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Louis Smith: I am happy to be a ‘gay icon’ — but remember, I am straight

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Reader comments

  1. *cough cough* what was that?

    Not sure about the comment “I know I’m not fat and won’t look offensive,”

    1. Most people do not find fat people attractive ! That a simple fact the same as most people find old people unattractive ! In stating these opinions he is just being normal !

      1. and he’s also being a nobhead. and worse than being fat are nobheads like him. his comments make him about as attractive as a rodent.

        1. I like nobheads !

    2. Why should anyone think anyone looks “offensive”? What a sad person he is. And it is not “normal” to think other people are offensive just by existing.

      A lot of straight people find gay people offensive, do we think that is “normal”?

      He will be old one day and he is quite offensive already.

  2. Nice of him ti equate fat with offensive. Idiot.

  3. Being thick is obviously less uncomfortable then being fat. Since when is fat offensive? And by who’s standards? I’m on a skinny side but would never compare his looks with a color of his skin.

    1. Fat is certainly offensive when it forces you to squeeze in your seat on public transport, and to be honest when you see it unclothed.

  4. Leigh Hamilton 24 Dec 2012, 11:24am

    It seems like a perfectly reasonable position to take. I’m glad he’s comfortable enough with his sexuality to not mind that some gay guys find him attractive.

    1. I don’t think he is comfortable though! If he was he wouldn’t mention not being fat and talking about ‘ incomfortable situations’ as if we are going to come on to him. Take a reality check Louis

      1. Got it in one! If you are comfortable… then you don’t need to say a thing!

  5. “As long as gay people can see the line, and that I fancy women, that’s fine. I don’t want to be put in a difficult, uncomfortable situation.”

    Why can’t he just say “I don’t fancy you” – the same thing as any straight man would say to a woman he didn’t fancy?

    1. He’s clearly not as articulate as Matt Damon, bless him, but his heart’s in the right place.

      1. Mister Fister 25 Dec 2012, 11:13am

        His heart is most definitely not in the right place.

        Take a good look at yourself first before criticizing others Louis – you ugly ponce. You are a moron with comedy facial hair, a ridiculous haircut and the IQ of a gnat.

        1. Have we ever heard a gay celebrity warning women he is gay so don’t make me uncomfortable?

  6. Peter & Michael 24 Dec 2012, 11:39am

    So What ! The time will come when a sexuality of a person will not matter. Happy Xmas !

  7. WHY does he feel the need to say that?

    Thats the question.

    Its unecessary-stupid- and is in danger of showing him as a bigoted human being– bigoted against gay people and bigoted against fat people.

    Grow up!!!

    1. Why is everyone on here on a crusade to label the entire world Bigots for having the slightest difference of opinion with you?

      John I feel maybe you are the one who needs to grow up! I think its equally acceptable for him to proclaim his heterosexuality as it would be for you to proclaim your sexuality whatever it may be!

      Gay people can be equally bigoted against straight people as the other way round! I despair reading many of the comments on Pink News like the one above! We cant ask to be included when we are happy to exclude others ourselves!

      1. Well said!

      2. “Why is everyone on here on a crusade to label the entire world Bigots for having the slightest difference of opinion with you?”

        “everyone on here” – didn’t you just disprove your argument? Very confusing

  8. “As long as gay people can see the line, and that I fancy women, that’s fine. I don’t want to be put in a difficult, uncomfortable situation.”

    Fine that he wants to point out he’s straight to avoid any confusion, but that comment is unnnecessary. No matter what your sexuality, anyone who is acting in a way that makes the object of their attentions feel uncomfortable is wrong – no matter whether they’re male or female. Unwanted attention is unwanted attention whoever it comes from. One’s sexuality isn’t relevant.

    Still, I feel kind of sorry for him because there’s been unnnecessary interest in his sexuality and allegedly an attempt by some of the press to ‘prove’ something by setting him up with two girls and seeing what happened or didn’t happen.

    It’s sad that because of that and the pressures from society he feels the need to re-assert his straightness. It’s his business and he should be left alone.

    1. Why shouldn’t he feel mildly uncomfortable about gays fancying him ! He’s hetrosexual ! Live and let live !

      1. Yes, but I’m sure he may feel equally uncomfortable about certain women fancying him – women that he finds utterly unattractive. NOBODY should be forcing their attentions on him if he’s not interested – and that goes for women aswell as men.

        1. Fat women presumably? They are almost as bad as gay people aren’t they? Reeeeeeally offensive.

  9. I don’t think he’s a bigot. Just a big-headed twat who thinks the whole fucking world fancies him!! Get over yourself, dickface!!!

  10. Hysterical Screamer No. 243 24 Dec 2012, 12:19pm

    Ha! Seems to assume that THIS particular queer (ME) would be trying to get into his pants.

    Louis, I wouldn’t touch a brainless bimbo like you with a bargepole! So you can stop worrying your empty little head, luv.

    1. I agree with you! Merry Christmas and let’s hope the brainless bimbo doesn’t have any unfortunate accidents with that glitter ball Ha ha!

  11. 23
    Time to grow up
    ps Ben Cohen would never say anything like that.

  12. Carl Rowlands 24 Dec 2012, 12:38pm

    it would only be uncomfortable if there was an element of doubt or perhaps choice. I remember being uncomfortable with gay people before I came out! Inherently I was very confused because as opposed to ‘trying to diet’ I was in fact ‘dying to try it’!!!

  13. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  14. “I fancy women”

    Hmm. I think the jury could still out on that.

    1. Mister Fister 25 Dec 2012, 11:17am

      No, no no! I, along with many of my friends, do not want him to be in our gang.

  15. Awh Bless!! A little clumsily put maybe but he seems a nice lad.

  16. I wouldn’t worry, love, you’re quite safe in our company:- give us hairy, grunting REAL men who don’t preen, prance and pluck every time!

    1. Boxer David Haye knocks spots off this insolent upstart in the fanciable stakes:- a man’s man with the looks and body of a God and, what’s more grace, charm, humility and manners to boot.

      Oh to find a real man like THAT in my Hannukah stocking tomorrow morning (sigh)…

      1. Yeah, David really showed himself to be the epitome of class when he decided to bowl into that press conference gobbing off and started a brawl. My immediate thoughts on seeing him there were that he was a charmer with exquisite manners.

        His comment, taken in the context of how this piece in PN has been presented, does seem a bit out of kilter with someone who is comfortable. I would want to see the whole article before making a judgment about whether he was over the top.

        I recently read the ‘account’ of two women who claim to have met him in a club and went back to his hotel room. Somehow their story and photos wound up in the papers almost immediately. Can’t think how. They blabbed that all he wanted to do was watch TV, when they were convinced they’d get a bunk up. Seems like he’s got some manners and is wise to Press set-ups. No wonder he chooses to lay things out so clearly for them.

        And, if he does turn out to be gay, all to the good. Rather him than David Starkey…

        1. And lest we forget, ahem, THAT shower scene which I have freeze -framed my way through more times than I care to count.

          Almost obscene to witness so much perfection embodied in one man.

          Naturally I have no doubt that on top of all his manly physical attributes Mr. Haye is great with children, loves his mum, and helps little old ladies across the road too.

          But oh, those buns of steel!!


    2. No, I’d rather have Louis than some hairy Mary.

  17. Who is he trying to convince? Himself?

  18. Good to see I’m not the only one that thinks what a prat after that comment! You might be pleasant on the eye Louis but you ain’t gonna kill anyone with ya brain power eh?

  19. Marcwebbo3 24 Dec 2012, 3:10pm

    Ego out of control methinks….having seen him interviewed a few times he is either ‘in denial’ or unwilling to ‘come out’ to appeal to general public….he most definitely is not a straight man

  20. Leave him alone! There’s nothing wrong with what he said. If a gay celeb said something similar about his straight fans you wouldn’t have a problem with it. Anyway, Louis has made similar comments about his female fans. Louis doesn’t like anyone being too forward. You’re only making an issue out this because he’s just won Strictly and you want some attention.

    I’m sick of white gay people being so quick to call black/mixed race people homophobic.

    And to most sportspeople being fat is offensive. To them, it’s something they must avoid at all costs. There’s no need for fat people to take it personally.

    Worry about something more important.

    1. I’m sick of white gay people being so quick to call black/mixed race people homophobic.

      Maybe people just say it as they find it. You’re the only one whose brought up his race in this instance.

    2. Marcwebbo3 24 Dec 2012, 4:56pm

      I never ever once thought of his colour….and to be honest it didnt register with me that he was coloured

      1. You’ve proved my point.

    3. “I’m sick of white gay people being so quick to call black/mixed race people homophobic.”

      And I’m sick of commenters assuming everyone here is white…

      1. I think it’s safe to assume most people here are white. I often see racist comments on here.

        1. sort of like your comments?

          honestly, calling every who’s white a racist is, in effect, racist.

        2. If you see a genuinely racist comment then report it, Gianni. I’ve reported racist comments before. But I can’t see any racism in the comments here. More people seemed annoyed about his “fat” comment.

  21. Sorry to dent your ego Louis but you do nowt for me.

  22. Leave him alone! There’s nothing wrong with what he said. If a gay celeb said something similar about his straight fans you wouldn’t have a problem with it. Anyway, Louis has made similar comments about his female fans. Louis doesn’t like anyone being too forward.

    I’m sick of white gay people being so quick to call black/mixed race people homophobic.

    And for most sportspeople, being fat is offensive, and something they must avoid becoming at all costs. There’s no need for fat people to take it personally.

    1. what a fuss over nothing – he isnt very bright, his PR people seem to have misfired, so what? Where is the news in this?

  23. Not that I’m one to judge by appearances (usually) but I can’t imagine he’d have too many men to fight off – that stupid little landing-strip on his chin alone renders him about as sexy as a fat-free Danish pastry with whipped non-dairy cream.

    1. Justusboyz 25 Dec 2012, 1:09am


  24. i’m straight too…i just love a guy with a hairy chest…lol

  25. I couldn’t care less either way. But I see a lot of silly downmarking again. Surely we can be mature enough to agree to disagree about small matters like whether we like or don’t like this guy and his comments. Save the thumbs down for real trolls and twits.

  26. If I give him some bricks, will he build a bridge and get over himself?

  27. Why is he trying so hard to convince us he’s straight?

    1. Because of the rumours/gossip in the press. I feel sorry for him. They should leave him alone. I find it offensive that some of the media still think someone’s sexuality is a cause for gossip and innuendo. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

      Louis Smith’s sexuality has nothing to do with his dancing or his gymnastics, and all the fuss about it probably made him over-react by asserting his straightness more than necessary.

      1. Iris has hit the nail on the head I think. I have seen him around openly gay people and he has no problem at all. Like most people I think he has a problem with people getting too touchy feely because they think that ‘celebs’ are fair game. If i was him and women were all over me like a rash i’d be telling them to back off in my interviews!

        He’s not daft, He knows the press want a story and that getting some ‘dirt’ on someone who is currently so in the public eye and has a clean cut image will be their goal. As he gets more used to the media he will learn to express himself so that ‘soundbites’ can’t be used out of context.

      2. If he didn’t want his sexuality to be discussed, he wouldn’t pose on the cover of gay mag, would he? So far, he sounds very much like those people “in denial” i know. And knowing how many closeted athletes there are (even ONS wouldn’t approve the statistics of out gay men on the Olympics), the fact that he plays very homoerotic sport and that he fits into every gay stereotype possible… Well, you know what i mean.

        Secure straight men would respond differently.

  28. As it should be! Well said, Mr. Smith. Some people just gotta find the negative. And by the way, I’m fat!

  29. I find it utterly pathetic that so many of you, in your rush to attack a young man for not phrasing everything exactly as you would deem acceptable, are being stupid enough to believe that a report in The Telegraph on any gay matter is likely to contain an accurate account of what someone actually said. Idiots.

    1. and you sound very intelligent.

    2. Agreed. same goes for the Daily Heil too.

  30. Wow, guys. Really? Nice to see that the LGBT community is just as judgmental and bitchy as the rest of society…

    So the guy could have phrased himself better, been a bit more PC for us sensitive flowers, is there really a need for all this venom?

    1. Hmm funny gay men like you have also called gay men pussies wimps sensitive as you just posted…and most gay men who say this also say this when someone speaks out about some gay teen committing suicide after being bullied harassed and condemned and called faggot and such.

      But I guess they were just….sensitive flowers as well in your eyes. Rolls eyes.

  31. Better when he does not speak.

  32. Great … Theres enough stigma with sexuality and appearance as it is.

    With thin only being desirable.

    And fyi your not a gay icon. You just have an ego

  33. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 24 Dec 2012, 11:40pm

    Sorry mate, you are defo not a gay icon. You are everything I do not like in a gay man. I am gay, yes but I am still a man. You look like a fashion doll and not like a man!

    1. In a way, you’re kind of suggesting that being gay lessens your masculinity?

      He’s still ALL man, regardless of how he chooses to dress or wear his hair!

  34. The guy doesn’t say anything anti-gay, he’s just trying to define himself. Give him a break, guys!

  35. Has anyone told him that they officially find him attractive on behalf of the entire gay community? He looks ridiculous, and I’d be embarrassed to be seen anywhere with him. Just a personal opinion.

    1. He’s enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, this time next year, mention his name and everyone gay or straight will say . . . who?

  36. John Jones 25 Dec 2012, 2:56am

    Many gymnasts end up fat.

  37. What a narcissistic moron and this guy is not gay friendly.

    His type of homophobia is the typical insecure straight male dont get near me if you are gay dont think of me in that way if you are gay bs. Get over yourself dude.

    1. He’s enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. . . twelve monthes from now mention his name and straight or gay, people will say . . .who?

  38. Mary Flying Eagle 25 Dec 2012, 3:00am

    Hey Louie,enjoy your big phony ego, but be aware, some gay guys have already wised up and Ditched you.

    1. He’s enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, in twelve months mention his name and everyone gay or straight will say . . . who?

  39. Leave him alone… I could not see anything remotely homophobic in his comments.. Give the guy a break. His free dance routine in the Strictly final was incredible.. and he comes across as a nice guy also.. Good luck to him and congratulations!

    1. The homophobia is the reiteration that he isn’t gay. So what? Someone said to me I had a nice pair of shoes. I didn’t take the compliment but remind her that I was gay. Why is it only acceptable to do that with gay people? As if finding someone attractive means they’ve somehow invented a contract to sleep with you unless you disabuse them of the idea. Really try it out. Notice how many times a straight friend praises another straight friend and the response is “Thanks, but I won’t have sex with you” – the answer will be that it never happens. And for good reason.

  40. I don’t get the need to reiterate that you’re not gay. If someone with red hair said ‘Hey, you’re cute’ – I’d respond appreciatively. I wouldn’t say “Well thanks, but just so you know I don’t fancy gingers’. I never got why people who are praised by someone(or a group) cannot just appreciate the compliment and move on rather than having to press the point they’re not interested. Seems to be over-compensating.

  41. What an offensive tw@t. Stop using our community to further your celebrity you fame hungry whore. This is the guy who will do anything for fame! Even a failed xfactor contestant. You are not a gay icon, and icon is someone people love and respect not some one they fancy because they will flash their naked body around at every opportunity. You are famous like a porn star is famous. I hope and pray that you are straight because the only way you could get any lower would to be a closet case who then came out when the fame starts to wain.

  42. Ryan Sinclair 25 Dec 2012, 7:54pm

    Sorry, but the man is gay. He isn’t doing a very good job of covering it IMHO

  43. Spanner1960 27 Dec 2012, 5:15pm

    We know you are straight.

    I wouldn’t touch you with a 90ft red-and-green striped bargepole.

  44. SORRY! but this guy is so full of himself and this thing appears to be suffering from internalized homophobia, I don`t believe for one second that this guiy is 100% straight at all Bisexual is very very possible indeed me thinks.

  45. greebie1982 28 Dec 2012, 1:16pm

    Kristen Thomas, Daniel Keatings and Dan Purvis are hotter gymnasts

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