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Trinidad and Tobago: Prime Minister to give ‘due consideration’ to LGBT discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. If they want to join the civilised world they need to get on with decriminalisation ASAP. A long road ahead for our community in that part of the world.

  2. Paul from Tacoma, WA 19 Dec 2012, 11:55am

    Start with legalising gay sex and change the Immigration Act by repealing the section that bans “homosexuals from entering the country”!

    By the way how do they check for homosexuals at the border of the country anyway!?

    What a silly law indeed!

    By the way the US (until 1991 when the silly law got repealed) also did ban homosexuals from entering the country!

    I bet you guys did not know that one!

  3. Then, I think I will encourage my friends and family to give ‘due consideration’ before patronising these quaint, backward, former-colonial nations my tourist cash. I think the UK Government should also give much more than ‘due consideration’ before handing out our tax money in overseas aid to any country which denies equal rights for all.

    1. Yes former colonial nations that have laws which are left over from the colonial era.

      I love the snobbery of people in this country who call these countries “backward” when ultimately when it is Britain’s legacy which is largely responsible for the homophobic laws that exist in them. I’m not saying all British people should feel “post-colonial guilt” but some actual perspective on the issue would be good. It’s easy to forget how quickly and how recently this country has surged ahead on gay rights and scoff at the rest of the world when they don’t do the same. I am just as disgusted by the discrimination in these countries as you are but because it’s just another example of humanity persecuting another group out of hatred and ignorance. Unfortunately there has been too much of that in history in case you hadn’t noticed.

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