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Nate Silver: My friends describe me as ‘sexually gay but ethnically straight’

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Reader comments

  1. What does that mean?

    1. I have no idea, it does sound like he has issues of acceptance – accepting himself

    2. Perhaps by ethnic he simply means he was born into a straight family. Hardly a unique position. I couldn’t really make head or tails of the article.

    3. Is this just a different way of saying “straight acting”? You know, so every knows that even though he loves cock it doesn’t mean he flounces down the street saying “Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous Daaaaahling!!” in hotpants and feather boa with a mini poodle in his bag along with Barbra records.

    4. “I’m attracted to and have sex with men but don’t feel I’m really a fully paid-up member of the Gay Tribe.”

      In my admittedly limited experience it strikes me as much easier not to be stereotypically ‘gay’ in the UK than it is in the US.

  2. That There Other David 19 Dec 2012, 10:01am

    America is a bit behind the UK on this one. We’ve already reached the point where the “gay” prefix isn’t always attached to a description of someone’s achievements (X Factor contestants excepted of course). Over there though it’s still pretty much the norm for journalists to add the word.

    I suppose after living in London for a year Nate Silver sees the addition as unnecessary, hence the comment. Not the best way of articulating the point though.

  3. Slow news day?

  4. Tom Cotner 19 Dec 2012, 2:38pm

    First, I’m pleased that he is comfortable enough with himself to come out as gay. Many people, especially professional people who must deal with the great unwashed, are reluctant to do that.
    Second, I admire his ability to use his mind in his chosen field, and be confident that people will take his word as carefully thought out.
    Third, I think he is adorable!!!

  5. Does he even know himself what he means? Because I don’t.

  6. He’s such a hero in the United States. When many Obama supporters were freaking out thinking all was lost, Nate’s steady polling analysis proved calming. Everyone knew he was a Jewish policy wonk, but to also find out he’s gay just uplifts my spirits. Saying he’s “ethnically straight” is an awkward (or perhaps subtle) way of saying his dominant characteristics are modern New York Jew, and not contemporary gay. He never seems to discuss romance, but is very much like most Jewish policy wonks I’ve met, nerdy and then some. I adored him before and today I think he’s smoking hot.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Dec 2012, 4:16pm

    I fail to understand what he means by gays gaining more acceptance would put a dent in our capacity to question broader injustice. Makes no sense. Gaining my full equality including marriage doesn’t mean I’m not less concerned about the plights of others around the world, in fact it strengthens it.

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