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Brighton: Gay couple left devastated and traumatised after homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. This is absolutely shocking.

    And don’t imagine for a moment that the kind of anti-gay statements being made in the national media by some bigoted politicians, homophobic campaigners, and senior churchpeople, do not create and nurture a climate where violent homophobic attacks feel natural and justified to the perpetrators.

    1. Completely agree with this. It’s why it’s more important than ever for all of us to stand up and loudly and proudly proclaim who we are, and that we’ll stand for nothing short of complete equality.

      Much love and heartfelt concern for the couple who were attacked. It’s shaming and disgraceful that such things are still happening today.

    2. Very well put Gazza. And wait for the posts to come in the tabloid press that they were asking for it by holding hands.

      1. Well it’s quite clearly a provocation. They’re daring someone to say or do something about it, under the mistaken impression that they can get away with rubbing other people’s noses in it because they’re protected by “hate crime” legislation. It’s people like this who create the “anti-gay” climate.

  2. Can anyone tell me why Kemptown is becoming less safe for LGBT people? Have there been any changes which explain this?

    1. Mostly because it is an absolute shit hole and a dump; filthy streets, sqalid businesses, the whole kit and caboodle.
      It has always been this way and is only ever (slightly) different when there is some big event on such as pride.

    2. Because Kemptown is by and large a dump which attracts the lowest forms of life.
      What I say may sound odd but to walk around the place and see the scruffy streets, scruffier people, and general lack of care, is an education.

    3. Simply, a huge influx of Eastern Europeans & their anti-gay catholic views they bring with them to this particular area and surrounding towns.

      1. Trust me that the Kemptown area has sufficient home grown scruffs of its own.
        I doubt the attackers will prove to be Eastern European just East Brighton.
        A walk along St James St and St Georges Rd will show you hundreds of examples.
        The place is full of scruffy bars, scruffier shops, but with a few good places thrown in; the one where the owners take a little pride.

  3. This is disapointing. My friend and I have holidayed in Brighton several times and have never felt intimidated in any way. We’ll be back next year and I can but hope that the Sussex Police can sort this issue out.

  4. Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

    And as the poor guys said, in Brighton of all places!

    I was mugged in Spain earlier this year so I really do empathise and really sorry to have read this. I hope they can recover.

    1. Were you mugged in Sitges?
      The place has become a haven of street crime in recent years.

    2. David Waite 18 Dec 2012, 1:42am

      Too cruel anywhere. Even here in the US, a place where old black gay men have no sane illusions about such behavior, it would be difficult to locate a crowd who would just stand by while a groub beat and stomped a couple nowadays. The thugs themselves are found the world over, ‘excused’ by their poverty and ignorance, which are nourished and perpetuated by men who cling to power by fostering a convenient symbol to hate.

  5. Horrible for those people. So psychologically damaging as well as physically.
    Happy now, your Holiness???

  6. So-called religious people and politicians would do well to moderate their language when attacking gay people- this kind of thing being one of the consequences.

    1. Perhaps they, the religious people, rejoice that gays are getting what they truly deserve?

      1. if you’re homophobic then what are you doing on a gay news site? something you want to tell us?..

    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2012, 9:33am

      I agree, John.

      The language used in Parliament by hateful MP’s goes someway to contribute to this behaviour.

      It does stand out that marriage equality needs to be implemented as soon as possible. It can no longer be acceptable in the 21st Century that bigots and their followers can find excuses in equality to attack and harm others.

      Remove the excuses and those people can only stand out for the unacceptable hatred they have and should be treated accordingly.

      1. What difference would “marriage equality” make? That only gives people more excuses to “hate”. When you rub other people’s noses in your lifestyle, you can’t not expect people to react negatively.

  7. Sadly, what is the most shocking to me, is how naive a deluded most LGBT people are into thinking things have really changed for us. Acceptance is only superficial, hatred and prejudice are as rooted within society as they were 10 years ago. The enemy is the same , but unlike us it has balls, and unfortunately it has teeth!! When will be wake uo and fight back , as a community? verbal outrage is not enough any more. it will not deter the bigots, it will not disarm the breeders that attack us on a regular basis. And do not believe for any second that any “justice” will prevail coming from our elected representatives or the courts. Nothing will change until we fight back. Maybe it’s time to show the haters we are willing to fight back. Are we? Are you??

  8. I don’t know why people seem to be shocked that this happened in Brighton. My experience has never been that it’s as tolerant or accepting a town as it’s portrayed; my boyfriend and I were verbally, homophobically abused there and asked not to hold hands in a sea front restaurant. It’s just another small-minded sea side town on two separate visits. The fact that a few extra LGBT people go there for a party ever year is more to do with its proximity to London than its liberal attitudes. This latest attack is a terrible incident but not surprising.

  9. GingerlyColors 18 Dec 2012, 7:26am

    It took five of them to attack two men. How brave of them!

  10. I wish the guys all the best.

    Until gay people hit the streets and make demands and stop looking the after way nothing will ever change. We should be out on the streets peacefully protesting.

    How many attacks go unreported , a lot.


  11. I wish the guys a speedy recovery.

    I was in Brighton earlier this year after not having been for a while and I can’t believe how it has gone downhill. It was just an awful atmosphere.

    “Not a week goes by without a serious incident”. If this is the case, then why are the police not putting the resources into sorting this out. After all, isn’t that the whole point of why we are encouraged to report homophobic incidents, so resources are placed to tackle them?

  12. Jock S. Trap 18 Dec 2012, 9:29am

    This is appalling anywhere but esp in Brighton of all places. It’s senseless and violence like this is beyond words. I hope those responsible are caught and get the proper sentence they deserve.

    Judges across the land need to start making examples of such hateful people no matter what their age. This kind of crime needs to be seen as disgusting as it is and sentences that reflect how unacceptable this is.

    My heart goes out to Graham and Tony and I hope and wish for a speedy recovery… xx

  13. Did this vicious and terrible gang attack make it to local or national tv news? No. I don’t think it did. Imagine the puplicity and outcry if this happened to a straight black couple beaten up by a gang of racist local thugs…it would be all over the news channels. I think that puts it into perspective regarding the attitude not just of local society who still think they can walk around and get away with this but the total lack of reporting responsibility from local and even national tv/radio. You get the feeling even now we are STILL not being taken seriously as a community and at the same time, there happy to publisise all the hatred and anti gay sentiment regarding the issue of gay marriage for example. Laws may change. Does not mean attitude will.

    1. If they’d have been a white heterosexual couple attacked by a gang of racist blacks, it’d have received even less news coverage, so be grateful for the fact that homosexuals have Protected Status in this country.

  14. This is an horrendous attack, but with everything going on in the news, the churches and everything else, something was bound to happen. everyone going on about equality for marriage,( i dont want to marry in a church) and we still cant walk hand in hand down a high street without abuse. The powers that be, shud get the basics sorted first.

  15. turddd disease rectum 18 Dec 2012, 4:21pm

    If you witness disgusting omodeviant behaiour, do not kick or punch. The deviants may respond better to an explanation of the sinful nature o their disgusting behaviour

    1. My God, you are right. I hadn’t realised how sinful and wrong my lifestyle was. Thank the Lord that right-minded, rational and compassionate people like you are around to show us all the error of our ways. Your good work in monitoring sites such as this is clearly motivated by kindness and has nothing to do with the fact that you get a cheap thrill out of phrases like “turdd disease rectum”. Merry Christmas to you.

  16. “It’s been nearly ten years since I was first attacked and I thought that things had changed.”

    There’s something deeply shocking about that statement, as if being attacked should be a part of someone’s life at all.

    I lived in Brighton for a while believing it was a haven of sanctuary and lost count of the amount of people who were beaten up in the time I was there. If we can’t feel safe in Brighton then where can we?

    This couple are in my thoughts, I hope they heal physically and just as importantly, recover psychologically as well.

    1. As depressing as this case is it surprises me not a jot; if you ask me this is what happens when you have a Criminal Justice System unfit for purpose, stuffed full of lily livered do gooders , spineless Judges , useless probation officers all with a defeatist attitude towards this sort of unsociable nasty behaviour, consider this when voting in your next feeble minded Member of Parliment.

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