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Heated equal marriage debate pair release single in support of marriage equality

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  1. I support

  2. She used to be just a stupid cow. Now she’s a stupid cow doing something positive. Good for her.

  3. This is a good argument to use. I saw it in a thread at The Independent.

    You’re religious and straight and you’re getting married at St. Pat’s at 2.30, so why are you pissing all over the wedding scheduled for 4.30? Shouldn’t you be focussing on the joy and love of your own wedding? Why are you so fixated on the fact that the couple getting married at 4.30 are of the same sex?

    The reason can only be that your wedding isn’t actually about your love for each other: it’s about you proving to the world that you’re “OK”, that you’re “normal”, that you’re straight. But your wedding ought to be about you and your partner focussing on your love and your life-long commitment to each other.

    (Copy and paste it round, folks.)

  4. On the face of it a good thing, but like everything in ‘reality’ tv, there’s nothing much real. Some of her comments suggest that this is, for her at least, a money making venture to promote herself and lengthen a naturally short 15 minutes of fame.

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