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Video: The sick film that Westboro Baptist Church made to blame gay rights for Newtown school masacre

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Reader comments

  1. this video makes me feel physically sick… reminds me eerily of Nazi propaganda against Jews example ‘The Eternal Jew’ that I was showed in school… I can’t believe these people are allowed to say these things…

  2. It wont last too long, I can imagine it’s already being severely down voted. I’m reporting it right now.

  3. Benjamin Cohen 16 Dec 2012, 10:02pm

    We posted this video to expose them!

    1. Ye I hear they hate the exposure they get for all their attention grabbing spiel.

  4. this is sick how can a religion create so much hate?

  5. haha!
    the video is already gone.

    1. Kudos to You Tube for being so responsive! I guess this is the one time that WBC right to free speech under the “Constitution” doesn’t apply!

  6. 2 minutes 37 seconds.
    And I can thank God for being too late to see them.

  7. I was tempted to dismiss this as just another example of WBC’s obnoxious behaviour, hardly worth a takedown request on Youtube or an article on here. Sadly, the reality is different.

    When WBC try to picket military funerals their activities are frustrated to a considerable extent by the Federal law on picketing of military funerals, and by the very altruistic actions of the Patriot Guard Riders who provide an escort for the cortege and try to keep the WBC out of sight and view of the mourners.

    Unfortunately the PGR are saying on their website that they cannot intervene in this case as it is outside of their remit. Neither will the legal protection for military funerals apply.

    I hope some legal and constitutional way will be found to keep WBC away from Newtown so they can grieve and bury their victims with dignity.

    1. While a hetero man myself, I find this church disgusting. Even if you don’t support gay marriage, this is a revolting way of showing it. What ever happened to civil discourse? God doesn’t hate gays anymore than he hates heteros such as myself.

    2. I just found the following link!

      So far the only place which has passed laws immediately to restrict WBC protest is Arizona. A 300ft distance has to be observed 1 hour restriction prior/after funerals. I recall a similar ban was proposed by the President, but I can’t find any recent related information.

  8. Jael Holroyd 16 Dec 2012, 11:55pm

    Westboro Baptist Church is on answering questions about why they would picket the vigil of the Sandy Hook Elementary Newton, CT shooting victims:

  9. “God sent the shooter…”
    So couldn’t do it himself?
    Or is this ‘God’ a coward?
    I’d vote neither. God wasn’t there.

  10. If this was an act of god, that god doesn’t deserve worship, it deserves derision

  11.… have on their website a petition for people to sign to enable prevention of protest at funerals in CT

  12. It’s a weird sick family. 70 members at the most.They are fcking nutters. Please Pink News, concentrate on serious issues.

  13. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:18am

    Tehy are not terribly different then evangelist Pat Robertson who said the Haitians deserved the terrible earthquake. (becasue they practice voodoo.)

    Time to put all these creeps into a rocket and aim it at the sun

    Or just send them to Saudi land where the sword is mightier then the pen or videos. And with good reason (the crusades) the saudis dont like xtians.

  14. Joshua Dimmack 17 Dec 2012, 9:02am

    I wish you would choose not to cover any story about them They do this for the attention. You are completely within your rights to cover this story, but I think it is counter productive.

  15. Missy Obvious 17 Dec 2012, 9:07am

    Not sure what you mean by ‘The video is gone’. While I have no intention to watch the garbage, I clicked ‘play’, and it started showing me the video. So it is clearly still there.

    On another note….I am sure that there will be plenty of people more than willing to guard the funerals from these insane people. In fact, there is a FaceBook group that is organizing a peaceful counter action, and several larger groups have shown support as well.
    From the looks of it, they have been asked by Newton Town officials NOT to attend though, so they are on ‘standby’.

  16. Jock S. Trap 17 Dec 2012, 11:57am

    This shows them to be more than sick!!

    What despicable people… such hate. To have such hate they much hate themselves with a passion.

    Time to close their over exposure and stop the harm they do. Some will see this video as a green light for fame seeking just like the WBC… they clearly play on the already vunerable to do their work that then they can then take credit for.

    Shameful… Disgusting.

  17. If this organisation was in UK, at least it would be banned and prosecuted immediately for expressing such hatred. Inconceivable that they can call themselves Christians!

  18. USA has a sick constitution and no will to change it. Even when children are being killed.Crazy people crazy country and to much rubs of on others

  19. Daniel Pitt 17 Dec 2012, 5:07pm

    Bob Marley’s estate needs to know about their ‘jingle’ ripping off one of his most recognised songs. Do you think they wrote the script in their own faeces?

  20. fluffypusscat 17 Dec 2012, 6:20pm

    The link seems to have stopped working.

  21. Or maybe God sent the shooter because theres arseholes spreading hatred in his name? Ironic that this kinda thing is not happening all over the world where gays are more accepted but in the ONLY country where there is a ‘christian’ hate-group which picket funerals.

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