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Russian football club declines “stupid” fan club request to avoid gay or black players

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 18 Dec 2012, 1:52pm

    Good for him. I hope he also gets ready with the ban stick if these fans take it onto the terraces.

  2. Perhaps they need some sort of fan selection process. Counting their brain cells maybe?

  3. Hodge Podge 18 Dec 2012, 5:32pm

    Sad :(

  4. PantoHorse 18 Dec 2012, 6:15pm

    I read it, but I haven’t found one mention of him saying he has declined the ‘request’ to discriminate on sexuality. His words were about “origin, religion or skin colour”, “different countries and ethnic groups” and “initiatives to combat xenophobia and racism.

    To get from what he actually said the headline that he has declined a request to avoid gay players is to read the words and hear what you want to hear. Avoiding “stupidity” and not “limiting… player selection in any superficial way” only works as an anti-homphobia statement if you want it to, because you believe it to be stupid.

    He hasn’t openly said he has declined the request to avoid gay players.

    1. Well he did say “We have absolutely no policy in Zenit of limiting our player selection in any superficial way” which is pretty clear.

      1. PantoHorse 19 Dec 2012, 9:19am

        Only if you hear what you want to hear when you read it.

  5. PN why is this story not filed under community, as per the story that elicited this response?

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