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Bishop Gene Robinson: Jesus was pro-gay and spent most of his time with 12 men

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Reader comments

  1. Another one who see’s my point of view about Jesus.

    Although he failed to mention that he was also best friends with a good time girl!

    1. The three women who supported his wanderings – Mary Magdalene among them – were probably not prostitutes, but were women of weath, standing and independence and Mary herself was most likely the thirteenth disciple of Jesus.

    2. Maybe he just liked thirteen ways. At least some of the apostles would want some girly action. :)

  2. I can almost hear the heads of the fundies exploding!

  3. It’s a fair point that Jesus kept his mouth shut about homosexuality. Perhaps Christians attempting to emulate his behavior should do the same.

    1. Perhaps Jesus had little to say about homosexuality because it was much less of a contentious issue 2000 years ago than it is now?

      Let’s not forget that Jesus himself preached the concept of love and forgiveness; he certainly didn’t seem to advocate the wanton wrath and destruction wrought in God’s name as is suggested in many of the books of the Old Testament. And yet it is always passages from the Old Testament that are wheeled out when so-called Christians want to find anything to condemn what they disapprove of.

      In many respects Jesus was a radical liberal and I think Gene Robinson makes a valid point. If only there were more Christians of his ilk in the establishment .

  4. Lynda Yilmaz 17 Dec 2012, 2:26pm

    It’s also a mistake to assume he was white and looked like the Renaissance paintings. Good on this Bishop, I can imagine the spluttering outrage he caused when he said this.

    1. Methinks he looked more like Yassar Arafat than Robert Powell, but heaven forbid that we reflect on the fact that his (adoptive) father was Palestinian and his mother a Jew.

      If you look at things from a historical perspective, Jesus was supposed to unite the peoples of God in a new and and inclusive faith. Sadly that was not to be and now more wars and injustice have been fought in his and God’s name, than any other.

  5. I have no respect for anyone who willingly subscribes to any one of the world’s religious delusions, but at least this particular deluded religious is pushing the limits of his thinking and causing other deluded Xians to think as well.

    I hope he will one day push aside his Xian crutches and walk through life unaided by hocus-pocus and mumbo-jumbo.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Dec 2012, 2:50pm

    To think we don’t even have one Anglican bishop who speaks the way he does. Episcopalians are already allowed to marry gay couples if they so choose in states where it is legal.

    I think all of those Anglican clergy in the UK should form their own Episcopalian branch, really put an end to the stranglehold of the Anglican church in our country. The Episcopalians also welcome women bishops with open arms. It would be a simpler way to end state religion. The Anglicans would lose many people if we had a large growing Episcopal congregation.

  7. What’s striking is that Jesus lived in a world (post-Hellenistic, Roman-controlled Middle East) where it was considered the norm to be attracted to both sexes, and not a big deal to be attracted primarily or only to one. It was a very different sexual environment from ours. And in that permissive world, he spoke not one word condemning same-sex relationships or behavior. Surely if he was the son of God, and if homosexuality was as big a sin as fundamentalists preach, he would have mentioned it?

  8. If you look at the Nativity with modern eyes it’s like something straight out of Jeremy Kyle.

    Mary’s a bit of posh skirt who has been seeing a scally lad called Joe. Her family aren’t happy, so she leaves him, but turns up 3-months later obviously knocked up. She swears she’s not been unfaithful to him and is still a virgin. Muggins takes her back and agrees to raise the kid as his own.

    So Joe has to go away and drags a heavily-pregnant Mary along for the ride. The lad’s a bit soft and hasn’t booked them a B&B and as it’s Christmas everywhere’s fully booked. She’s pissed off and to make matters worse her waters break and before he can get her to A&E, she goes into labour and has her bairn in the back of the car.

    Now they’re back home she’s saying the kid’s the Son of God and he wants a DNA-test.

  9. Cheap innuendos to sell a book, well done bishop

    1. Questioning the anti-gay christian agenda by referencing the life of Jesus is innuendo?

  10. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko 18 Dec 2012, 11:40am

    Quit judging 1st century culture and climate by 21st century popular culture.

  11. George Broadhead 18 Dec 2012, 7:25pm

    What nonsense!

    Given the purtitanical views expressed by Jesus in the Gospels on other aspects of sexual morality (e.g. divorce) it is hardly likely that he would have taken a more beniign stance on gay sexual relationships than his contemporaries.

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