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The Pope praises “Trojan horse” anti marriage equality essay by French rabbi

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Reader comments

  1. Iusedtothinkhe was aself-loathing big Jessie but his theory on homosexuality is so wrong, I’m beginning to wonder if he doesn’t have inner struggles but is just a N@zi. Ironic he is now buttering up the rabbi. Don’t forget, rabbi, it wasn’t so long ago it was you who were vilified and excluded.

    1. No, he’s still the bitter old twisted queen he’s always been — and a NAtionalsoZIalistische.

  2. The problem is they love to scream discrimination when someone does something they don’t like but they are always the first to discriminate them self

  3. You would think the rabbi would have learned from history a little about what can happen to ‘tiny minorities’.

    And the German could well remember what, in the end, happens to political thugs.

    1. The rabbi is religious – therefore he is incapable of learning anything.
      Religious people are both mentally ill and wilfully stupid.

  4. Um,…yeah…I thought it was divorce that threatened the sanctity of marriage…. You don’t want a gay marriage, don’t get one.

  5. meh..was gonna respond….but…meh…he just ins’t worth it !

  6. You know, it’s rare I have anything to say bad about rabbis. They usually the least outspoken among religious fanatics.
    But what this one in particular has said, is a tad bit hypocritical, me thinks. “he says that marriage equality was being brought in just for the sake of political correctness, and for “the exclusive profit of a tiny minority”.
    Jews make up a very tiny minority, in fact there’s 15 million out of 7 billion total population. Gays, probably about 500 million ish. So if we don’t deserve rights for being born gay or lesbian. Then why should Jews?
    Although, unlike the bigot in question. I have jewish friends and most are nothing like him.

    1. Your not born gay you choose to be gay and tell yourself you were born that way. We were born to be attracted to the opposite sex so we could reproduce and populate the earth. God made Adam and Eve, for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh. Not Adam and Steve, so don’t lie to your self and believe you were born this way because you were born to become a man get married to a women not a man and reproduce and worship your creator. But in your sick fantasies you will perish like Sodom and Gomorrah if you don’t repent believe in Jesus Christ and change your sinful ways, not saying I’m perfect I’m far from that but being born gay or lesbian is a lie.

      1. Thomas Dupont 26 Dec 2012, 9:49pm

        Yeah, like we’ve not heard THAT one before! Go back to your BUYBULL and STFU… Fecking crazy people!!!

      2. So how did cain and able find anyone to marry ?

  7. douglas in canada 24 Dec 2012, 7:21pm

    Let’s not forget that the Vatican, as we know it, has only existed since 1929, and that Mussolini was one of the figures involved in its creation.

    **Rabbi Bernheim …. … a campaign to “deny sexual identity and erase sexual differences” and “undermine the heterosexual fundamentals of our society.”**

    In that case, we don’t need gay marriage, the catholic church has been denying the sexual identity of its clergy for yeats. – how can practicing celebacy support the “heterosexual fundamentals of our society?”

    Instead, the church has prevented men with normal hormonal urges from getting married, leading many of them to engage in sexual acts with minors. [Again, how does this support the “heterosexual fundamentals of society”?]

    My understanding of the celibacy thing is that it had nothing to do with “spiritual cleanliness;” it was simply a way to prevent inheritances from passing to the wives of priests as the priests die. So, in the end, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

  8. “.. profoundly moving …”, I do wish he would go on about his bowel movements, but it probably reflects the consistency of the essay

  9. “.. profoundly moving …”, I do wish he would not go on about his bowel movements, but it probably reflects the consistency of the essay

    the previous message lacked a critical word :((‘

    1. why waste ime trying to fix the mind of a former hitler youth who is 85 years old. It isnt going to happen. Put in incommunicado in a padded cell and only give him a KORAN to read –

      He’ll probably reject it as toooo liberal.

  10. He is a very sick man that needs a lot of psychiatric counseling. It is horrible that he is spreading his ignorance and hate publicly. To the Pope, please get help, you are very ill and it is hurting a lot of people because of it!

  11. He should get the life-time bigot award!

  12. You could feel sorry for these people if they didn’t have so much influence. Let’s hope that they get what’s coming to them and that their hate never wins

  13. The Catholic Church is a Trojan Horse in that they send out priest who are suppose to be religious leaders in the Catholic Church but they we really pedophiles who rape and abused children while pretending to be religious leaders, they still do it today, a Catholic priest was arrested for raping children in Long Beach California. recently

  14. When a Catholic priest and a Jewish rabbi can only use an analogy taken from essentially pagan mythology to illustrate their arguments, they’ve obviously run out of their own religions and have to borrow other people’s to make a point.

    Together, Ratzinger and Bernheim, don’t just represent a spiritual dead end, they also admit that their own religious arguments have run out and they now need to borrow other people’s to justify their witless, bankrupt bigotry.


  15. Probably an orthodox- they are right wing bible thumpers like the xtians of similar mindset

    Its a wonder they arent stoning their daughters to death. Lots of these orthos do absolutely dumb cow poo things like hire some xtian to turn off and on lights on the sabbath.

  16. With luck this Pope and his minions won’t last forever. Sooner or later a new generation will grow out of this desertic and out of time old guys in white and red dresses

  17. Har Davids 25 Dec 2012, 7:11am

    Maybe the rabbi and the pope are smart people, but why are they so dumb they feel the need to talk drivel over other peoples’ relationships. The pope’s comment on gay people manipulating their sexual orientation to alter god-given nature: what does it mean? If there is a god, we are all designed by him, flaws included. So don’t blame people, some of whom are gay, blame their creator.

    1. If they beiieve in the ‘god’ thing then they are not intelligent.

      THey are mentaly ill.

  18. What a pair of evil bastards the pope and the chief rabbi are.

    They are sick, dangerous monsters.

  19. The only thing undermining straight marriage is straight divorce.

    When the pope starts to quote a rabbi you know you have them on the run.

  20. Is it me or does that picture make old Benny the Ball look like an Ooomp-Loopah…. or is just jaundiced from being so full of bile!

  21. “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

  22. I wish that Benedict would shut his bleedin’ mouth until he understands the issue. He’s neither gay nor a breeder, how the f*ck can he understand the problem?

  23. Roman Catholics, Jews, Greece Gods, the only thing that doesn’t support him apparently is the kitchen sink. Ive got one he can have for free, as long as OI can insert it into him, the old faggot would probably enjoy it for a second or two,until I got the bath !!.

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