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US Pentecostal churches blamed for homophobia ‘surge’ in Africa

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Reader comments

  1. If an outside church sent envoys, money and materials into the US – and that church called for aggression against a subset of US society, it would be immediately denounced as an act of terrorism

    This is NO different. The actions of certain US church groups directly endanger LGBT citizens in some African nations. How is that not terrorism? And good grief, it;s done in the name of the same bloody imaginary BS “god” fiction.

    I am so sick of the cancer of religion.

  2. I thought Africa had shrugged off shackles of colonialism? Now they’re allowing their minds to be ensnared.

    1. I know. Its mental.

      They demand the right to live by the tenets of a colonially forcibly imposed non-indigenous religious doctrine.

      1. The truth is that Africa is an extremely poor continent and in areas of poverty religious fundamentalism has a fertile breeding ground, it’s the same in countries like Afghanistan too. In response to Gew of course Africa hasn’t “shrugged off the shackles of colonialism”, Europeans were exploiting and subjugating the African population until only 50 years ago and Christanity is Europe’s legacy there. It’s going to take education and an improvement in the standard of living to get rid of the extreme levels of homophobia there. I blame religion not the African people, these American churches are responsible for poisoning the minds of desperate people.

  3. I remember going to a Pentecostal church as part of an educational trip once. It took about 30 minutes for the lady who was giving the talk to start blaming ‘the rise of homosexuality’ for the total breakdown of society, and none of us had even asked a question relating to homosexuality! :3

    Anyway, it does seem to be a huge shame that the so-called ‘civilized world’ is responsible for some of this nonsense in Africa at the moment. This type of religion thrives where education is lacking. I doubt direct tactics are best for tackling these western extremists on the continent. Perhaps we should instead renew and redouble efforts to improve African education standards?

    1. I agree, what Africa needs is education to be accessible to all. The iron first that Christianity pushed down on Europe for centuries is now pushing down on Africa.

    2. Cardinal Capone 21 Dec 2012, 2:07am

      Some rich Asian countries have also fallen prey to this extreme pentecostalism, despite high educational standards. Perhaps because it appeals to and uses the emotions so much, people set aside their reason. Education is not necessarily a defence, plus in many cases these people are the education providers. On the other hand, if the unbrainwashed are well educated, they are better placed to expose the whole game, which is largely about making money.

  4. Richard C Brown 19 Dec 2012, 11:53am

    The UPC is a weapon of mass destruction.

  5. It’s a shame Scott Lively never got the short shrift some other western imperialists got when they attempted to interfere in Ugandan politics.
    Seems they’re quite happy to take all the credit for homophobia when it comes in the guise of evangelical missionaries.
    Just once I’d like someone to display to these evangelical Ugandans a showreel of all the hardcore straight porn you can muster with a 5 minute google search.
    That ought to counterbalance the usual one-sided homophobic smutfest they get preached at them regularly from the pulpit.
    But I guess all’s forgiven if straights “Eat da poo-poo”.

  6. Why are africans so weak and easily brainwashed by these evil christians who continue to enslave them .

    1. Just like Western Europe was until only a generation ago and much of Eastern Europe still is? Most of the world is not very accepting of gay people not just Africa.

    2. Presumably the same way the vast numbers of people in the USA are brainwashed; added to which, in poor countries, are the incentives of healthcare and education and other forms of support, including financial, that go with evangelism in return for joining the belief system.

    3. Islamic influence and women are property and that fits well with the anti gay churches, most of whom are sexist eg the catholic nuthouses

  7. Jock S. Trap 19 Dec 2012, 12:21pm

    This isn’t so much news as more conformation of things we already knew about.

    This is about certain elements of the US esp religion flexing it’s muscles again against vunerable people, when they should be keep their interfering conks out.

  8. Is the statement that “most African nations seem to be going backwards on LGBT equality” really reflective of the reality? There have been high-profile problems in Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana as well as many other countries, but there’s slow but steady social and political progress being made in Cote d’Ivore, Mozambique and Cape Verde. And seven or eight other countries signed the UN resolution for LGBT rights. This seems another issue (like support for LGBT rights from black people in Britain and the US) where people don’t seem to want to see a lot of the progress that is occurring and revel in making quite bigoted remarks (which isn’t to say they’re wrong to be concerned about the crises that also exist).

  9. Nothing new about religion exploiting poverty and poor education. It’s what they do. Some more aggresively than others.

  10. Jerry Spiegelman 19 Dec 2012, 5:15pm

    The Churches are responsible for homophobia, hatred, and violence all over the world. Strange that those who should be selling love and unity preach hate and dissention.

  11. George Broadhead 19 Dec 2012, 5:20pm

    This may well be true, but it should also be noted that the Anglican Church of Uganda has enthusiasticall supported the Bill.

  12. Why don’t they spend their money on helping the poor and homeless. You have only to look at the well heeled clothes of the promoters of homophobia to know where the money is going. Some of these people on their own beliefs are close to hell!

  13. It saddens me to see that these christian groups are exploiting the African people but adopting polices like we will help you if you let us preach to you.

    If these groups were real christains they would help the African people for NOTHING in return ?

    If they were true christians they would NOT teach hate towards LGBT people?

    The people of Africa are being used and it saddens me they need help to develop there countries but instead these groups do so but ask for church attendance in return.

    I relise that not all of these groups are like that. Like the Church Desmond Tutu is part of. Whom are progressive, deep-thinkers, and open minded.

  14. J. R. Boyer 19 Dec 2012, 6:34pm

    Scott Lively, Lou Engel, and Rick Warren are NOT “church groups.” They are individuals: masters of self-promotion dedicated to monetary profit. They sicken me – and have the blood of David Kato on their hands.
    And if you’re not familiar with Lou Engel and Rick Warren, let me recommend the excellent hour-long “Missionaries of Hate.”
    It’s worth noting that Martin Ssempa (“pastor poo-poo,” Lively’s special stooge) was recentaly convicted (along with a handful of his cronies) of having made false sodomy charges.
    And all of this did NOT develop in just the last decade or two (or 50 years). The Church of England’s twisted claw had a virtual monopoly on perverting Africa’s people for more than a century.

    1. J. R. Boyer 19 Dec 2012, 6:54pm

      Further, although it’s wonderful to learn of the progress in Cote d’Ivore, Mozambique and Cape Verde (as well as those signatories to the UN LGBT rights resolution), South Africa remains (at present) the only nation on the continent with full equality (including marriage) written into its constitution – for which we thank Peter Tatchell (inspired by Nelson Mandela’s loyalty to the memory of Cecil Williams, who was arrested with him the same day – and relocated to England soon after, continuing to bring attention to the fight until his death more than a decade before Mandela was freed).

  15. ya know those Pentecostals, they pray all day and hump all night

  16. Pentacostals = arent those the snake players?

    From various things I’ve read they are the ones guilty of not just murdering gay people but chopping off limbs and burning all the remains

    welcome to religion – why are we fighting in Afghan while we have the same nut cases in the west. There is little difference between extremist islams and extremist christians

  17. Why is it that the gay community calls everyone intolerant and in reading your articles it you people are the most hateful and intolerant out there. I know you all think I am a homophobe, but you would be wrong. Phobia implies a fear, and I am not afraid of your behavior, I think your behavior is sick and homosexual behavior is a mental illness.

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