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Republican Mike Huckabee: The Newtown shootings were the fault of gay people

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Reader comments

  1. He is a vile excuse for a human being. Using this terrible tragedy to keep himself in the public eye.

    I don’t wish ill on anyone but I sometime think why can’t terrible things happen to hateful people like him.

    Those children were innocents who did not deserve to be gunned down in a place where they should have been at their safest.

    1. And the shooters mother was straight and collected guns. But that had nothing to do with it.

      1. Straight and divorced… but hey it’s the gay people who are destroying the sanctity of marriage with their dastardly love of the same sex.

  2. Huckabee is a vile opportunist, trying to solicit donations and whip up hatred over the bodies of the fallen.

    And the “god” he describes is a whiny petulant snot-nosed teenager who has tantrums when it can’t get its own way.

    The man is a contemptible beast of the highest order and – fortunately – has managed to drive a stake into the heart of his future Presidential ambitions by engaging in this vile behaviour.

    1. That is an insult to beasts ;-) there are some lovely beasts out there you know

  3. *speechless*… How… just.. how can someone be that stupid? I do believe in free speech, but c’mon man, a scapegoat is never the answer.

  4. Goodness, we have an awful lot of power and influence, don’t we? Ooh, hang on, maybe WE are God seeing as we can do all this!!!

    1. Robert (Kettering) 18 Dec 2012, 5:51pm

      I agree, seeing we are oh so powerful let’s see if we can move mountains; turn water into wine perhaps; or maybe cunjure up a lovely plague of boils on all those bigots in the House of Commons!

      I’ll be busy tonight guys being powerful!!

  5. Isn’t it worrying that this man has had a hand in running the USA government???

    1. well, technically, he hasn’t “had a hand in running the USA government”. He was governor of one of the states, and ran to be the republican candidate for a presidential election. He wasn’t chosen as the republican candidate.

      It’s a bit like saying the mayor of London has a hand in running the UK government.

      1. How did he even get to be governor. He is barking mad.

        “We diminish and even hold in contempt the natural family of a father and mother”

        When did that happen because I missed it. Where was the shooters straight father, presumably on a pro gay-marriage march?

  6. A poor simple huckabilly. But I have no pity for him. Hillbillies can be dangerous.

  7. Yeah, I think that Mr. Huckabee’s analysis is spot on, for a jackass Christian dominionist, history revisionist.

    1. A description of his voters too?

  8. That There Other David 18 Dec 2012, 3:06pm

    Another great example of exactly why the American electorate did the right thing in rejecting the Republican Party back in November. Any party in which someone like Huckabee can have serious influence cannot be trusted with government.

  9. So much for a “loving” God, eh? I certainly wouldn’t want to believe in any being that thinks killing children and wrecking the lives of their families is a cool way to send a reminder to society.

    But, leaving that aside, this argument is just a pile of rubbish. If being tolerant of gay families and not ramming religion down people’s throats is the cause of massacres such as this, why is it that the much more secular, and much more tolerant UK (not to mention other countries that are less religious and more accepting of gay people than the US) doesn’t suffer similarly from these types of events?

    Either Huckabee’s God just doesn’t care about what happens in countries other than the US or, just perhaps, the real problem is a culture obsessed with guns and an idea of ‘freedom’ that ignores the consequences that freedom can have for others

  10. He obviously know more than anyone else about the motives of the shooter.

    I’m suspicious of this man. Perhaps the police could haul him in for questioning.

  11. As far as I know, the shooter was not gay nor was he from a gay family. Not sure how Huckabee connects Gay Marriage to this tragedy. I’m not really sure where the hell Huckabee comes up with this twisted logic. Basically, you can use that logic to condemn anything you don’t agree with. To think that Jesus would have condoned such senseless and hateful behavior as killing innocent children and loving adults is just beyond me. What kind of a sadistic God do they believe in? Certianly not a loving father that Jesus described.
    Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Focus on the Family, Tony Perkins and the Family Reasech Council. and their ilk (including te Pope) might as well join the Westboro Baptist cult and march in the “God Hates Fags” parade. They are all full of ignorance and hate.

    1. Precisely – Huckabee seems unaware that the murderer was from a pretty standard US nuclear family. Pretty standard in its attitude to stockpiling weapons too.

  12. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2012, 3:22pm

    What a disgusting man!!

    How many more time do we have to hear this? How many more innocent people esp the young will listen to this and feel the pressure piling on to take their own lives?

    These nasty people don’t think their words have consequences but they do. This is about innocent children and teachers being attacked, killed… Murdered. That is totally the fault of the Americans who have such stupid guns laws but also the US lack of proper provisions and acceptence of people with mental health issues.

    At the heart of this the gun laws are solely to blame. I can’t understand how the US gun lobby can justify it’s own strength by Not seeking to act to stop such vicious crimes like these.

    Mike Huckabee is, as usual, talking out of his arse. To use these children for his political and religious hatred gain is beyond words, beyond reason.

    How many more, will listen to his vile words and that of groups like the WBC and act on them?

    He should be ashamed.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Dec 2012, 3:52pm

      Their republican party is infested with people of his ilk. You can’t get elected in America unless you profess a religious belief. No atheist could ever expect to be elected.

      They have an extremely unhealthy love affair with guns, ingrained in them since the founding of the country. It just isn’t enough to have an armed police force. I think many Americans live in a constant state of siege and paranoia to feel an urgent need to have a gun in their home.

      I’m thankful I live in the UK, its own violent crime notwithstanding. A far better place in my view.

  13. Did I get that right, Huckabee? My smart phone and I are responsible for the massacre in Newtown?

    It’s not me with blood on my hands – it’s you – with the blood of seemingly countless gay youth who commit suicide as a result of the lies and bullying of you and your ilk.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Dec 2012, 3:48pm

    Who was he blaming before same-sex marriage were a reality in 9 states and 11 countries? His country was founded on violence. It’s in their psyche and enshrined in their second amendment of the Constitution, the right to bear arms, originally intended for a militia to be ready to defend the colonies during the revolution.

    It’s the most violent western society in peace time. Texas is now calling for a law allowing teachers to bring guns into their class rooms to prevent another incident of this kind. Be thankful we don’t live in a country as f_cked up as that.

  15. Thank gawd he failed in his bid to be the US President! What a delusional looney! You know what Huckabee, I think Fundamentalist Christians, like you and the Pope are to be blamed for the Newtown massacre. Yes, Jesus told me so in a Deep Southern dream. He said the hatred and evil spewed by both you and the Pope was mirrored and manifested by a so-called Adam Lanza. Jesus spoke to me directly! You, Mike Huckabee are reason for this tragedy!

  16. Sandra Young 18 Dec 2012, 4:05pm

    Huckabee is a horrible person! Let’s not forget his own son hung, tortured, stoned and cut the throat of a stray dog! Fox news is full of vicious, hate-filled, terrible people who spew shit from their mouths while claiming to be Christians. They make me sick!

  17. Jesus moran 18 Dec 2012, 4:13pm

    What a asshole he knows is wrong instead blame it on us , the real reason why this horrible thing happened to those angels is because heterosexuals have failed raising their own children, taking them to shooting classes, letting watch violence on tv, getting divorce and for traumatising their sons and doughters , killing them and making news about it all over the media , hating minorities etc etc oh wait a minute and reading that crazy book called the bible, this needs to stop , this constant atack is simply out of control , we need to stick together!!!!!!

  18. What a stupid gonk! It never ceases to amaze me that adults come out with this dangerous clap trap and believe it.

  19. Absolutely incredible.Beyond belief.

  20. The man is looney tunes, as are so many of those who feel the need to be the moral arbiters of our times. Morals and ethics and, if desired, religion, should be taught in the home. Schools are not there to fill in for unfulfilled parental duties. And the religious right seems to be unable to grasp the concept of separation of church and state.

  21. LOL, this guy is a joke…what he is saying makes no sense…because of gay people, abortion etc….god is killing children to teach humanity a lesson!?!?!? LOL WTF KIND OF GOD DOES HE BELIEVE IN??? what a fool…you have to have be brave when you have ignorant thoughts like this in the 21st century….

  22. America seems to have more than its fair share of fruit cakes as well.

  23. …and the winner of wack job, bigot of the year goes to….

  24. Let me clear up a few points or non-Us observers.

    First of all, god does not care what happens in the UK or Canada, etc. because Americans obviously are the Chosen People; Jesus was actually an American, just ask the Mormons. So the fact that god punishes AMERICA or doing things half-assed that Canada or other places do Fully Assed (so to speak) should not surprise anyone.

    Now then, god gave us free will to do whatever we think is right, and if we do wrong, obviously he cannot just allow us to exercise that free will freely. So he will slay a few kids to make a point. For example in the bible he had bears tear apart 42 children to punish them for making fun of a prophet’s baldness. Of course some may say it’s a big step for god to rip to bits 30 children who have nothing to do with that exercise of free will, but hey, you gotta play the cards you’re handed. God is sorry but he really had to teach us a lesson. So there.

    Thanks for your time and attention.

  25. Boycott FOX NEWS until they fire him from his job there. Give him something to really blame us for !!!!!

  26. connor larkin 18 Dec 2012, 8:18pm

    Rev. Gubnor Huckabee was governor of Arkansas when the Jonesboro school shootings occurred. He refused to,return immediately from his Puerto Rican family holiday to provide ‘leadership’ for the city, state, and families. This total fool cannot recall his own moral failures for his indifference to the Jonesboro tragedy on his watch. I’m sure Bob the Father in heaven is confused!

    1. But it wasn’t HIS fault, connor – it was, of course, OURS. Huckabee wrote a book about that massacre called “Kids Who Kill” and in it he blamed the massacre on gay people and every other thing/person he hates.

      What a coincidence that god hates all the same things as Huckabee, eh? And how very convenient…

  27. I SWEAR the powerthat gay people have is just awe inspiring. i’ve never known of a group of people b4 in all of history that had the power to affect so many things in this world. and most of them we don’t even have to be touching or near to do the magic.

    1. Apparently we also have the power to change the climate in the world and to cause hurricanes and earthquakes, like some kind of superhero powers. Are we LGBT people actually Marvel Omega-level mutants ?

  28. Jerry Spiegelman 18 Dec 2012, 9:20pm

    Can you believe this asshole ran for President? He should be tarred and feathered and then tarred again.

  29. Dave North 18 Dec 2012, 9:52pm

    What with all the smiting of the East Coast with hurricanes and the shootings in Newton, I never realized my power.

    Here I am in a village in Wales and the very act of entering into a CP caused all this chaos.

    My godlessness is a horror to behold.

    This idiocy is becoming so tiresome, I have decided to overdose as I cannot stand it any more.


  30. This story is completely untrue, inflammatory, and a total lie. What Huckabee said what outrageous and insensitive on its own, and for Pink news to inject their opinion that lurking underneath it all is – it’s the fault of the LGBT community is irresponsible and shoddy journalism.

    You need to do better Pink news. Report facts, not hyperbole.

    If you want to know what he said, click here.

    A video can be found here:

  31. friday jones 18 Dec 2012, 11:37pm

    “On his blog, he said: ‘our kids would rather have ear buds dangling from their ears, fingers attaching to a smartphone, and face attached to a computer screen.'”

    He said that bit about faces planted in computer screens on his BLOG. Without a hint of a wisp of a notion of just how ironic that was.

  32. Omg! Mental institution is the order of the day for that crazy man
    Some test his water as I fear he is tripping out.

  33. Omg! Mental institution is the order of the day for that crazy man
    Someone test his water as I fear he is tripping out.

  34. Michael Breen 19 Dec 2012, 3:48am

    I hate bad language but this twat is a fucking douche of the highest order. Go back to shagging your relations and keep your disgusting remarks to yourself.

  35. David Finkelstein 19 Dec 2012, 3:49am

    I cringe when I think about what kind of impression Americans must make upon the rest of the world. We have quite a few bona fide wackos here. Please don’t hate us. Feel sorry for us. We have to work and live with these very strange people.

  36. Jason Patrick 19 Dec 2012, 7:00am

    You all can say what you want, but in all honesty he is right and hes given voice to what I have been quietly wondering for a while. We have pushed God so far out of everything and that morality is no longer being passed on. But why? For more than 2000 years the Bible has taught peace, love, and understanding but we have decided as a society that we no longer need it so we abandon its teachings. Then we have children dying and people running around acting bat sh*t insane. Then we have people like you all running around spewing nonsense on forums and agreeing with each other leading people to believe you all are the standard by which us as a society should be judged when your not. Every one of you are free to speak your opinion but please stop acting like by stating your opinion that yours is the only possible point of view and you speak for anyone other than yourself and possibly a handful of other malcontents.

    1. No-one needs religion to be a good person. Religion originated from ancient ancestors who thought ‘the earth was flat’ and that everything in the sky ‘revolved around them’. They had no idea where we came from so they just made it up. Religion was then organised by male control freaks to control the masses.

      We’re just hairless apes, the human mammal, one of millions of species on this planet and we have no more right to exist than any of them. We have no more right to be here than a garden snail or a sewer rat.

      Why do you think you need the delusions of ancient ancestors to be a good person? Just be a good person. It’s not hard is it? Do you really need a book of nonsense to know the difference between right and wrong? Maybe that’s your problem. I assume you’re an adult, but you haven’t yet learned to think for yourself.

      There’s no ‘God’, no ‘heaven’, no ‘hell’, no ‘purgatory’. This is it. You get one chance, one life and then it’s all over. Grow up.

      1. Jason Patrick 19 Dec 2012, 1:07pm

        I find it amusing that you seek to condescend to me. You have assumed my belief in something, i was speaking of the bible and god as a belief system not as an absolute certainty upon death. The difference between you and I apparently is that I am not speaking about something I know nothing about. What I mean by that is both you and I are alive, so naturally neither of us knows what will happen when our life runs its course. I cannot say I will go to “heaven” or “hell” or “purgatory” or see “God”. What I can say is I wont thread the theories of other people together to assume I know for a fact something that is unknowable. Do I believe everything in the Bible as absolute fact? No, but I don’t ignore the value of the words and the effect it has had on the human race for longer than either of us have been alive combined.

        Just be a good person? How can a person with learn to be a good person with no moral boundries? A good moral code of conduct at a developmental age is necessary.

  37. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 19 Dec 2012, 11:41am

    What a total dickhead!

    Typical bigoted scumbag!

  38. Paul from Sydney, NSW Australia 19 Dec 2012, 3:13pm

    Has he completely lost his brain cells from drinking way too much alcohol last night or what?

    He has a face of a kiddy fiddler!

    I swear he just had sex with his younger brother!

  39. and yet not one person involved in any form of massacre that i am aware of has ever come from a same-sex parent family

    1. Bigots don’t like the facts to get in the way of their “truths.”

  40. the headline onthis article is totally misleading.
    Huckerbee said no such thing.
    this article is just an attempt to whip up the emotions of people who see what they want to see rather than what is written
    shoddy journalism

  41. Raymond Hilliard 20 Dec 2012, 8:39am

    What a stupid idiot he must be!

  42. Political & religious extremist? Never seen proof of a God yet

  43. Words Fail Me!

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