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US court suspends California’s ban on therapies to turn gay teenagers straight

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Reader comments

  1. Well I guess until this is ‘suspension’ is overturned, more confused and struggling young people will be heavily mentally damaged by ‘therapies’ that have been totally discredited by every single psychological association worth it’s salt.


  2. How fast do you think they would shut down a clinic that offered to help straight children turn gay?

    1. John Jones 23 Dec 2012, 8:54am

      In a free-market economy, if people want to pay for a service like that, then let them… But, I have a feeling that no straight teenager (or hardly any at all) would want to be gay. So, such clinics would be fiscally nonviable anyway.

  3. The main study that people talk about concerning the harmfulness of these therapies is from Shidlo and Schroeder (2002). It concluded that there is good evidence to suggest that, in a great many cases, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) can lead to various psychological problems, including the obvious things like depression and suicidal feelings.

    Perhaps more interestingly, it also pointed out that in many cases the depression is caused by the fact that the therapy does not work in the first place. The clients blame themselves for this, and it strengthens their belief that there is something horribly wrong with them.

    If adults want to subject themselves to psychological torture then so be it I suppose, but minors must be protected from it. Someone’s freedom to swing their arms around ends when they hit a person in the face. Equally, religious freedom to spread such lies ends when they psychologically destroy their patients.

  4. Do these people not understand the First Amendment?
    They go on endlessly about how their ‘freedom of religion’ is protected by the First Amendment, as though the same First Amendment does not expressly prohibit an establishment of religion.

    In fact, the prohibition against establishment of religion not only comes BEFORE the free exercise of religion, but it is the very FIRST thing said in the First Amendment.

    California, and indeed, all the American states should prohibit the ‘therapists’ from establishing religion inside their offices before they even give a thought to allowing those ‘therapists’ to freely indoctrinate under-18s to religiously motivated self-hatred, and suicide.

    1. John Jones 23 Dec 2012, 8:59am

      What’s this got to do with ‘religion’ (whatever that means)? I know a few non-religious gay men, who were never brought up with religion, and who know very little about any religion, who would rather be straight than gay. I guess this is mainly because they don’t like the gay scene or whatever, or that they want a traditional family.

      1. ‘Mathew Staver an attorney with Liberty Counsel’
        I’ve seen enough of him over at Right Wing Watch to know that when he talks, religion is involved.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Dec 2012, 3:25pm

        Why do you keep coming here as an apologist for heterosexuals? What is this nonsense about traditional family have to do with anything? There are millions of widows and widowers left with children and some never remarry. There are also plenty of single foster parent households, both straight and gay. I supposed by your ‘reasoning’, they too wouldn’t fit your notion of a traditional family.

      3. Id rather i was born a girl who is attracted to guys, then be a straight man!

        (im male by the way.)

  5. Ex gay therapy kills.

  6. I’m really quite curious whether in fact any therapist in the US would dare to offer ‘reparative’ therapy, because of the obvious risk of being sued if it failed or went wrong. I would be surprised if anyone could get professional indemnity insurance to cover such an eventuality, given the way such treatments have been discredited by so many professional organisations. I suspect that this commercial pressure is more likely to end this practice, rather than any government legislation. When the first therapist gets sued for malpractice, this will be the last we hear of reparative therapy..

    1. The consent agreements the patient is forced to sign are so comprehensive that suing for malpractice is practically impossible.

  7. Why are these religious wackos still allowed to carry out their (unnatural, anti-nature) conversion therapies. These groups are really angering me with there evil therapies.

    Changing Sexuality cant happen, its unnatural and cruel.

    Why cant these religious groups not just show love for the Gay community ? are we a threat to them, NO do we hurt them, NO ITS THEM that try to bully us.

  8. jonnielondon 22 Dec 2012, 7:04pm

    This is a public health issue, not a religious one, albeit religious nutters are behind this sort of abuse.

    1. I would not be at all surprised if the Moron Church in Salt Lake City, Utah is behind the suspension of this law, just as they donated millions of $$$s (thru the back door) to fight Prop 8.

  9. This is a disgrace. Ignorant pigs.they actually don’t give a sh!t if Gay children are harmed. It’s all about their sick master race ideology.

  10. Very depressing in the land of the free – where the word “free” is simply a synonym for the word “oppressed”. Hands up if you want a slice of that American Dream! Harvey….if only you were still around.

  11. I think someone should make a fake “convert straights to gay” clinic for the sake of the reverse argument and see how fast they push to shut it down.

    1. That’s what the right-wing extremists already think school gay-straight alliances are.

  12. Why can’t a stay be placed on this suspension of the ban on conversion therapy until the full hearing is completed?

  13. Absurd!
    “Religious freedoms”? Where’s freedom for the youth in question forced to undergo “gay conversion therapy” by their parents?
    Under 18s should be protected by the law as they’re in a vulnerable position especially when they have religious homophobes for parents.
    A step backwards for equality in society.

  14. Great news of course but wow, since the Spanish Inquisition (…and believe me the Spanish Inquisition also presided in California) it’s only taken them several hundred years. Ain’t religious fundamentalism a millstone?

    1. The suspension of the ban on conversion therapy which was due to come into force on January 1 2013 is not exactly great news Katie.
      Now it has to go through a full hearing in February before a decision is made to ban conversion therapy.

  15. Paul from Tacoma, WA 23 Dec 2012, 7:00am

    Remember state, federal or county Courts or any other court for that matter (for example The federal US Supreme Court – such as delays on Prop 8, domestic partnerships in AZ and DOMA) can work in our favour (for example gay marriage in Connecticut, Iowa and Massachusetts), and just as well as work against LGBT people, couples and their rights (for example this case on conversion therapy for children)!

    Conversion therapy for gay men and lesbians is horrible, disgusting, cruel and barbaric – just like both the death penalty and euthanasia!

    However since I am not a woman, I have not a single right to say anything on abortion – as to say I still fully support a woman’s right to an abortion under any circumstance!

  16. GulliverUK 23 Dec 2012, 9:02am

    If the ban is held to be legitimate it will only strengthen the case for other states. Even if it fails in the 9th court, that leads on to the Supreme court, and it has the ability to apply across the US.

    I want a ban implemented here in the UK, not just for young people, but across the board, such that no NHS funding can be used for these practices, although in theory all the major professional bodies already outlaw it and consider it a disciplinary offence. We need to kick this cancer in to touch and make it illegal. Even many prominent leaders of Exodus have said it doesn’t work. It’s also unscientific – they all use different techniques – just heard of one where stroking a horse can get rid of the gay ! ha!

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Dec 2012, 3:31pm

    What nobody is asking is, how come nobody can turn a straight person gay or pray away the straight? Let them prove they can then perhaps turning someone straight might have some credence.

    None of the ex-gay ministries have been able to provide the established psychiatric and scientific literature with any controlled studies to support their claims. Most psychiatrists and psychologists reject this fraudulent nonsense. They are religion based and only interested in scamming vulnerable people into parting with their money with NO guarantee of success. Some sexual abuse against their clients by ministry employees has also been reported as part of the therapeutic process apparently, mostly male on male.

  18. Har Davids 24 Dec 2012, 8:32am

    Isn’t the problem these ‘patients’ have that they are both gay and religious in the most narrow-minded sense? Something to look into; maybe these kids should be turned a-religious. Life can be so much better if you tackle the real problems.

  19. Wow. Not even willing to ban psychological torture of children.

    If people truly believe in this therapy and want to attempt it – even though I personally believe it is ineffective and harmful – then they can wait to consent to it until they are adults and can make an informed choice without outside pressure.

    This challenge to the law is not about freedom at all. It is a bid for parents to be allowed to control and attempt to ‘fix’ their children.

    Shame on the ‘therapists’ and shame on the parents.

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