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Anti-equal marriage Tory MP leaves Twitter after backlash

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Reader comments

  1. He can’t take the criticism, simple as that.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2012, 10:53am

      No, but he can give the Bigotry.

      No point him being an MP if he can’t debate, nor take criticism. He is elected for the people after all, not for his own thoughts but to do the will of those who voted for him.

      1. Indeed Jock. Your comment about being elected for the people is something that all MP’s should remember but not many, if any at all, seem to remember that. They all seem to be only in it for what they can get!

    2. And it makes you wonder what skeleton’s are hiding in Gordon Henderson’s closet, especially after Bob Blackman’s bedroom farce.
      Whenever the bigots point at others, mostly they are trying to distract attention from themselves for some reason.

      1. We can only hope that some skeleton falls out of that and indeed other anti-marriage opponents closets sooner rather than later.

  2. “They show a level of intolerance, towards anyone who does not support their opinion that hints at the very prejudice that those tweeters claim is being perpetuated on the gay community.”

    Ahhhh, that well worn complaint: “they won’t sanction my bigotry which makes them the bigots”.
    Sure, I don’t have much time for Naz!s or the KKK either… go figure.
    You still have your free speech if you don’t throw your toys out of the pram you big oaf.
    You just don’t get to choose how others call you out on it when you treat entire minorities as second class.

    1. Gordon’s got himself all a-twitter about a level playing field. It must have come as a shock to the poor old dear to find out that he wasn’t standing on Mount Olympus after all, but a brownfield site.

  3. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2012, 10:51am

    mmmmm, surely this couldn’t mean his is in a minority? Oh yes thats right, he is!!

    Typical of this kind of bigot. Gives it but can’t take it. If he gets opposition he closes the debate.

    What strikes me is how can they justify it? esp in Parliament where they act in the same shameful way?

    He can shut down the ‘debate’ but he can’t shut down Equality in the making, no matter how much he wishes he could.

  4. Paul from Brighton 18 Dec 2012, 11:17am

    Something ironic about a Tory old-guard complaining that he’s the victim of intolerance….

  5. Or he could be just a dense old git with medieval prejudices and he can’t stand getting back what he gives out.

    Another dinosaur bites the dust.

  6. If he ever loses his job because of his bigotry his looks will qualify him for a bit-part in the next Flintstones movie anyway, every cloud has a silver lining.

    1. Take the hair off, paint him green and you’ve got Shrek.

      1. You’re right, and with a couple of funnel shaped ears he’d be the spitting image!

      2. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2012, 2:43pm

        An insult to Shrek, surely!! lol

  7. Fire with fire eh? If your going to be a bigot then learn how to deal with the backlash.

  8. “They show a level of intolerance, towards anyone who does not support their opinion that hints at the very prejudice that those tweeters claim is being perpetuated on the gay community.”

    Any intolerance is surely on the part of those who oppose equal rights in the first place.

  9. Fine, jog on ya cowardly snivelling wretch.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Dec 2012, 12:27pm

    He has to lie about why he had to close his account. He and his kind have been dishing it out to us since the equal marriage debate began. Now when we give it back to him, he plays the victim card. What a coward! Typical bloody Tory bigot. If he can’t take the heat, then resign. He’s not fit to represent anyone. The problem with these morons is that they don’t know how or refuse to separate personal belief from their duty to represent all of their constitutents, no matter how controversial an issue might be. You’d think they’d take a cue from David Cameron who is a brilliant example of what an MP should be, all things to all people, no matter the unpopularity of a piece of legislation that only affects gay people and nobody else.

  11. The letter in the Telegraph says the following: “The proposed redefinition of marriage is unnecessary, given the legal rights established through civil partnerships.”

    In that case, everyone who signed it should be willing to have it put into law that they cannot be married, only CP’d.

  12. Yeah? Same level of intolerance? Lemme see the pics of you in hospital bruised, bruised, battered, with your jaw wired shut for healing, or perhaps instead, some stories of how you and yours have been beaten to death for your views and then perhaps you can claim parity. Odious git.

  13. Didn’t take him long to find out that if you launch grenades from inside a glass house that the glass house you launch them from won’t stop the same grenades being launched straight back. Welcome to the level playing field of modern technology.

  14. Complaining you cannot hold a meaningful debate on your twitter account is like buying a mini and them moaning about lack of space

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Dec 2012, 1:49pm

    If the bulk of the negative comments were so great to cause him to close his account, then what does that say about those who support him? If they’re in such great numbers, why would he feel the need to shut down? He’s outnumbered and in the minority and he can’t deal with it.

  16. Keith Francis Farrell 18 Dec 2012, 1:53pm

    seems he cannot take the heat

  17. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Dec 2012, 2:17pm

    I’m assuming he managed perfectly well with 140 characters up to the point he started spouting his intolerance.

  18. Garry Keeler 19 Dec 2012, 6:55am

    I wrote to this nasty bit of pond slime as he is, sadly my MP, about the NHS destruction bill . I pointed out this disgusting bill was not in any manifesto including the coalition agreement. This was dismissed as not valid. It apparently is now a valid argument—funny that isn’t it?
    As much as I hate the tories congratulations to the PM for one of the very few decent things he has done

    1. When I heard that “no mandate” argument, I was waiting for someone to point out that a coalition has, by definition no mandate to do anything, including introducing Police Commissioners and holding a referendum on AV! Certainly they have enacted laws which were in neither of the manifestos of the Cons or LibDems, with no adverse comment from their back-benchers.

  19. ..the Gaystapo have been busy again trying to silence anyone who believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman.It’s impossible to have a debate with the homosexual lobby since all they are brainwashed that everyone is a ‘bigot’ or ‘homophobic’.

    “The attacks on freedom of thought start with language. Those who do not resign themselves to accept “homophilia” (the theoretical appreciation of homosexual relations) are charged with “homophobia” (etymologically, the “fear of homosexuality”). “

  20. Twitter is a waste of time. Up with facebook, at least you can have a meaningful discussion on facebook. Twitter can’t be used for meaningful discussion; its only good for short comments. Also I’m afraid the anonymity of facebook lets people of low moral standards behave badly. I’m for raising standards, not lowering them.

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