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Pope: People are manipulating their sexual orientation to alter God-given nature

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  1. To be true to ourselves, even in the UK, even in the second decade of the 21st century, we all accept that there is a degree of risk that we will lose family, friends, colleagues. And we even risk our safety and comfort. Just to be authentic and true to ourselves.

    And across the world our LGBT brothers and sisters die for it – for the need to be who they are. And his incessant hatemongering is part of the problem.

    He may not wear the blood of LGBT people on his skin, but he damned right has it on his conscience.

    1. He wears the blood and tears of hundreds of thousands of children who were raped by clergy. Clergy that he ordered the church, worldwide, to protect. St Benedict – patron Saint of the paedophile.

    2. Darren Theoret 21 Dec 2012, 1:36pm

      People like this don’t have a conscience. They have learned to gather support for their possition by getting the public to hate someone–anyone. It changes over the years, but is always a group who then have to fight back until the reverse public oppinion and then the Poops have to move on to the next group. No blood on their robes? I say they are up to their armpits in it!

    3. Hmmm. I don’t suppose for a minute it could be the case that it is religion which has manipulated man’s true nature ….?

    4. billywingartenson 2 Jan 2013, 3:13am

      the same pope whose goal is a catholic caliphate all over the earth.

      Let’s send him and his bishops and birds to saudi land. Let them duke it out with the symbol of the church- effectively a sword.

  2. What does this single, hate-mongering man know of love between people?

    1. not much.
      Don’t be dazzled by power, it is a very primitive urge procreation. To uphold artificial systems to bring about procreation is unnatural.

      Sex, however, is a beautiful form of self expression. If anyone has the chance to explore the sacred act of their sexual pleasure with another, I wish them well on a safe, trusting, conciousness expanding experience! For they are the true experiencers and sages.

    2. He’s manipuolalted his mind to hate gays the way his protoge hated Jews. Both were sent to the death camps.

  3. So says the celibate protector of child rapists.

    1. Jesus so loved the Children.
      Can you imagine how Christ must view the character of a man who harbours child rapists and thrusts the most graphic image of the crucifiction into the victim’s mind, the mind of all children.
      His totured body on the cross was the last thing he wanted a child to see.
      This brutal barbaric sacrifice cult do not speak for my brother Joshua Barr Joseph. They do not represent himself, the divine symbol aka Prince and his family.

      1. Most children don’t have the empathy to be bothered by crucifixion portrayals. It’s adolescents and adults that are harmed by the proliferation of gore-porn, who suffer if they can’t learn to ignore the suffering of others.

  4. That There Other David 21 Dec 2012, 1:09pm

    Yeah, because we “choose” to be gay don’t we Josef? :roll:

    This man being a fool is bad enough. His being a fool with an audience just makes it worse. That he’s an obsessed fool with an audience really is the pits.

    1. We don’t choose to be able to love and be loved in the way we need want and desire. What we want is for everybody to feel that love – surely this is the spiritual key to a sacred family. Let family’s form where they need to. They are formed in people made in his image, I support all human family’s because I am moral not corrupted.

  5. the pope…. the pope…… was he on i’m a celebrity last year?
    must be some form of X list celeb, can’t think what he is famous for though?

    1. The Infamous Culex 21 Dec 2012, 3:18pm

      He became notorious for concealing the guilt of many child-molesting priests.

  6. GulliverUK 21 Dec 2012, 1:16pm

    I’m grateful to The Pope for his words, he’s doing more and more to advance recognition for equal rights and fairness for us each time he opens his sh1t-filled gob. Even mainstream papers are portraying him as an extremist anti-gay bigot, and as someone who has lost his marbles. He’s marginalising himself and all other wingnuts. The nuttier and crazier their lunatic rantings, the more people come to realise they’re seriously fcuked in the head and turn away from them. It’s all good.

    1. “Even mainstream papers are portraying him as an extremist anti-gay bigot”

      And I presume you read the Guardian, Huffington Post(maybe even Der Stürmer) and the balanced Pink News !

      “advancing a traditional understanding of marriage risks one being labelled an intolerant bigot.” – Cardinal O’Brien
      “The ideology of homosexuality – as often happens to ideologies when they become aggressive and end up being politically triumphant – becomes a threat to our legitimate autonomy of thought: those who do not share it risk condemnation to a kind of cultural and social marginalization.
      The attacks on freedom of thought start with language. Those who do not resign themselves to accept “homophilia” (the theoretical appreciation of homosexual relations) are charged with “homophobia” (etymologically, the “fear of homosexuality”).” – Cardinal Biffi

      1. Birdbrains decked out in clothe that cost 30000 USD per set. with 5 sets each and 4500 arch and non arch bishops –

        thats 2/3 of a billon that ought to go to the poor

    2. Thank you.
      You’re saying it so much than I could when I just tried. Before I realised I skipped a whole lot of comments, whoops. Sorry about that.

  7. Sarah Donley 21 Dec 2012, 1:17pm

    A never ending circle of excluding and attacking a minority of defenceless people. When my parents were my age, it was the colour of skin, When my grandparents were alive, it was the Jews, when my great grandparents were alive, it was women. I could go on….

    In a day and age where we find policitians, world leaders, religious groups and hate-mongering individuals having to (reluctantly) apologise for unfounded, mindless and irrational hate crimes, you would think they may have learned their lesson by now.

    I am completely and utterly DONE with reading about the hatred and the death and the pain caused by one verse, written by man, 2000 years ago, which in my own opinion, is nothing more than a very interesting story which promotes conformist attitudes, slavery, murder, and submission of women to men.

    The contents of the bible are continuously abused and twisted, short and insignificant sentances magnified beyond comprehension to promote hated, and entire CHAPTERS ignored.

    1. When my grandparents were alive, it was the Jews, when my great grandparents were alive, it was women. I could go on….

      Your right , but if you think about we are religions last chance. After us what else is there for them to use as a tool of fear if we get totaly excepted……….nothing.

      1. GulliverUK 21 Dec 2012, 2:58pm

        In HuffPo one church talks about gun programmes, teaching you how to use them, etc., as a way to get new recruits to the church, and bums on seats.

        In the era of the death of religion these desperadoes have been using any wedge issue to try to divide people and make them choose a side. If they can portray one group as a threat, whip up fear, it mobalises people who are easily played, and they can then be tapped for money, to sign petitions, to more and more campaigns in the future, and follower numbers is a measure of power. Most religions have become nothing more than political parties, they have ideologies, they have mission statements, they have manifestos, they make promises, they try to get the law changed to suit them, they try to manipulate the public and government. They’re in a bad place now that the majority of the public aren’t homophobic – they’ll have to find someone else to bully.

        1. The Infamous Culex 21 Dec 2012, 3:31pm

          In the United Kingdom, one group that the right wing loves to hate are people with disabilities, whom they have chosen to portray as work-shy scroungers.

          It does seem a tragedy that neither politicians nor this creepy “pope” understands that using hatred of one group to win wider, popular support was the way that Hitler worked.

        2. “they’ll have to find someone else to bully.”

          I’m sure they are already casting about trying to decide who or what they will demonise next.
          If they must have a scapegoat why not bring back scapegoats, the real thing like in the old days when all the sins of the townspeople were placed upon a goat and it was taken into the desert and left to suffer and die for sins that were not it’s own.

          1. That poor goat.

      2. Har Davids 21 Dec 2012, 6:22pm

        If he weren’t in a position where he could harm so many people, this scraping of the bottom of the barrel would make me feel sorry for the guy. He probably never had any kind of sexual relationship in his life, all he’s been doing is god-bothering, which doesn’t sound like much fun.

        On the other hand this is great news, gays are finally getting the recognition they should have as human beings, albeit slowly. I wonder what the Vatican will be like in 25 years?

  8. GulliverUK 21 Dec 2012, 1:18pm

    I’m grateful to The Pope for his words, he’s doing more and more to advance recognition for equal rights and fairness for us each time he opens his sh1t-filled gob. Even mainstream papers are portraying him as an extremist anti-gay bigot, and as someone who has lost his marbles. He’s marginalising himself and all other wingnuts. The nuttier and crazier their lunatic rantings, the more people come to realise they’re seriously fcuked in the head and turn away from them. It is all good.


    What you mean like Catholic priests manipulating their god-given nature to become either abstinent celibates, child abusers & torturers or protectors and enablers of child abusers & torturers?

    1. People WERE manipulating their god-given natures to conform to oppressive norms. And now we’re not. There! That’s better, isn’t it.

  10. Dave North 21 Dec 2012, 1:29pm

    “….People are manipulating their sexual orientation to alter God-given nature”

    Apologies Herr Palpatine, but this IS my God given nature and I can assure you no manipulation was involved therefore you are going against YOUR God by claiming otherwise.

    Ignorant old bufoon.

    1. The Infamous Culex 21 Dec 2012, 3:35pm

      Was it his “God given nature” to conceal crimes of the child molesting priests or was that the result of “demonic” manipulation?

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Dec 2012, 1:36pm

    So speaks the protector of paedophiles, the head of a morally bankrupt cult. His god has absolutely NOTHING to do with the nature of civil marriage, an secular invention of the state.

    Drop dead, Ratzinger, you evil man, spreading intolerance and hatred towards gay people by you’re equally hateful rhetoric.

  12. GulliverUK 21 Dec 2012, 1:38pm

    I’m grateful to The Pope for his words, he’s doing more and more to advance recognition for equal rights and fairness for us each time he opens his sh1t-filled gob. Even mainstream papers are portraying him as an extremist anti-gay bigot, and as someone who has lost his marbles. He’s marginalising himself and all other wingnuts. The nuttier and crazier their lunatic rantings, the more people come to realise they’re seriously screwed in the head and turn away from them.

    1. That’s a good way of looking at it. You are right to a degree but it’s a long term outlook. Sadly, what he says does have horrible and immediate consequences for GLBT people all over the world. His words are used as an excuse for violence even in this country.

      1. GulliverUK 21 Dec 2012, 2:43pm

        I’m sure his words do cause problems for LGBT people worldwide even today, but we have greater problems with politicians, making laws, or keeping laws, which discriminate – on a very real day-to-day basis. Even most Catholics ignore him and the Vatican. Apparently only 11% of Catholics supported the Pope’s visit to the UK. The number of Catholics in Scotland is tiny, their marriages account for a very small number of the overall marriages – in fact there are more humanist marriages than Catholic ones.

        If people believed what he said, if his arguments are clearly valid, he wouldn’t have to step up the volume more and more month after month, but the fact is the Catholic Church have lost this one, with more and more countries, several of them largely Catholic ones, going for equal marriage rights. Logic and common sense have won, tolerance and acceptance are going up :)

        1. What you say is true but unfortunately he is still a thorn in our side and when he speaks the bigots still listen and some of those bigots are in positions of power. Hypocrisy and self imposed ignorance has been the norm in the Catholic church for centuries but you would think in this day and age he would be doing something to address it. You would also think he would use the past mistakes and crimes of the Church to create a better future…..

        2. …and the number of people with same-sex attraction disorder is even less …probably at less than 0.5% of the population.

          1. Interesting evidence *coughs PROPAGANDA* shame the scientific community hasnt heard of it**. What sort of truth serum was used

            OH of course your religious fanaticism doesnt mind that organised religious is, with worrying frequency, the tool used to oppress a countries population with fear of the unknown while trying prevent them being freed from ignorance + RATIONAL SCIENTIFIC knowledge. So U wont mind if TORTURE (as happens routinely in such places) is used to get this info instead of truth serum.

            ** For those not ignorant + gullible enough to follow + belief the BOLLOX from the Poop et al mouth, science will only use evidence/info derived from the scientific method ie fair, reasonable,comparative,reliable

            Ray doesnt mind being ignorant about a subject he is “criticizing” (obviously not in its literal meaning but Ray’s limited cognisance).The only person that can know there sexuality is the person themselves sometimes NOT even then (psychological closeting eg “STR8 identifiers”

    2. Malcolm Wood 21 Dec 2012, 3:04pm

      You are so right.

    3. The Infamous Culex 21 Dec 2012, 3:49pm

      I really cannot agree with your suggestion that Herr Josef Ratzinger has lost his marbles.

      You’ve not proved that he ever had any marbles.

  13. Ratzinger is scum.

    1. billywingartenson 2 Jan 2013, 3:17am

      national socialist from his youth

      Sometimes I wonder if he is the holy ghost of Eichmann

      Jesus must be rolling over in his grave.

  14. I live for the day that he and his ilk get used to the idea that traditions change over time.

    Families are no longer one man, one woman and children.

    He really is the harbinger hate. He clearly still holds some of his Nazi youth beliefs doesn’t he.

    1. The Infamous Culex 21 Dec 2012, 3:50pm

      Can he tolerate Jews?

    2. Obviously, he was never denazified. Must have minced through the net.

  15. Colin Handforth 21 Dec 2012, 1:44pm

    This so called man of God preaches hate , dis-harmony and dis-cord . Is this what his God intended ?.This man should preach, Peace, goodwill and happiness to his followers,then we may get a far better world than he has managed to create under his term as leader of a faith that breads more perverts among its leadership than any other religion.

  16. Nick Davis 21 Dec 2012, 1:47pm

    And we’re listening to a Nazi – who support the murder of Gays, Gypsys, political opponents (and of course the Jews) while in the Catholic church of Germany.

  17. What’s even more astonishing is that there are still MILLIONS of people who support and listen to this hate filled, paedophile protecting, Nazi loving, virgin when he spouts off about morality and sexuality…
    He doesn’t have the first idea what morals or sexuality are.
    Ironic doesn’t even cover it.

    What a vile, sickening, poor excuse for a man he is.

    1. Virgin??? I wonder how many boys virginity he has plucked

  18. Don’t know why people would listen to a man who openly supports pedophiles.

  19. “Pope: People are manipulating their sexual orientation to alter God-given nature”

    So I guess this means Ratzo is against conversion therapy and gay cures then?

  20. Pedo-cult leader wrote:
    (“People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being,” he said. “They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them,”)
    …the professional virgin went on to say.

  21. casparthegood 21 Dec 2012, 2:35pm

    Someone buy the old fool a new record for Xmas – Please!

  22. I Just emailed the Pope at asking him to focus on the sexual behaviour of priests rather than indulge in his homophobia. I also included him in my Christmas wish for peace and goodwill to ALL men.

  23. Happy Christmas your arse, pray God it’s your last

    (No, that’s not a death threat)

  24. Dat bitch is jealous

  25. He is like rabid dog that has been cornered!

  26. Gene Touchet 21 Dec 2012, 3:06pm

    Wait, isn’t celibacy manipulating one’s sexual orientation?

  27. This institution of hatred and “do as I say not as I do” approach should be classified as a ‘hate group’. With some of the terrible things going on in this world and he chooses the one section of society that IS being “true to it’s nature” to divert attention away from the church’s inaction.
    It saddens me to think that one of the most powerful men in the world chooses to be ignorant and unsupportive. Sad day for mankind…..

  28. Yo Benedict! Make the world a better place – Pleaseeee kick the d**n bucket soon!!!

  29. This is the “man” who, in Feb. 2011, was charged with crimes against humanity. Though “monster” might be a more appropriate term.

    1. ‘The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of NINE to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great JOY’
      – Peter Tatchell – ….
      As a member of Outrage , do you hold the same views as your leader ? Interesting that founder members belonged to Gay Liberation Front which was aligned to Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation.
      Did Tatchell give the adult names(those who had sex with children) to the police or was there a cover-up?

  30. Looks like Granny Benedict has lost the whole of Brazil now. Who else isn’t listening?

  31. His lack of understanding of human sexuality is unforgivable. He is surrounded by learned men – even if they do believe in fairytales.

  32. The church’s animus goes back to its founding, to John Chrysostom and Thomas Aquinas. Chrysostom was the first (4th century) to equate the homosexuals of his day with murderers: “The murderer dissevers the soul from the body, but (the sodomite) ruins the soul with the body…For I should not only say thou has become a woman, but that thou hast lost thy manhood.” They have a vested interest in shaming LGBTs. To acknowledge that it’s possible for someone to be openly gay and happy/contented would require them to abandon their centuries-old dictum. Think about it: how long did it take the church to admit that Galileo was right (1992!)?

  33. OH Bennedict….today the world was suppose to end as well…it was also wrong…love one another as i have loved you said Jesus…not only accept those who are brainwashed by man made period Popes that want to change things while they are in power…

  34. Pedophile Catholics do the same thing.

  35. Apparently the child molesters never got this memo… I refuse to take seriously drones of people who knew of so much abuse for decades and did nothing to protect the innocence of the victims.

  36. Sarah Brown 21 Dec 2012, 5:42pm

    Can someone not keep this man away from the communion wine?

  37. “The church has no place in the bedrooms of the nation”…a quote from Pierre Elliot Trudeau 1969, Justice Minister of Canada…later to become Prime Minister….
    If the catholic church, and others, persist in denouncing basic human rights for LGBT, governments should be banning donations (especially as tax deductions) to these organizations; start taxing their holdings and properties and make them equal in the eyes of the laws…..well at least some of them. The churches have a false sense of entitlement and I am sick of it.

  38. “What would Jesus say or do?” about the perspectives elucidated by this pope? Is there Biblical text that clearly indicates that Jesus spoke against such issues, concepts, or relationships? Did not Jesus bring new hope, unconditional love which embraces all of humankind for us to incorporate into our lives, as well?

    1. As you suggest the “guilty party” is JUST the ‘Old Testament’ (aka complete + utter fairy(FICTION) tales that only the MOST gullible + ignorance would very SELECTIVELY pick from to SERIOUSLY weakly support their irrational factless fear driven obsessive hate).

      Yep Jesus’ whole point of existence, behaviour+ communication was DIAMETRICALLY against that of Pope + cronies immoral, DELUSIONAL science fact Free/Contradicting/LMFAO clueless IGNORANCE to the embarrassing degree it comedicly is. In fact given the Poops redundant idea of oraganised religion he should start a new job as a live comic and he’d never even have to leave his original job – see the all those nay sayers Poops can perform MAGIC :o

  39. GulliverUK 21 Dec 2012, 6:32pm

    Governments are elected by the people, not the Pope, or religious groups. They have to govern for all, they have to also work towards all of their treaty obligations, for equal rights and fairness, under the various declarations of human rights.

    Furthermore, government decisions are bound by what is legal, and justices decide what is legal, fair, reasonable, what can and cannot stand, by reason and logic, by force of argument put forward.

    Most countries DO have separation of church and state, even if they don’t have specific clauses or constitution wording. Even when they have a state religion, it doesn’t mean that the religion makes public policy, or even informs it to any great extent.

    The Pope holds no power in this country – even most Catholics here, and in Ireland / Northern Ireland, won’t follow his lead. When you look at the arguments logically and with reason, there is only one option which makes any sense.

    1. Lots of churches really love to claim marriage as if they own it. They seem to wilfully ignore that there is such a thing as civil marriage regulated by a state. The issue around Equal Marriage here in the UK is for the Church of England complicated by the fact of establishment, that it has to marry anyone who asks unless they were granted an exception (ie they don’t have to marry divorced people if they don’t want to). Which is why that silly sounding forth lock of the ban.
      But the catholic church has no such reason to behave like complete idiots. No-one can tell me that judges will ever find legal reasons why a church should be forced into marrying same-sex couples if they don’t want to. Not that this seems to exercise the pope, he just goes for a general swing round of disparagement. I find it thoroughly disgusting.

    2. I think polls show that majorities of catholics themselves are not anti-gay. They just wouldn’t agree to what he’s been saying here. The pope ignores their views and tries to exert an authority in trying to state things about facts of biology and nature that are just plain not true. I would think this will damage his reputation.
      I saw a documentary about John Paul II and the effort he had to undertake to raise the standing of the catholic church because it was not being held in high esteem at the time, particularly abroad? I remember being quite shocked at this at the time. Ratzi seems to be hellbent on doing the opposite.

      1. “facts of biology and nature that are just plain not true.”
        EXACTLY Evolution became a law a few years ago-we are talking Newtonian laws(drop a ball, falls to the ground etc)degree of certainty.
        The lowest frequency of homos. observed among numerous animals (incl humans) is at a level where ‘natural selection’ acts as sure as it rains on some part of the planet surface.Thus by scientific law the only reason for the presence of homos.IS natural selection (nature) if it didnt provide SOME advantage (at SOME point)to the survival of the species it would have been bred out long ago or the species would become extinct.Its analogous to the human vestigial organ the appendix.U either except all knowledge(ie current civilisation) derived from the SAME scientific method or none of it – the Poop et al should all go back to living as cavemen no protection from pain/illness etc if they had any integrity but look what the last Poop tried to keep alive with, western medicine :o

    3. “The Pope holds no power in this country – even most Catholics here, and in Ireland / Northern Ireland, won’t follow his lead”

      ‘Catholics’ who don’t acknowledge that the Pope is head of the Church on Earth are not Catholics but Protestants.All Catholics acknowledge “Where there is Peter there is the Church,where there is the Church there is life eternal! “— St. Ambrose of Milan …and “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” – MATT 16:18(and the homosexual lobby will not prevail against it either !).

      “government decisions are bound by what is legal, and justices decide what is legal, fair, reasonable, what can and cannot stand, by reason and logic, by force of argument put forward”

      Just because something is legal does not mean it is RIGHT or JUST.Pseudo-‘marriage’, euanasia, 7 million murdered children killed in the womb in UK, medical mutilations masquerading as ‘sex-change’ ‘operations’ , genocide etc etc etc

      1. “Just because something is legal does not mean it is RIGHT or JUST”

        EXACTLY freedom of speech is a legality yet the Poop’s few millennia out of date mummified hyperbole + the Vatican’s idea of catholiscism is not right or just just plain idiotic/insane (thought you would appreciate the use of MANIPULATIVE SLY hyperbole like in your own posts, like FATHER like son hey Ray ? ;)

        How u can survive with such a TINY OBNOXIOUS HEARTLESS CONCEITED THOUGHTLESS MIND is beyond me! How can you empathizes such subjective,complicated,often poorly understood but fully scientifically recognised GOD HORRIFIC experiences as from eg transgenderism, or a life quality that would make your idea of hell look manageable, your imagination is simply too poor to understand the potential the human concious has for emotion + physical pain/terror/unbearability – if you had any integrity you would have no problem experiencing the most hideous tortures that ever been invented rather any chance of freedom from it

      2. “7 million murdered children killed in the womb”

        easy 2 make such shocking statements isnt it? BUT if U really have the ability 2 make such previously unknown scientific facts tell me if murdered, WHEN EXACTLY at what point did these LIVES start.1st U’ll need a very detailed/specific list of when the fertilized egg has “life” to even make such a statement(OK so its your usual BRAINDEAD repeat w/o understanding PARROTED hyperbole from someone HIGHLY susceptible to brainwashing)

        Thoughts to consider:
        Is a collection of cells life, then we murder endless lives in our own bodies when our immune systems etc destroys them.

        Preventing the potential of an existence/life then U could say all contraception is murdering a life.BUT not even just contraception – what about everytime a couple dont mutually feel like sex “shes got a headache” MURDERER! If they had kids at every opportunity the financial/time/effort burden 2 look after so many children would ^ chances of them immediate suffering

  40. Maybe he should explain that to his boyfriend, if ever there was a closet queen he’s it!!

  41. Does wearing a white frock count as gender manipulation?

  42. Chris Avant Smith 21 Dec 2012, 7:24pm

    Where does one start to answer this ignorant bigotry. Firstly one would think that the Churches ban on condoms is a far greater threat to the survival of humanity than acknowledging
    and accepting same sex relationships. Enforced celibacy by the church is also detrimental to the survival of humanity. As we are supposedly created in G-ds image, does that mean that by ascribing homosexuality as a choice that changes our base orientation, that God got it wrong and the Catholic church is right and knows better than G-d? Oh well once a fascist always a fascist clearly. Maybe your mates in the Hitler youth can give you some tips on incarceration and mass genocide of gay people…need we say more?

  43. He´s or jealous or suffering from dementia….
    No more comment needed, we already knew he´s an idiot.

  44. Between this and him wanting to join with other faiths against this so called ‘threat’. It really doesn’t matter what he says because the will of the people is not on his side.

  45. Same old sh1t. Same old assh0le.

  46. Nadiege Goeytes 21 Dec 2012, 10:21pm

    I guess if denying my human nature is not to rape young children, covering the whole situation for the sake of a few, loving someone and not hating people because they might be different than me,killing millions of people ( women and children included) because they might stand in your way to power and control (whole human history of the catholic religion) then yes I agree with pride and absolute unfear of facing their so-called GOD, as I know who will have to explain themselves and face their final judgement Amen.

    1. “killing millions of people ( women and children included) because they might stand in your way to power and control (whole human history of the ****** religion) then yes I agree with pride ….”

      is this a quote from Himmler ? or an LGBT brownshirt ?Lets see:

      “killing millions of people ( women and children included) because they might stand in your way to power and control (whole human history of the JEWISH religion) then yes I agree with pride..”

      oh sorry , you think that about Catholics ! –

  47. “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

    The philosophical arguments the Holy Father so elegantly delivers, blows away the relativism and the distorting agenda of those who reject their very nature.Against an intellectual giant , what do we have on here ? – vile lies, the usual ‘homophobic’ tag, prejudice, intolerance and seething hatred.

    1. The philosophical arguments the Holy Father so elegantly delivers, oh yes. I especially like this bit:

      “People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves.”

      An argument that homosexuals should freely practice homosexuality buried in a speech which purports to argue the opposite. A magnificent piece of trolling.

  48. I just had a quick look at the German version given in the Spiegel and I got stuck on the first bit of the pope’s Christmas address and found that it is incredibly transphobic. All about when ‘the church speaks of the nature of the human being as man and as woman the church demands that this creation [presumably of genders] will be respected’. and cannot be changed by man himself, yada, yada, yada.

    This old git clearly does not have the first clue about transgender issues. If I was him I would be concerned at the terrible reputation he is making for himself personally and for the catholic church as an institution.
    Before you open your mouth to talk about biological facts you should make sure you know what’s what. He doesn’t.
    Spouting ignorance is dangerous and he should be seriously ashamed of himself.
    This makes me extremely angry and I haven’t got to all the terrible homophobic stuff yet. Gah.

  49. I’m returning to the Catholic Church because I belong there just as much as everybody else does. Religious people don’t want me to be homo and the homos don’t want me to be religious, so I’m going to piss off both at the same time by being both. I can’t wait to walk into a Catholic church with my boyfriend one day to challenge the inhumane view of sexuality that the Church preaches.

    1. Michael Scanlon 22 Dec 2012, 4:25am

      Kevin well said proud of you

      1. Awwww thank you :)

    2. A majority of Catholics, both here and in the US are in favour of equal rights. I have no problem with those religious people, only the bigots at the head of the religions, who distort the truth and promote bullying of others. Go ahead, be happy, I think you’ll be able to find a middle way. I’m sure many are able to find a home in both places.

      1. Homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else and civil partnerships mean they have the same legal rights as people who are married.What I disagree with is pseudo rights such as the ‘right’ for homosexuals to ‘marry’ – the state should keep out of peoples relationships and not impose a distorted ideology on an institution which is not about ‘equality’ but about the complementary aspect of one male and one female which is life giving and stable .

        The majority of catholics are in total agreement with the See of Peter and don’t want the sacrament of marriage being inverted and twisted to suite the selfish narcissistic posturing of those who pretend it’s all about ‘equality’ and not about making that which is unnatural and disordered , made ‘blessed’ or sanctioned by the state .

        1. Only gay couples are still not entitled to their partners occupational pension contributions from before 5th December 2005 and straight couples can (regardless of when they got married – like to some golddigger to an old man just before he dies – would be entitled to his lifelong contributions and a lifelong homosexual partner would not). The two separate institutions also creates unwarranted distress for those that are suffering from gender dysphoria by forcing them to end their marriage/civil partnership, apply for their GRC and then get re-married/civil partnered if they wish to stay in their union – so instead of getting money for a GRC, they get money for a divorce and a marriage too. Disgusting!

      2. Thanks :)

    3. I think the only likely problem you’ll have is the priest coming on to you both.

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha We will have a divine time as the trinity hahahahaha!

  50. For his 2014 Message for World Peace Day here’s hoping the Pope will enter into the spirit of the event, give us all a break and shut the fxxx up!

  51. For his next message for World Day of Peace 2014, here’s hoping that the Pope will enter into the spirit of things, do us all a favour and shut the fxxk up!

  52. Hey Josefine! You go girl Every suingle time you open your hate-filled, self-loathing heart about gay issues, you drive another nail deep into the coffin of organised religion.

  53. Craig Nelson 22 Dec 2012, 1:44pm

    To criticise the pope these days one need do no more than simply repost or retweet his utterances. They are their own condemnation and need no debunking. They harm his flock more than they do us.

  54. Yes …. Much in the same way Hitler did when you joined the Hitler Youth Program. Let go of your brainwashing Nazi!

  55. Silly old fool!

  56. Helge Vladimir Tiller 22 Dec 2012, 6:49pm

    I hate four persons in this world : Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, ( IRAN ) Assad of Syria and the Pope. They are brothers in spirit. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei execute gay and transgender people. Assad kills them with an air of “who cares”. The Pope scares young and insecure persons into suicide. I HATE THEM !

  57. PeterinSydney 22 Dec 2012, 11:26pm

    Pope Vicious 16th is too old to be able to manipulate anything, even if he took 5 boxes of Viagra. I is just very very jealous. But that red beanie he wears makes him look like the wolf’s grandmother.

  58. Sure, people are manipulating their sexual orientation so they can be the targets of fear and hatred and violence and discrimination. Jailed for who they love, fired from their jobs, rejected by their families (who are following church teachings). Who wouldn’t want to live this way?

  59. Give him some credit…a couple of years ago the Catholic Church was on its knees over the paedophile priests scandal, which Ratzinger presided over and sustained for decades before he became Pope. The more outrage from liberals he attracts with his homophobia, the more support he gets from conservatives who share his views and who have a vested interest in forgetting what a rotten, corrupt, malignant institution the Catholic Church is. Whipping up gay hatred is the Catholics’ last ditch effort to deflect hatred from themselves and regain support they were losing. Josef Ratzinger’s strategy is worthy of Josef Goebbels….I wonder if they are in any way related?….

  60. How can this man spread hate and division towards us at Christmas time is beyond belief. He has has done this several years running now. It is frightening and as someone of faith, profoundly depressing. This is not what the Bible is about. He is making the world a more dangerous place for us. It is so appalling.

  61. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Dec 2012, 10:14am

    According to ILGA Europe, the only Europe country with a worse LGBT-rights record in Europe is Cyprus. This profoundly distinguises Italy from the rest of Europe. The main reason for this is The Catholic Church and the Pope. Many, many young gay persons commit suicide every year. Just ask the homosexual organizations in the main cities— religion again ! oh holy satan—!

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 23 Dec 2012, 11:11am

      And what distinguishes The Pope from a healthy person, is that a healthy person has the ability to correct his misconceptions and improve his mind-whereas a brainwashed fanatic like the Pope is unable to change his thinking for the best of others.

  62. I am not manipulating my nature! I am only doing what I feel natural. Ever since I was about 11 years of age, I realised I was sexually interested in guys. Therefore, according to my feelings and desires, I see that as natural. The thought of getting it down with a woman makes me retch. You cannot make me change what I see and feel as natural. I could not and will not get close to a woman. It just wouldn’t work for me as there would be no feeling of attraction whatsoever. I can’t change that, and neither can you, not even with your hate filled sermons and preachings.

    So do us a favour, put a sock in it, and fox trot oscar back to the Vatican.

    1. +the scientific method (its derived knowledge) which backs up your experience – why CHOOSE to be in a prejudice minority group with VASTLY increased risk(= constantly rigorous protection) of a STD that EVEN managed still has an increased chance of being life altering(incl further prejudice)/quality destroying)is(INCREASINGLY )essentially responsible for our entire current western civilisation – organized religion went out with the arc AKA;

      when the masses STOPPED being controlled desperately + selfishly + their ignorance abused + MANIPULATED (the PERVERSE irony the Poop choose such a word to continue such aged mouldy propaganda) with the (now thought hard wired into the psyche as a survival trait)TERROR of the unknown w/o any freedom of choice/thinking by a few individuals.Thus where organised religion frequently still lurks on our planet but surprising in Europe such DEPRAVED immorality as catholicism foamed at the mouth by the Poop et al hasnt been treat like Hitler’s Nazism by?

  63. The pope knows he is losing his stand, I dont believe the catholic nation can put thier faith in an old nazi and his beliefs are showing his true colours. If all the gay clerics decided to leave churches would be empty. Someone once said its the best gay show on earth.

  64. I wish I could manipulate Ben Cohen. ;-)

  65. Isn’t celibacy altering God given nature?

  66. Not really surprised that the Pope says that. Knowing is past as a young nazi and knowing that nazis not only killed jews but also gays,gypsies and many more. It does look like we’re never gonna stop being threatened…

  67. teh same pope whose goal is a catholic caliphate all over the earth.

    Lets send him and his bishops and birds to saudi land. Let them duke it out with the symbol of the church- effectively a sword.

  68. Sorry but what has this got to do with Ireland? Why is this article listed under ‘Ireland’?

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