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250 Rabbis, pastors and bishops call on Illinois to make same-sex marriage legal

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Reader comments

  1. expect the rantings from the Vat of hatred to get worse and worse and worse.

    And fewer people will listen. I’m sure some know that eg in France, only 5% of the people go to church.

  2. It seems that people can forget their religious differences just to attack same-sex couples, even if it is for a split second. How heartwarming on Christmas day.

  3. This is a hopeful message. First thing I read today. Quite heart-warming.

    1. Then don’t read the BBC’s hyper-biased lead news story. It’ll put you right off your mince pie.

      1. Beware of the Greeks when they come baring gifts . . . . I would stay well clear of any of these institutions ; believe in the one creator Allah ( – there is none like him-) ; use (if you must) the houses of prayer for pray alone ; and don’t take any notice of these would be popes and their inventions however appealing and heart warming they might seem now that they have lost the battle ! As the Karim Koran says in paraphase “””they are pliant that you would be pliant”””

      2. I just saw a story on the BBC website about the Catholic archbishop of England & Wales spouting lots of nonsense. Nothing we didn’t know.

  4. I do love starting my Christmas morning by using the BBC’s ‘make a compliant’ system.

    Yup, once again, the Beeb’s Catholic-rimming online editor has placed and anti-gay (and remarkably distorted) speech by the paedophile’s best friend as their number 1 news item. No balance, no fact-checking, just “here’s some more lies about why gay people should be treated badly.”

  5. I see the BBC has given it’s leaf story to that hectoring nonce-in-a-frock. Again.


  6. These are real religious leaders who know the real word of God, God created us all equal gay and straight to love one another. God Bless them all.

    1. Don’t talk such nonsense.

      There is no real word of ‘god’ seeing as their is no ‘god’

      THese bigots simply interpret that useless work of fiction in whatever way they want to.t

      The bigot’s interpretation of the buybull is just as valid as a non-bigot’s intertpretation,

      Both interpretations are equal., And the buybull remains a work of fiction.

  7. I would far prefer if these bishops and rabbis admitted that civil marriage equality is none of their business.

  8. 250 Rabbis, pastors and ‘bishops’….

    out of how many Rabbi’s, pastors and bishops ….100,000 or even more ! Did the Rabbis, pastors and ‘bishops’ have their meeting in the phone box or just meet in chatrooms ?

    1. Are you suggesting that the quoted number is false? Then have the balls to say so and cite your evidence. Or are you playing the familiar dishonest fundamentalist game of saying both that your ‘truth’ is independent of the number of people who believe it and that your opponents’ views are false if they are unpopular? It’s called having it both ways, and god-botherers love it. But you are probably so stupid or medicated or both you don’t even know you are doing it.

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