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Anti-gay ex-UKIP abortion row candidate defeated in By-election

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Dec 2012, 6:12pm

    Take that, UKIP! Pay attention, Tory back benchers. The same will happen to you too! Well done to the voters of Gravesham and Kent County Councils. This has made my day.

  2. Darren Theoret 21 Dec 2012, 6:29pm

    I would say that the abortion of idiots should become manitory! The only problem is they look like the rest of us until they start talking! Too late to abort then

    1. is that not called late term abortion :)

  3. Glad he lost but the results are still quite shocking. He came second.
    Gravesham Borough: Con 419; UKIP 204; Lab 108; Lib Dem 36.
    Kent County Council: Con 1780; UKIP 634; Lab 397; Lib Dem 91

    1. Those results shocked me, too, Cal.

      The fact that someone with a Fascist (and I’m using the word academically/historically – I’m not just throwing the word around) agenda could come second in an election in this country is deeply worrying.

      Especially since he polled more votes than the third and fourth candidates combined.

      I understand the attraction of making a protest vote in the current political climate, but if so many people (proportionately – and I know it’s a first-past-the-post election) are prepared to vote for someone as extreme as Clark, it doesn’t bode well for the political health of the country.

      Very roughly, one in four people voted for him locally and one in five voted for him at a county level.

      1. If I were a cynical UKIP strategist and I saw someone with Clark’s views achieving that kind of success with voters after he’d been disavowed, one of the thoughts that would cross my mind would be ‘what kind of results would he have achieved if we’d backed him thoroughly?’

        I’m not suggesting for a second that all UKIP strategists are that cynical, but this man’s relative success in an election gives one pause for thought.

        I’m delighted this man lost, but the lessons that could be learnt from the nature and scale of his defeat shouldn’t cheer any minority in this country.

        (OK. Enough of the doom and gloom. I’m off to piddle in the office party’s Christmas punch and Janey from accounting’s kids that not only Santa Claus isn’t real, if he had existed in this day and age, he’d have been an Armenian immigrant and refused JSA).

      2. Dazzer, I agree it’s worrying but bear in mind that only 1 in 4 of people who voted, voted for UKIP.

        Since the turnout was 18%, that means a far bigger proportion didn’t vote at all. Hopefully, this silent majority of non-voters wouldn’t reflect this voting pattern. Perhaps right wingers are more highly motivated…

        1. Oh Martyn! Thank you for that. It was like someone giving me a hug and pointing out the bigger picture and suggesting to me gently (as opposed to shouting it in my ear) that the sky isn’t falling in after all.

          I appreciate that. I also feel a bit of a prat because you pointed out the essential flaw in my argument (which I hadn’t seen until you gestured at it so politely).

          I know that it’s the nature of Pink News that any response here could come across as being sarcastic. But mine isn’t. Thank you for pointing out the flaws in my thinking.

          I have no idea what you look like, but your mind is pretty damn sexy.

          1. :-)

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Dec 2012, 10:04pm

      The important thing is, he lost and so did McCkenzie. Losers and so is the UKIP.

  4. Of course he’s been defeated. You don’t think that as we approach 2013 there’s been a genuine groundswell of support for this troupe of shyte, do you? UKIP is merely white suburban Taliban.

  5. No the world has not ended but i think UKIPs future has just started to show the first signs of collapse! and a good job too. Good ridance to bad rubbish!

  6. The rise of the far right is common in times of economic stress. Look at Golden Dawn in Greece, the NF in France etc. I don’t fear these dinosaurs. Yes they will probably do quite well in the next Euro elections, and they might even get Farage elected if Huhne is found guilty and has to stand down in Eastleigh.

    But they have no long term future.

  7. Very sad reflection of the english that the ukippers are doing so well over the other parties, and especially shocking after this reprobate’s comments concerning abortion of the disabled(so much for the goodwill towards the paraolympians) , i expected him to get support for his homophobia in this country.

    1. de Villiers 22 Dec 2012, 9:27am

      It is worrying. Britain is going to find herself leaving the EU.

  8. Monsieur Clark, allow me to introduce you to Madame Guillotine – you probably won’t like her, she’s French.

  9. GingerlyColors 22 Dec 2012, 7:10am

    Geoffrey Clark has p##sed on his chips because of his comments. Offending gay people is bad enough but when it comes to suggesting that disabled people should be aborted is abhorant. As I have stated in the past I do not share the pro-choice views of many of the correspondents on this site, preferring to take the middle ground on abortion instead. I do not agree with late abortion unless the woman’s life is in danger. I feel that the time limit should be 12 or 13 weeks and that Downs Syndrome or spina bifida are not grounds for abortion as people with those conditions can still enjoy a good quality of life.

  10. Looks like he aborted himself along with UKIP.

  11. At a British election, the more votes for UKIP will mean more Labor MP’s elected. If the Conservatives have any brains they will attack UKIP will all the resources that they have!

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