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Liverpool midfielder Suso fined £10,000 by FA for calling teammate ‘gay’

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Reader comments

  1. “included a reference to a person/s sexual orientation and/or disability.”

    I think they’ve totally missed the point. It doesn’t look to me like a a reference to his sexuality; rather the use of “gay” as a pejorative term.

  2. That is nothing for him.

    For racial insults, players have been fined larger amounts and banned for games, yet for calling someone gay, it is a £10k fine, which really is a drop in the ocean when you consider his salary.

    It is these actions that make people think that homophobia and using the term gay in a negative way such as this is acceptable, when it is not!

  3. Not to rush to judgement, but between Enrique and Suso, my gaydar goes off on Suso. Enrique, not so much. A case of ‘he who doth protest too much”? Anything to tell us, Suso?

  4. Seriously, he’s calling someone “gay”, with a gayface like that?

    1. ‘Course, because we all love stereotypes and stereotyping, don’t we?

  5. I read this in The Guardian. The worse thing is that there’s no indication that either of this pair of homophobics gits has understood a thing about using ‘gay’ as an insult. Apparently; (The Guardian) “Enrique also took to the social networking site: “Is amazing how FA can fine my friend Suso Fernandez for a banter thing. Was just a joke!”” Enrique wrote. Are they just too thick or is it wilful?

  6. Weird picture. Looks like his head was photoshopped on.

    Anyway, this is the kind of thing that makes people hate homosexuals. How can homosexuals pretend to be oppressed when they’re already a group with Protected Status and more rights than everyone else?

    1. More rights than anyone else – do tell us what those are, Caligula. We’re obviously all missing out. Go on – list all these ‘special rights’ we have.

    2. why the capital letters on Protected Status?

  7. This is the result of middle class twats invading was a working class sport. As a working class sport, being called a black/gay/fat bastard etc, was just part of the football banter. Any player who can’t handle shouldn’t be on a football pitch.

    1. LOL. Caligula. You are spending lots of time on this site. Studies have shown that people who hate homosexuals are usually resentful of their own same-sex attraction. Come out. Be happy.

      1. Junk science. Or are you implying that people who hate paedophiles are secretly resentful of their attraction to children? It’s the same thing.

    2. of course, caligula is a real working class name, you obviously know all about the working class. FFS.

    3. Hate to break it to you Callie old thing, but using minorities for derogatory ‘banter’ isn’t limited to the working classes, you can find stupid people in all classes.

  8. Dave North 18 Dec 2012, 9:46pm

    Dear Pinknews.

    STOP turning this rag into drivel about Celebs. and their issues.

    Equality is the fish to be fried.

    Not overpaid pig skin kickers and their ignorance.

  9. The world has gone truly insane.

  10. My sister who lives with my father and his wife, shee uses term gay as a negative conotation.

    Hurts a lot when its left to me to tell her not to say it as everyone in this family is homophobic. Cant be open as not in a position to be.

    To only get a £10k fine for a footballer is less than a night out on the town.

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