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Canadian gay teacher suspended after showing class draq queen Christmas video

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Reader comments

  1. How ridiculous! They guy eating the banana at the end is not doing so in a provocative way at all.

  2. how else would one eat a banna … omg what next ban the sales of bannans just in case children become gay !!!

  3. Well I am on two sides over this, on one side, nothing wrong with the video was just like watching Baywatch, the banana eating could have been seen as being sexual and somewhat unnecessary, the film should have been stopped at the first fade out.

    but is it appropriate for 8 and 9 year old’s to view, perhaps not, there are many other ways of highlighting the LGBT community and i don’t think that showing a bad drag act is a good way of doing this, if anything it only serves to re-enforce negative stereotypes.

    it was more likely that the teacher thought the video was fun and played it without thinking about the blurring of professional and personal boundaries, and when he was reprimanded for it then attempted to get on the LGBT enlightenment soapbox in an attempt to save his job.

    now feel free to thumbs down my comment.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 20 Dec 2012, 2:57pm

      I couldn’t have said any better myself. Those kids were way too young to have seen that. It’s not the school’s place to draw attention to LBGT issues, that’s up to the parents.

      As for the banana, how to we eat one, eat it peel and all?

      1. Dave North 20 Dec 2012, 3:19pm

        I would rather they got a controlled school education on LGBT issues than potentially the warped view of homophobic parents.

      2. Why should it be left up to the parents? Parents in general have shown themselves to be completely incapable of teaching their children an objective view of anything.

        1. de Villiers 20 Dec 2012, 6:41pm

          I am the parent of a five year old. I am his legal parent and I consider that in a liberal democracy, the state should respect my rights to educate my own child rather than to deprive me of that.

          I cannot understand the basis on which you say that parents “in general” have shown themselves to be “completely incapable” of teaching their children an “objective” view.

          What is “in general”? How have parents “in general” shown themselves to have failed. Do you mean in England, France, America or some other country. Do you refer to morality or mathematics?

          What is “completely incapable”? I am sure that my parents were not “completely incapable” at teaching me to think and of employing critical reasoning.

          Your views seem extreme. I am sure that you would complain quickly about those American states that seek to use the school system to indoctrinate children in a certain old-fashioned type of morality or to educate them in creationism – against wishes of parents.

          1. GulliverUK 20 Dec 2012, 7:03pm

            I’d imagine that Ged is referring to the enormous problem of homophobic abuse in schools, and the ways parents have totally failed to explain the facts of life to their kids in a moderate non-judgemental way. My mother was great in teaching me not to be judgemental about others, to understand that real friends like you for who you are, not to try to be something you are not, to respect others, to be kind and a good Samaritan when you can, to not be horrible to others, to be non-violent, to not get angry, to not fight. Honestly I thought all parents were supposed to teach those values. Also, LGBT history lessons (optional in all schools) are the very best way of dealing with homophobia and bullying.

            My granddad taught me one important lesson though, if someone punches you, you punch them back twice as hard ! :D

          2. Sticks and stones.

            Abuse in general is a problem in schools, homosexuals don’t deserve special protection over everyone else. At the very least, if you’re going to argue for more special rights and privileges for homosexuals, call it what it is instead of “equality”.

            Either way, it’s exactly this kind of thing which PROVOKES homophobic abuse.

          3. ‘Homosexuals’ don’t GET special protection, Caligula. ANY bullying in schools is dealt with (or should be anyway).

            Yet again, when you talk about ‘special rights and privileges’ you simply mean us wanting to be treated equally. It’s THAT that really irks you, isn’t it?

          4. What you refer to as “bullying” tends to go unnoticed. Most people just have to get over it, simple as that. Only homosexuals seem to be such delicate flowers that they need special protection from a bit of playground banter.

          5. Are you being purposely obtuse? Schools have bullying policies and they should take ALL bullying seriously. LGBT people do NOT get special treatment regarding bullying. In fact, many LGBT teens actually keep quiet even when they’re severely bullied because they’re afraid to speak out.

            No, YOU’RE clearly the fragile one if you can’t cope with the mere existence of gay people. I feel sorry for you – genuinely.

      3. I’m gay and proud of it, but I too don’t think it was appropriate for 8 and 9 year olds. Yes, he should have been suspended. It IS a funny video, but should 8 and 9 year olds be shown this by a teacher in school? No.

        Totally inappropriate.

      4. Miguel, I am sorry that you have taken the wrong message from my comment. I 100% support Schools giving clear, honest education about all minority groups, including the LGBT community. I believe that this should be done in a respectful and non stereotypical way.

    2. We have a tradition of pantomime in this country where the lead character is the “dame” always a terrible drag act.

      Our kids have been going to it at christmas for probably hundreds of years. They always sell out and the kids are accompanied by the parents. The jokes can be very crude and adult and the kids don’t get those jokes but laugh anyway because the parents do.

      A lot of british films feature drag and the british army war entertainment parties were rife with it. It is part of our culture.

      This reaction probably wouldn’t have happened in britain as we have plenty of this on mainstream TV. The Two Ronnies were always dragging up in the 70’s and it was considered great family entertainment.

      I am surprised the british influence in canada hasn’t carried this over there.

      1. No, in this particular case, the British influence has not carried over.

        We do not have a long-standing tradition of drag performance.

        I don’t think the video is inappropriate exactly. It wouldn’t have been my first choice simply because I think it fosters the wrong idea about LGBT issues. Children will think “being gay means dressing like a woman”. I’m more bothered by that potential issue.

        1. Yes, but I don’t think he was suspended for it being a bad example of gay life. He was suspended for showing it at all. It really is no worse than a Carry On film or Benny Hill, or, as already pointed out, Two Ronnies, though. I think it is a cultural thing.

          Then again, I’m not sure in Britain teachers show videos of anything – even a green cross code informercial – without discussing it with the department head to decide where it fits in with the curriculum.

  4. Mike Homfray 20 Dec 2012, 2:35pm

    Sounds like a creative and switched on teacher to me!!

  5. Either the teacher is very naive or just lying when he says, “there was no mention or suggestion of sex in the video.” There’s lots of double entendre throughout the video. I don’t think it’s an appropriate way to introduce transgenderism to children, but I doubt it is harmful. I just wonder about whether the teacher knows what he is doing.

    1. the thing is, transgenderism isn’t the same thing as drag.

      THAT to me is more of an issue regarding this video.

      transgenderism isn’t “men dressing like women”… at least, that isn’t the ROOT of what defines it.

      Children that age will make simple connections. Men dressed in women’s bathing suits, wearing wigs. I highly doubt they will make a sexual connection with the banana at the end.

      Now, Bugs Bunny dressed in drag continuously… but I wouldn’t show a Bugs Bunny episode as a means of opening up a discourse on trans issue with kids, either. Because it starts from the wrong assumption regarding trans identity.

  6. Sorry but I would have to be genuinely persuaded to show this to 9-10 yrs children. if only its tacky and what does it have to do with Transgender issues?

  7. Good God. Is GLBT awareness reduced to this?! It’s harmless enough but I can’t see any educational value in showing a tacky video in a primary school. The banana was not eaten suggestively but it’s inclusion at the end is OF COURSE suggestive.
    Bad decision.

  8. That was just cute….

  9. I sort of really enjoyed and want to see it again it but drag queens aren’t really illustrative of transgender issues as the teacher claims…are they?

  10. I have yet to see someone manage to eat a banana and not look either suggestive or like a chimp doing it!

  11. Kudos to him for trying, but really… drag queens are really not very representative of transgender issues.
    But that is the perception problem many transgender people have to face: The public, and even the greater LGB community simply sees us as “men in dresses”- which we are not.

    1. Or, indeed, women in men’s clothing.

  12. There are far better ways to introduce the issues he was attempting to introduce, then by watching a tacky video like this. Although the children would not understand the sexual innuendoes throughout the video, that doesn’t mean its okay to show it to them. Perhaps had they been a little older, and it had been part of a sex ed. class? But even then, I’m not sure it has any educational value at all. All in all, the teacher made a bad decision, although well meant, and was rightfully punished for it.

  13. The model in the red trunks was a bit bulgy-crotched though wasn’t he…

  14. “At the end, the guy’s peeling the banana, acting very sexually with the banana”.

    And of course at 9 & 10 years of age c*ck sucking is the first thing they would have thought of.

  15. This is what happens in the post smart-board era: teachers remember finding a video amusing, aren’t capable of remembering every single gesture or camera angle, and show it to the kids at the end of term when they’re having a relaxed lesson. I thought some of the sexier shots of the man were perhaps not appropriate for that age group. But then, I can imagine that as an adult, if you’re not looking out for that kind of stuff when you first watch the video, it’ll pass you by and you’ll just remember the drag queens singing- which I thought was fine to show to a class. If that’s inappropriate then maybe kids should be banned from pantomimes?

    When I went to school I had a headteacher who refused to admit that homosexuality existed, and therefore she never told anybody off for calling me a lesbian for 2 years. I also got in trouble when I showed her a council flyer for the anti-homophobia day (this was 2006, post sec 28). I would rather more people like her got suspended.

    1. Nothing is more guaranteed to provoke homophobia than nagging people about being anti-homophobia. Stop trying to force your lifestyle on other people and they’ll leave you alone.

      1. You could try practicing what you preach. Stop forcing your opinion on others.

      2. ‘Forcing our lifestyle on others’ by simply existing, you mean, Caligula. Why are you so scared of LGBT people? Most straight people aren’t bothered – those who are secure in their sexuality, at least.

        Now – WHAT are you doing on a gay site again?

        1. I’m not scared of “LGBT” people. I’m not even that bothered about them, just as long as they keep it to themselves and stop trying to force their lifestyle on others.

          1. I insist you marry me immediately the law changes to allow same sex marriages Caligula, I won’t take no for an answer so don’t even think of resisting.

          2. Why and how would any LGBT person ‘force their lifestyle’ on you or anyone?? How exactly would we do that? You still haven’t explained. Not that I’m expecting you to because that old ‘forcing your lifestyle’ chestnut is demonstrably rubbish and an excuse for bigotry, just like your parroting of the other old chestnut that we have ‘special rights’.

            And you’re clearly bothered enough about gay people to seek out this website and comment. Or did we ‘force’ you to?!

  16. Obviously it is much less bad for children, especially girls, watching and later mimicking Britney and other pop stars…….
    So, I would say his suspension is ‘a little bit’ exaggerated.
    Would I think it’s an appropriate video to be chown to young chilfren??
    Well, seems to me that if you want to discuss drag queens, possibly.
    If you want to discuss trans issues….. Well, I don’t recognise anyone of my trans friends and acquantances in this video, so I would think it’s a big fail to use this video for trans issues….

    1. Thats a really good point about pop star videos – how many parents would batt an eye if a Britney vid was played to kids that age at a school? I’d be far far angrier about that than a dorky drag xmas song.

      1. I haven’t watched a Britney vid since her ‘sexy schoolgirl’ act in her toast to domestic batter ‘hit me one more time’ or whatever it was. Do they get worse than that?

        1. Domestic battery even!

  17. I am Canadian, and consider myself conservative; but, that biting of a banana was a 0.5 out of 10 on the suggestive scale if at all. Some sad numpty needs to get a life.

    Baywatch girls pushing their bouncing boobs into the camera is 10 times more suggestive than that.

  18. Lip synching to Bette Middler! Those poor children ;-)

  19. Eating bananas in Canada banned!

  20. GulliverUK 20 Dec 2012, 7:17pm

    What a complete croc. Only yesterday I was looking at a poster on a bus stop for “Priscilla Queen Of The Desert” — playing in the West End. That is a 15 on the DVD version, but given it features sexual content and deals with adult themes, that seems reasonable.

    Presumably they don’t show Madonna videos, or any others which have any content which could be construed as erotic – and yet they can turn on MTV and see it at any time of day.

    How old will they be before people start explaining life to them? 15, 16, 18 ? Personally I think the video is a bit crap, there are far better resources, put together by professions, for LGBT history-style lessons. And I’m really not entirely clear about the link between drag and transgender issues – as far as I know there isn’t one. One is for fun, one is attempting to match your body and clothing to your sexual identity. But this has been done many times, on TV, in all sorts of films, including Carry-On films, Morecambe and Wise, etc.

  21. I’m with the school, there’s just no excuse for bad lip syncing!

  22. yesterday it was cucumbers with condoms and banana illustrations. now another banana!

    Hide the kumkwats

  23. Children shouldn’t be taught anything like this. Schools should only teach academic subjects. I’d even scrap race-relations education. Schools shouldn’t be indoctrination facilities. You wouldn’t want kids being taught religion now, would you? Leave the peddling of political opinion to the parents. Keep politics out of schools.

  24. What this boils down to is LGBT culture. It’s a bunch of drag queens. So what? And all these people claiming it to “re-enforce negative stereotypes” – don’t talk utter tosh.

    The teacher did right. I would have done this. We need to start smashing down the heteronormative world piece by piece and show that there are other cultures out there other than their own.

  25. Clearly the teacher thought it was funny and showed it to his clas. He didn’t think he’d get a backlash or he’s sure have done a better job of trying to explain it. Such nonsense of having something to do around bring forward awareness of the issues facing people born with transsexualism and those who are transgender. Sort of like the straight teacher showing a film with men playing stereo typical (non true) behaviour of gay men (the old wrist, lisp speaking effeminate guy who can’t play sports) and saying that was to bring forward issues of homosexuality. Who knows maybe one of the queens was a friend of his and that’s why he wanted to show it around.

  26. If his intention truly was to introduce transgender acceptance, knowledge, or information, while humor could be appropriate, surely there is material that would actually be on point and not simply silly. I don’t know what a child that age would take from this video, they would probably think it is funny after all, but it’s not ‘educational’…

  27. hi guys, i’m felix, the guy of the video.. is it true? a teacher fired for our video? it’s incredible.. we thought it was just a joke..
    no sexual content. all of the videos (on youtube also) talk about diversity, equality and love. it’s incredible!

  28. I agree with those who have stated that the video is not a great representation of transgender issues. I also agree with those who have stated that to label the banana-eating as “sexual” is ridiculous; nothing is wrong with the way the banana was eaten. The real issue here is, “Were children harmed by showing this video?” Not at all. “Were children harmed when their teacher was suspended?” Probably. Many of them are probably confused as to why someone they love and trust is no longer part of their daily lives.

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