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New York: Gay hospital worker jumps in front of train after paedophilia charges

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Reader comments

  1. Susan Marie Kovalinsky 19 Dec 2012, 4:16pm

    Tragic. Especially since the charges to do not automatically indicate criminality. At least not from my purview.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Dec 2012, 4:35pm

    Of course, it would have to be that right wing rag, the New York Post, no better than the Daily Mail or Telegraph. Another negative piece of news those in opposition to equal marriage lap up, one of the consequences of allowing gay couples to marry no less. I can just hear it.

    1. Susan Marie Kovalinsky 19 Dec 2012, 5:36pm

      Hopefully people with half a brain will know this is no reflection on gay marriage. I feel sorry for the man as we do not even know exactly what he did, or how aware he was of any criminal liability.

  3. Another suicide due to the working class’ new witch hunt. Grim.

    1. It could be or he could been guilty. You have no idea either way.

      Making statements like that is no better than assuming he did do it without all the facts.

      1. All people are innocent until proven guilty. I’m not willing to judge.

      2. Whether he was guilty or not isn’t the point. That rarely matters when all they want is more witches to burn.

  4. Where is the evidence of a witch hunt? The police are within their rights to arrest someone they suspect has committed a serious offence.

  5. Good riddance.

    (Awaits being arrowed down by this site’s paedophile contingent.)

  6. If you are innocent stay and fight your case. On the other hand…. No excuse for this.

    1. Refusing to testify will not be taken as inference of guilt in any court. Guilty or not his life was over when he was accused.

  7. You guys sympathise with him because he’s gay, but if he had been a church minister, you would all be foaming at the mouth, and saying how all religious people are potential paedos. Hypocrites.

  8. One does not know what prompted this action of his, whether it stems from the charges or what he may have been subjected to with the arrest and the police….right down to the utter embarrassment of the events….I, too, believe one is innocent until proven guilty…the facts of the case have not been presented and we all know that with the internet and at home photo-finishing…the “youth” of today can post their photos and be a hell of a lot more provocative than we ever could have at their ages…..and kids do lie about their ages….

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