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Questions over anti-gay past of Chuck Hagel, tipped to become next US defence secretary

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s hope that Obama sees sense and does not appoint him.

    1. Dunno, D.McCabe. Perhaps it would send a far stronger message for him to publicly repudiate the opnions he’s had in the past and state that the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has had no harmful effect on the US military.

      Every time a prominent Republican says that he was wrong in his views about homosexuality, it reinforces the idea that equality is for everyone and not just a party political, partisan issue.

  2. Came under Maine 21 Dec 2012, 12:30pm

    President Obama will never appoint a toss-pot like up-Chuck Hagel it’s a non-story.

  3. And the next defense secretary is… John Kerry!

  4. There are many reasons to oppose Chuck Hagel besides Israel, anti-semitism and Iran.

    To me he is the stereotypical Archie Bunker type bigot. His policies have been anti gay (even now after his late and self serving apology he doesn’t support equal benefits for gay military families. He is anti-African American (with a 17/100 rating from NAACP and admires Strom Thurmond as a great role model. anti Woman (vs choice and contraception)


    Hagel has drawn additional heat from insiders who claim he lacks the credentials needed to manage a department as large and essential as the Pentagon.

    “Yes, Hagel has crazy positions on several key issues. Yes, Hagel has said things that are borderline anti-Semitism. Yes, Hagel wants to gut the Pentagon’s budget. But above all, he’s not a nice person and he’s bad to his staff,” said a senior Republican Senate aide who has close ties to former Hagel staffers.

    “Hagel was known for turning over staff every few weeks

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