people vote in the next ERECTION by his priests

  11. Vile bile. One thing is puzzling me. Did they make such a fuss when The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and the other countries introduced same sex marriage or is it just that our press is giving them more coverage?

    1. PeterinSydney 25 Dec 2012, 11:17am

      Good question I think. And has the sky fallen in those places , like Canada and Spain, where there is marriage equality?

    2. You forget Spain where same sex marriage for civil marriage started in 2005. I married my partner in 2007 and we have been together 33 years now. The Spanish right wing party tried to get a high court to stop same sex marriage but that has now been rejected. Spain is essentially a roman catholic country but the hierarchy of the RC church is mainly ignored.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 12:49pm

      In Spain and Denmark I know for sure there was a huge backlash from the media. Same hysterics, same lies. Don’t forget, in Denmark equal marriage failed the first time it was legislated for because of religious bigots.

      Shame on the BBC for giving these morons air time. Nichols is a bare-faced liar. The consultation resulted in more in favour than against, so where does he get 7-1 against? Oh I know, he’s confusing the consultation with the C4M petition signed by religious nutters who aren’t the majority in the UK, many of whom used several aliases per signatory and a lot of foreigners who had no business signing it.

  12. PeterinSydney 25 Dec 2012, 11:16am

    The Pope of Viciousness is trying his best to whip up hatred of homosexuals, in the same way the his forebears did against the Jewish people. He and is acolytes are quite disgusting. Vincent Nichols wants a red hat next time they hand them out. So he has to big note himself to please B16.

  13. Last night I had a wondrous dream.

    Twas the night before Christmas . . .

    and, lo, in my dream

    the Catholic Cathedral of Westminster was gone, completely gone

    and in it’s place was a beautiful park with trees and seats and people lolling and children playing

    and of Vincent Nichols and all the screwed-up bigots of that cathedral there was not the tiniest sign!

    Oh, happiest of Yuletide dreams!

    1. I’d rather see it turned into a different version of the holocaust museum

      Courtesy of course of AH, Goebbels, Himmler (SS / #@) Eichmann and Mengele all catholics.

      There should be an ash pile in the front – of animal bones – symbolic of what we should do with the hierarchy of htate of gays, Jews, gypsies, and of course the twiddling of children

      IN the old days the ashpile was of anyone who dared to defy the church.

      1. Well, thats a way of doing it, too, Billy. I kind of prefer my solution (didn’t see yours when I was typing) if it’s all the same. Cities with cathedrals and churches turned into art centres and community places for everyone, gay, straight, or any ethinicity or origin would be a real utopian dream! Perhaps in time, like the origin of Guy Fawkes night or the like, we will forget what churches were originally for.

    2. No need to even demolish the cathedrals. Where I live, former churches have become a radio station, a university arts centre, (very lovely it is, too) auction rooms, a children’s centre, and various less lofty pursuits which preserve architecture to be admired without the trappings of a repressive religion.

      Likewise, the argument about about Christmas, since for most people it is a purely secular celebration with presents, food, drink, family get togethers, why does it matter what it’s called. ‘Christmas’ has become the accepte word for the mid-winter festival but what we actually celebrate is, as the above mentioned Doctor Who described a year or two back – being halfway out of the darkness of winter. So no need to be bitter and argumentative. Have a mince pie and a glass of something warming and look forward to getting out of the dark and into the light of, we hope, the passing of the bill that puts equal marriage in our grasp and thumbs a nose at the bishops.

  14. What an immoral, evil bastard! Fuck him and his fucked up religion!

  15. Make no mistsake – this evil man would reban homosexuality if he could and introduce Ugandan style laws.

    His boss – the Pope – is a former active member of Hitler Youth; and his church is a haven for child rapists.

  16. Hysterical Screamer No. 243 25 Dec 2012, 11:22am

    According to Vincent Nichols, the pope, and a vile nest of other religious bigots

    blacks can marry

    Asians can marry

    the deaf, the dumb, and the blind can marry

    the disabled can marry

    the mentally deficient can marry

    even Jews can marry

    but lesbians and gay men absolutely NOT!

    Perhaps it’s time for us all to start wearing pink stars in public?

    1. IN the USA even some states – prisoners. I think there have been death row marriages

      also there has never been a law that people be able to procreate or have in the past procreated

  17. Dear Bish.

    Happy F In Xmas to you too.

    Drop Dead.

  18. Archbishop Nichols – unkind, un-Christian and irrelevant.

    Merry Christmas to PN and all its readers and contributors :) x

    1. Be careful, James.

      T’would appear that the PC militia who have no concept of “that” word are out in force today and may just strike you down for not using their absurd “Winterval”.

      After all, we don’t want to risk offending any devout Muslims who may have inadvertently strayed onto these boards, do we?

      Merry C H R I ST M A S One & All from a good, kosher Jewish Boy. :)

      1. Winterval is a more accurate description of today’s holiday.

        Christmas is the name that the christian cultists assigned to the pagan winter solstice party which they hijacked and renamed christmas to honour their asshole ‘god’

        F*** christmas.
        Happy Winterval

        1. It’s a bl**dy WORD for Gawd’s sake!

          The last laugh is on sane people who see the hilarity in God-hating PC apparatchiks like you tip-toeing around innocent words that they are indoctrinated at their diversity courses into believing are offensive and insensitive.

          Last time I checked the stats Christianity is still the overwhelming religion in England – oops, silly me – the UK, with just short of 60% (three fifths) declaring themselves thus!

          Just as well Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced last week that he is recommending that local councils waste no more money on these NLP brainwashing, empathy/compassion-draining courses that have sought to destroy our cultural voice and the integrity of our public services.

          1. Dave North 25 Dec 2012, 3:24pm

            Take your Gawd and stuff him where……..

          2. Indeed christmas is just a word SamuelB

            Why then was it YOU who started whining about the ‘PC milltia’ – and those jewish and muslim morons who whine about its use, in your comment above?

            Do you support UKIP or the BNP by any chance as you seem to be some hoary old right-winger in your defence of christmas as a christian holiday (when in FACT it is a pagan holiday hijacked by christians.)

            As I said ‘f*** christmas’

            Happy winterval.

        2. Let me guess…

          Daily Mail?

          1. Oops.
            was aimed at Samuel B. not dAVID.

            sorry for that D:

        3. dAVID, well said. Everyone needs to go back 2000 years and study a little history. At this time of year the Romans celebrated Saturnalia. It was a 12-day festival of feasting and fun to mark the end of the days drawing in, to mark the slow return of longer days and warmer weather. The Xian kill-joys came along and stuck their invented religion on top of it and turned into a “festival” involving moral guilt. And so, enlightened people, do NOT use the name “Christmas”. At the most we expunge the “Christ” and replace it with an “X”, to produce Xmas. I like “Yule” or “Yuletide” because that’s what the 12-day fest of fun and feasting what called by the pagans of this island . . . before the damn Xians turned up here as well.

  19. Real Christian spirit.Hope your God forgives you.

    1. It won’t.

      ‘God’ is an invention to give meaning to the lives of stupid people.

  20. I’m afraid we need to face up to the fact that the BBC is on their side. That much is quite clear from this report :-

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 12:56pm

      I’ve never been in any doubt about that. There are some catholics in the BBC upper echelons. I curse the day that the Catholic Emancipation Act was ever passed. Catholicism should have been banned, permanently, a foreign import interfering in our domestic affairs. Nichols is nothing more than a front man for the dictator, former ex Hitler Youth member Ratzinger, a foreign potentate and head of a sovereign state trying to subvert our government. He should be arrested and charged for sedition along with his bishops and child raping priests. Evil incarnate.

      1. I see we’re being marked down. Some people support the BBC come what may.

        1. The bbc and catholic church , have a lot in common , being pedophile enablers.

      2. Robert – catholicism was the official state religion before the cult of England assumed that mantle.,

        Banning catholicism as a foreign import will only work if all cults which came after it are also banned.

        I’ll be satisfied with a separation of church and state and the immediate expulsion of the anglican bishops from the House of ‘Lords’

  21. The Kitty Channel 25 Dec 2012, 12:11pm

    Hmmm. Anthropogenic environmental upheaval, humungously unfair distribution of wealth, a lost generation of unemployed young people, immorality widespread in banking and finance, human rights under threat everywhere, the onward march of fundamentalism, the world economy balanced on an inverted pyramid of global debt… and the Archbishop has to blame the gays. Pathetic. But not surprising

    1. great perspective.

      have a good one, buddy

      1. Happy Yule, “Jonpol”! When I found this comment of yours it had a “-2” ! I can’t imagine why. All you did was complement Kitty’s superb comment. We must have some meat-heads visiting this thread today. Obviously haven’t had enough Yuletide cheer inside them!

        1. And all the best to you and your loved ones, Eddy.

          I like ‘Yuletide’… I also use ‘Season Greetings’.

  22. The things people do/say in the hopes of personal advancement – this lying idiot’s Christmas sermon is really his application to his dictator boss to be made a Cardinal!!! So much for his idea of ‘goodwill to all people’ !!!

  23. It’s so refreshing to see that the dear Archbishop is so keen to celebrate the season of goodwill to all men and, further, to comment on the importance of a legal relationship that he’s conspicuously shunned himself.

  24. theGentleWarrior 25 Dec 2012, 1:01pm

    ‘Orwellian’, Vince (aka The Bishop)
    you read and then quoted something other than the bible.

    “You son of a b-t-h! Good show!” – Emily Winthrop

  25. why did the BBC even consider this as news? anything for ratings but it’s only the view of a few hysterical virgins in dresses, pack of biggots

    1. I doubt very much if any of them are virgins.

    2. A lot of them where alter boys or choir boys before entering the clergy so I doubt they are virgins!

  26. David Gerard 25 Dec 2012, 1:25pm

    The most important thing about the Archbishop’s message, and choosing the most important mass of the year to say it, is that, apparently, he thinks Christmas is *all about the bumsex*. I for one heartily concur. So get some Christmas spirit into you, one and all!*

    * if you swing that way, of course.

    1. David Gerard 25 Dec 2012, 1:44pm

      Actually, this story inspired me to write: Archbishop: “Christmas is all about the bumsex”

  27. to reduce marriage to the mere act of procreation completely eliminates the true reason of marriage to cement your love with that special person. they cannot come up with any other argument than this so they use it depsite it not being true

    1. Your definition of marriage as cementing your love with that special person is no more true than this asshole bishop’s definition.

      Marriage is a civil contract to which gay people are denied access simply for being gay.

      People get married for many reasons (for children; for love; for residency; for inheritance.).
      No reason is any more valid than another.

      A law abiding, taxpaying citizen should be allowed equal access to this contract.

    2. Also by the same logic anyone not able to have children should also not be allowed to get married: post menopausal women for instance.

  28. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 2:29pm

    Wait until he, the Pope and the right wing nutters in the UK hear about Uruguay passing equal marriage tomorrow of all days, Boxing Day. Expect the rants to become more irrational. The pope won’t be a happy camper knowing that his hate message for Christmas went unheeded. Another catholic country giving him tand his entire hierarchy the two fingers. Next stop Brazil, Colombia, Mexico. I predict that entire continent will be an equal marriage zone within five years. Now that will be an outright defeat for the roman cult and a huge blow to its power and influence.

    Once France passes it on January 27, 2013, that will be the death knell for the roman cult in Europe. One of the five major permanent members of the UN Security Council. It will be immensely significant and a warning to the Vatican that it’s days and relevance are dwindling rapidly.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Dec 2012, 4:47pm

      I think, that at the end Colombia will have ‘only’ same-sex civil unions: because hard discussions on true same-sex marriage in parliament will bring nothing, and on 20 July 2013 the decision of Supreme Court from 2011 will get in effect (gay couples as ‘civil partners’ with all rights and duties of marriage). And the way to same-sex marriage in Mexico and Brazil nationwide is long too – because of strong influence of Catholic Church and evangelicals (in Brazil) in the politics. Only realistic way in Brazil is not political, but judicial one, of local Supreme Courts (in the states – like the recent in San Paolo, and finally of national, as it was in May 2011 with civil unions). Same situation in Mexico: ruling left party ‘Congress of Revolution’ still is homophobic (or ‘homosceptical’), decisions of courts (like the recent one by Supreme Court in the case of same-sex marriage in Oaxaca) are only realistic hope.

  29. Why is it that the religious establishment who quotes the King James Bible forgets that he was bisexual?

  30. This is nothing but a homophobic rant from a leader of a so called religion. Why are the BBC pandering to his ilk and making the story their top news item on their text news service? Archbishop Attacks Gay Marriage! yes of course he does BORING. We have heard it all before from this bunch of pedo’s. Why even give him a headline?

    I will add the text of my complaint to the BBC. I urge you all to also complain

    1. Here is the text of my complaint I have to post this in 2 sections because of the character limit.

      oday on Christmas day the leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales Archbishop Vincent Nichols chose to use his Christmas speech to attack Gay Marriage. What happened to world peace, poverty, hunger and other really important issues of the day?

      Yet again we see no balance in the reporting and the BBC are perpetuating his homophobia by giving the story such prominence. To the majority of the population this is an irrelevant anachronistic organisation that can at best be described as socially divisive and intent on control.

      We have seen these guys ranting from their pulpits all year, interfering with politics and claiming the right to control our lives: A right most of us refute and one they do not have in any law in this country.

    2. By giving these homophobes such prominence you are doing your best to help their cause. There seems to be a homophobic editorial policy at the BBC. I demand that the BBC review their practice and procedure. We have constantly seen you wheel out homophobe after homophobe to spout their views and most often they are not challenged by a reporter or presenter.

      This is a clear indication the BBC are supporting the Catholic cults position in all this.

      Time for a change of Policy and come into the 21st century.

      I urge everyone to make a complaint to the BBC

      1. You don’t think that the BBC is hoping that the greater number of the British public will think poorly of the evil spewed by the tortured psychosexual mess of Westerminster Cathedral?

          1. Robert Piggott, who is the guy who has reported this story on the BBC website, is gay, is he not? I’ve always found him subtly gay friendly. I suspect he has done his best to couch things so that the the Bigot of Westminster comes off badly in the long run.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 3:48pm

      Same here, Mark. If the BBC wants to give equal balance, it should cover the more positive aspects of the issue. Obviously its mission is to support a ban on equal marriage. Why are we paying t.v. licences to a bigoted company which doesn’t represent us in any positive light? There are some very bigoted catholics in the upper echelons of the BBC, so this doesn’t surprise me. They’re doing the bidding of their equally bigoted cult.

      1. That is why I urge all the readers here to complain. If one person complains there is unlikely to be any action. if 100 complain there may be some action. And if 1000 complain they have to act. As it is their unbalanced reporting of this issue is out of line with the impartiality that the BBC must maintain. They are therefore breaking the rules of their own charter.

    4. It was also the first story on the BBC News channel for most of the first part of today. And this isn’t even a Roman Catholic country. Absolute disgraceful

  31. Robert (Kettering) 25 Dec 2012, 3:42pm

    Perhaps this Archbigot needs to remember that there was an English Reformation that threw off the Roman Catholic yoke from this land way back in the 16th century.

    Stop interfering in matters that don’t concern you Archbigot and perhaps sort out all those paedophile priests Rome is so happy to protect!

  32. “George Orwell would be proud of that manoeuvre…”

    I’m sure he would be proud of what the government is doing, but not in the way Mr Bishop thinks.
    If Mr Bishop would put down his bible for a second and read more than just that one book, he would realise that George Orwell did not write 1984 to promote or praise Dictatorship.

    From what I gather of 1984, not only does one of the main characters gets arrested for having a relationship which the powers that be do not approve of. But this character is subjected to a round of therapy in order to “cure” him. Considering when the book was written, it looks suspiciously similar to the treatment of homosexuals.

    George Orwell would in all likelihood approve of what the government is doing, because if the Church had it’s way, bedrooms would be watched by the thought police, and Winston would get arrested for falling in love. Just like 1984.

    1. Excellent comment Mr Stuie. I reckon Orwell was not personally so ,right on, about sexual orientation, but he was a product of his time. But the question, “what were Winston and Julia doing when they were arrested?” remains.

      1. Season’s Greetings, Adrian.

  33. Imagine such a negative and intolerant message during a time of love, joy, and peace. At the same time they call being LGBT “intrinsically morally evil”, they remain silent on Uganda’s “Kill the Gys” bill or the rampant pedophile problem among their clergy. Their closet is full of skeletons and it’s not pretty.

    1. 2009: Father Philip Bene, legal attaché to the UN’s Holy See Mission, “The Holy See continues to oppose all grave violations of human rights against homosexual persons, such as the use of the death penalty, torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. The Holy See also opposes all forms of violence and unjust discrimination against homosexual persons, including discriminatory penal legislation which undermines the inherent dignity of the human person.”

      The above statement was given over the Uganda legislation , but hey, the people on here when they see the word ‘Pope’ , ‘Catholic’, or ‘Church’ are blinded and only see ‘homophobia’ – homosexual propaganda sure knows how to brainwash people.
      ‘They’ , the Church don’t call people with same-sex attraction “intrinsically morally evil” but only the homosexual acts people commit as a choice.

      1. Like most other statements from the Church, their views aren’t worth the paper they are written on. While they use the same UN influence to attempt to block humanitarian policies that contradict Catholic dogma, their good will to mankind is corrupted and suspect.

        The Pope spreads lies that state condom use makes the Aids crisis worse (

        However they justify their fallacious opinion about homosexuality, the Catholic Church demonstrates by the mere act of airing such views that it does not care about the hurt and harm it causes by spreading scientifically baseless nonsense and should expect in response nothing other than derision for it’s continued hypocrisy on all matters of sexual morality.

        1. Congo 70% Catholic HIV infection rate 4%
          Uganda 45% Catholic HIV infection rate 10%
          South Africa 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 38%
          Botswana 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 40%
          source; World Health Organization

          …funny how countries with a high Catholic population have the lowest HIV rate !
          How did the AIDS pandemic start again in San Francisco ….?

    2. A Perspective on Clergy Sexual Abuse by Dr. Thomas Plante of Stanford University and Santa Clara University states that “available research suggests that approximately 2% to 5% of priests have had a sexual experience with a minor” which “is lower than the general adult male population that is best estimated to be closer to 8%”.
      That small minority who have abused have been mostly same-sex and the victims are past puberty , which makes it a problem of homosexuality .It seems to be the homosexual lobby who are always political about lowering the age of consent or doing away with it altogether .
      “Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of NINE to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great JOY.
      While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful” – Peter Tatchell

  34. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Dec 2012, 3:55pm

    The content ‘who became the next Pope’ is open. Never it was so clear as it is now. Which Cardinal found most original way to offend gay people, and profile himself as a ‘passionately Conservative’, will finally win. ‘Intelectual Conservative’ as Ratzinger, is in the current situation not good enough. For Catholic Church fight against gay marriage and became a form of new evangelisation, with traditional gender roles as a her new ‘Credo in Deum unum’: you can be even an atheist – but if you live in the ‘traditional marriage and family’, in certain sense you are Catholic enough. Dirty game. Very important indeed, but dirty. I fear, the worst is just before us.

  35. Well done, Pink News, for posting news today! Much appreciated. Particularly at this time we need to communicate with each other. There’s a nasty enemy out there!

  36. Like our esteemed editor I am a good Jewish boy that rejoices in Christmas as the festival celebrated by at least 59% of the British public who describe themselves as Christian.

    I am not religious myself but spiritual by nature, yet recognise the importance of the core concepts of religion that both believers and most non-believers regard are the glue that binds civilization together in harmony and prevents it degenerating into base behaviours:- above all else fundamental moral values such as knowing right from wrong, respect for self and others, and acts of selflessness above self-absorbed greed.

    Yet these would appear to be the core values that many of the self-declared God-less on these boards – who are so scared of free and open speech and are so quick to shout the rest of us down – abhor.

    They run down and denigrate religion, and more especially Christianity at every given opportunity, every time banging the victim drum of “They hate us well pity poor us hates them” without…

    1. realising – or perhaps indeed realising – where their zeal to trample on those who do practise a religion or express their belief in a creator will lead.

      Without religion underpinning the core moral values of society we lose our compassion and empathy for others.

      The erosion of religion by the liberal PC indoctrination of our pubic services, for example, over the last 20 years by successive governments who have stamped all over the aforementioned moral codes are clear to see:-

      An callous care profession that places tick boxes and performance targets above the care of their wards; nurses that let patients die of hunger and thirst; doctors who play God themselves by deciding which patients live and which die on the Liverpool Pathway, rescue services who won’t rescue people drowning in knee-high levels of water, and on and on…

      Destruction is the reality of a society without an overwhelming belief in some guiding force, and chaos is the God of those seeking to kill religion entirely.

      1. “Without religion underpinning the core moral values of society we lose our compassion and empathy for others.”

        You speak such UTTER crap.

        It is religious cults like catholicism; orthodox judaism; islam and anglicanism who are agitating against our equal civil rights.

        Atheists (or sensible people as they should be called) are not agitating for the suppression of our human and civil rights.

        They are not agitating against your right to believe in whatever sky-fairy you believe in either.

        They are sensibly asking that religion is kept entirely out of our legal system – believe whatever crap you like, but do not try to impose your beliefs on everyone.

        Uganda and Saudi Arabia and Iran and Senegal have very strong beliefs in their guiding forces., Those are the countries which abuse women and murder gay people.

        I want a separation of church and state.

        Religion is a cancer and has been a force for incredible evil since the dawn of time.

      2. No one here is against your right to say what you wish. just don’t expect anyone here to do nothing but laugh at your sad, stupid and unchristian attitudes.

        59% of people in the UK may well describe themselves as Christian. But how many pay that more than lip service. look at the fall in church attendances and the rise of other religions that are much more resonant with modern society like Buddhism for instance.

        There are much more important issues in the world right now than Gay Marriage. So why then did this ‘Christian’ leader use his Christmas speech. To attack something that his degenerate organisation will not have to take part in? Where is the Christian message of love and tolerance in his message?

        No church owns and controls marriage Society does. It always has. Marriage in some form has existed for all of human history, in many society’s Gay Marriage was practised widely. Until the advent of the dangerous cult know as Christianity.

      3. Came under Maine 25 Dec 2012, 8:09pm

        Spiritual? T wat.

      4. Except the “core moral values” of society have nothing to do with religion – they come from our evolved sense of interpersonal solidarity and can be refined and developed only through rational ethical philosophy. Religion merely parasitises these values and pretends to ownership of them – as a confection of folk-stories and fatuous drivel that runs entirely on faith (i.e. wishful thinking and traditional prejudice) it has no mechanism by which to come to valid ethical conclusions. Religion is to morality what a jewel thief is to goldsmithing.

        Which is why the happiest, most productive, most fair, just and egalitarian societies in the world are, without exception, the most secular (Norway, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands). Which is why our moral sense has improved and our societies have become better as our collective trust in the nonsenses of religon has waned. Empathy and compassion are innate – it takes a psychological poison like religion to damp and counteract them.

    2. Indeed 59% of Britons who describe themselves as christian

      Yes only a minority of that 59% actually attend church on a regular basis.

      And do you REALLY believe that people who reject religion as mindless drivel for stupid people, don’t know right from wrong; do not respect other people’s rights or their own; and are self absorbed and greedy?

      Do the 59% of self-proclaimed christians reject the orgy of consumerism that christmas is?

      No-one is shouting you down.

      You can be the jew who saved christmas.

      And we can laugh and sneer at your stupidity.

      I don’t hate individual christians or jews or muslims. I hate their moronic belief systems and the sinister and evil attempts by these belief systems to impose their values on the majoroty of Britons who do not share them.

      F*** christmas. Happy winterval.

      1. No one here is against your right to say what you wish. just don’t expect anyone here to do nothing but laugh at your sad, stupid and unchristian attitudes.

        59% of people in the UK may well describe themselves as Christian. But how many pay that more than lip service. look at the fall in church attendances and the rise of other religions that are much more resonant with modern society like Buddhism for instance.

        There are much more important issues in the world right now than Gay Marriage. So why then did this ‘Christian’ leader use his Christmas speech. To attack something that his degenerate organisation will not have to take part in? Where is the Christian message of love and tolerance in his message?

        No church owns and controls marriage Society does. It always has. Marriage in some form has existed for all of human history, in many society’s Gay Marriage was practised widely. Until the advent of the dangerous cult know as Christianity.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 7:04pm

      Well, once they stop bashing us, we’ll stop bashing them. They denigrate our relationships calling them grotesque (Cardinal O’Brien), that ours have no significance, not good for society, fomenting intolerance and hatred towards us in the process. They are the ones who started it using religion to discriminate against us in the first place, almost all of it barefaced lies and hateful rhetoric. Look at your own religion where it all started with that ridiculous Leviticus reference and handed down to Christianity and Islam as a weapon aimed at gay people. Are we supposed to sit back and take it and do nothing? Stop acting as an apologist and admit they’re not squeaky clean. As for the victim card, now that’s a new one. If anyone plays the victim card, it’s them. Just look at the lies they are spreading that equal marriage would force them to marry us, that straight marriages would be harmed and society as a whole without providing one shred of evidence. Shame on you!

    4. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Dec 2012, 7:13pm

      And good Jewish boys shouldn’t defend lies and misinformation which this moron Nichols is spewing. What next, defend Hitler for his anti-semitism because it was his belief that he was right and should have been respected for holding such beliefs? You have a very dangerous and distorted view of what truth is. Nichols has no concept of the word. He even lies that opponents of equal marriage are 7-1 against when the consultation was 53% in favour while national polls indicate 63% in support. Just one of many lies he’s been telling.

      1. But Samuel B wants to be the jew who saved Christmas from the nasty atheists.

    5. Dave North 25 Dec 2012, 7:16pm

      “They run down and denigrate religion”

      The organized religions are doing a good enough job of that with no assistance from us.

      Using christmas to foment hate and division. Not very christian at all….

  37. David Millar 25 Dec 2012, 4:57pm

    Since Queen Victoria sidelined lesbians as being unbelievable, gay rights are always `qualified` half -measures, diiferent ages of consent, `civil partnerships not marriage`, celibacy for vicars, certain practices outlawed that are ok for str8s…and marriage in some buildings not others. Will it EVER stop?

  38. What a wonderful start to our Christmas Day, hearing this berk send his message through Radio 4. Bah humbug the archbishop croaked.

  39. Har Davids 25 Dec 2012, 5:25pm

    I don’t know in what way George Orwell comes into this, unless we now have Orwell’s Law next to Godwin’s law. I have the feeling the bishop would have felt in Orwell’s dystopia, working for the Ministry of Truth, which may resemble certain parts of the Roman Church in more than one way.

  40. Never mentioned in the queen’s speech. What queen was he talking about? There’s simply thousands here in the UK, bishop!

  41. A church leader, imposing his views on the public at large, talking about other (elected) public figures having “no mandate”. Oh, the irony.

  42. What a vile person…

  43. For goodness sake it’s Christmas, what is it with these so called religious servants! It’s a time for love and peace, not a time to start stirring up hatred. I for one am sick of these fanatics, help the homeless, feed the poor, attacking LGBT people is not a very “Christian” thing to do! :-/

  44. Just sent a strongly worded email to the arch bish to suggest his Christmas speech would’ve been better used to spread Jesus’ message of love rather than attack an oppressed minority. The man is ridiculous & vile as is his church.

  45. By what logic does Archbishop of Westminster conclude that Orwell would have been proud of something that he’s calling Orwellian? The term ‘Orwellian’ was not used by Orwell himself but is used by others to describe the sort of situation that Orwell didn’t approve of! I have no idea what the Archbishop is snorting but it’s seriously messing up his mind and ironically George Orwell is exactly the sort of person that right wing church figures would not approve of as a ‘godless bolshevik’! However, just a few amongst a whole list of reasons why I believe that homophbic and rational can never get married.

  46. “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

    An archbishop criticises the government over plans to distort marriage and the so-called LGBT ‘community’ thinks its about them ! It’s all me, me, me …- the me, me me being less than 0.25 of the population who want to distort the meaning of marriage .’Equal Marriage’ is a classic Orwellian term : same-sex ‘couples’, sisters who want to marry, 3 people who want to marry , the 56yr old who wants to marry the 7yr old – reject this so-called ‘equality’ and you are a ‘bigot’, ‘homophobic’ , ‘dinosaur’ etc .It’s a topsy-turvy world indeed.

    1. Dave North 26 Dec 2012, 8:21am

      Please just f off.

  47. Michael Barber 26 Dec 2012, 3:00am

    and Religion is a Dickensian fucking nightmare.

  48. Jock S. Trap 26 Dec 2012, 7:28am

    Peace and goodwill to all, except……yet again!

    Disgusted with this and I Hope it backfires spectacularly on all those that think this was correct and was not used for the sole purpose of hate and discrimination!

    1. It’s actually ‘peace to all men who do God’s will’ (good-will = God’s will)

      1. that’s a subtle but important distinction, isn’t it! Peace to the chosen, sod the rest!

      2. Jock S. Trap 27 Dec 2012, 12:19pm

        What crap John Jones

  49. One of the most vile disgusting lying odious Catholic leaders in the UK. But it’s a dictatorship, they threaten followers, it’s just like the Nazi party. The followers need to find their voice, rise up, and depose all that is evil in the hierarchy. I have never felt this level of hatred, ever — and I mean my hatred for them, as much as their hatred for me, and for us. It was incredibly pig ignorant to do this at Christmas, and I hope there is an immense backlash for their hate crime.

  50. carlo corbellari 26 Dec 2012, 11:09am

    come italiano sono sconvolto nel leggere che anche nella laica inghilterra l’unione tra due uomini o due donne altera la realtà dei fatti. indubbiamente le chiese sono tutte uguali e repressive, ostacolano i sentimenti legali e civili e mai come ora tentano disperatamente di contrastare ciò che è ormai inevitabile. la loro pressione e la loro violenza sono inalterate come secoli fa e tanto più dove c’è cattolicesimo. le organizzazioni gay internazionali devono coalizzarsi tutte insieme per vincere questo passo importante della storia dell’umanità!!! viva l’amore gay!!!

    1. i get what ‘ viva l’amore gay!!!’ means, but I think the rest will be lost on most of us.

    2. translation (google)

      as an Italian, I am shocked to read that even in secular england union between two men or two women alters reality. undoubtedly the churches are all equal and repressive, hindering feelings legal and civil rights and now more than ever desperately trying to counter what is now inevitable. their pressure and their violence are unchanged as it was centuries ago and even more so where there is Catholicism. international gay organizations must unite together to win this important step in the history of mankind! living gay love!

  51. Any religion which chooses Christmas (i.e. the supposed time of goodwill to all men and all that) as the time to spew their hostilities towards minorities are obviously morally bankrupt.

    If there is a Heaven and Hell and a God that is a God of Love then these vile religious leaders will be spending eternity burning in flames. That reality doesn’t seem to stop them though, so I presume that they don’t believe what they preach and are only in the religion business (and religion is a business) in order to be the evil barstewards that they are, knowing that they’ll be protected by the law (i.e. freedom to practice hate speech without prosection).

  52. Paedophile priests and cover up bishops are a cruel Orwellian nightmare

  53. Patricia McL 26 Dec 2012, 6:28pm

    Men in fancy, frilly satin dresses with matching hat, cape and shoes, should not disparage others. IMHO

    1. Why shouldn’t those of us in fancy, frilly satin dresses with matching hat, cape and shoes, be able to give as good as we get??!! I have a matching handbag aswell complete with breeze block inside just incase I need to take a swipe at any Archbishop within reach.

      (just a joke by the way!)

  54. “George Orwell would be proud of that manoeuvre.” Something tells me this guy has not actually read 1984.
    Also this is a person who thinks that sexual organs are less shallow than love or commitment… Wow the church has got problems. Also the statistics he believes are propaganda, probably found in christian newspapers or from the e-mails sent by the C4M petition. I know this because my dad signed it and he believes it too. They make these statistics up so they can feel their prejudice is based on truth and therefore justified. This situation is genuinely upsetting.

  55. Rudehamster 28 Dec 2012, 3:56pm

    Anybody up for a mild disruption to services at this idiot’s workplace? They’d think the takings were going to be increased when they see the attendance rise , but when a few hundred gay men get up and start to shout abuse, they may have a bit of a headache.

  56. 4gaymarriage 31 Dec 2012, 12:11pm

    freedom to choose please vote today for video news feature on gay marriage here

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