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Football Association Chairman: ‘No player should fear coming out as gay’

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Reader comments

  1. What a lot of words. Let’s see some action then.

    1. Pretty much what I was thinking.

  2. But firstly they have to stop any vile chanting first. Otherwise the fans will drive the player away .

  3. Staircase2 21 Dec 2012, 4:33pm

    No we don’t; Education starts from the top down, front first

    It starts with legislation which creates a framework of acceptance, then guidelines and positive action from organisations.

    You can’t expect homophobes to be able to work out they’re wrong by themselves, caught up as they are in their own fearful state. Most of the problem is in fearing peer group pressure; that everyone else thinks a certain way.

    The only way to break that cycle is for someone to stand up and declare the Emperor has no clothes.

    Ironically for football, the fans generally haven’t got the balls to do that. Which is why it has to start from the top.

    1. Herd mentality rules in football, sadly!

  4. These statements of encouragement make me think there a number of players known to be Gay by football authorities. Personally, I find the whole macho, thuggish football scene pretty disgusting but a player or two coming out would be amazing for Gay fans.

    1. In many cases it isn’t machismo it’s submission to the group, to fellow fan peer pressure quite the opposite of machismo really. And many of us have been there at one time or another, especially we oldies.

  5. Yes, because coming out worked out so well for Justin Fashanu, didn’t it? The FA can’t even stop their players from being racially abusive when that is something considered to be socially unacceptable these days. If we see some action from them on homophobic taunts and abuse then perhaps we can take them seriously. Until then, football’s reputation for homophobia is well deserved.

  6. there are about 50 million adults in the uk with 23 million being male. if the percentage who identify as gay male is somwhere between 2 an 4 there could be 900K gay men who will not be evenly distributed throughout the various career options, there will be more gay men working in the entertainment industry than down the mines.
    there are only 4000 professional footballers in the uk, i doubt that there can be more than a dozen who would identify as gay wonder they wont come out.
    of more relevance is the number of gay men who like football and attend matches, the campaigns against the offensive chanting should be sucessful for the gay supporters rather then the mythical gay closeted footballers

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