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UK: New head of the High Courts Family Division is a strong supporter of gay equality

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Reader comments

  1. This can only be a good thing!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Dec 2012, 1:40pm

    Fantastic. Now let’s hear it from Lord Munby to apply it to the bigotry in the Tory party regarding equal marriage. This is good news indeed rather than reading all the negative nonsense coming from those bigoted Tory back benchers lately.

  3. It’s great to hear someone in such a high position say “The equality provisions concerning sexual orientation should take precedence” over religious beliefs”
    About time!
    Thank you, M’Lud.

  4. Good news but he looks in the photo as if he’s trying really hard to give himself as large a double chin as possible. What I do when I’m paranoid about my weight and want to convince myself I’m REALLY fat and need to starve myself before Christmas.

    1. Also, both judges look so grim.

      By the way, it’s long past due for the UK to throw out those rugs they put on judges’ heads. They look utterly ugly and ridiculous.

      (Those long whitish wigs look even more comical on African judges; they utterly negate any pretention of Black pride and post-colonial independence).

    2. de Villiers 22 Dec 2012, 9:01am

      They do not wear them any more in the courtroom. I had occasion to be in the new building of the High Court a few weeks ago for a commercial dispute and was surprised to see that the avocats wore wigs but not the judges. The avocat for the person for whom I was present told me that judges no longer wear them except for ceremonial occasions.

  5. You missed a bigger story, PN. At the same time as this appointment was announced, a second head of division appointment was announced, of Chancellor of the High Court, Lord Justice Etherton. He is an openly gay man.

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