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US Radio host: Gays aren’t human so aren’t protected by the US constitution

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Reader comments

  1. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko 14 Dec 2012, 9:36pm

    Go feck yourself, sweetheart. You dont get to define humanity, bitch!

    1. Tore L Gabrielsen 15 Dec 2012, 2:59am

      She does not understand how she demean herself by saying this and how honourless it is. It is sad and I feel sorry for her for the way she brings shame upon himself.

  2. Robin Evans 14 Dec 2012, 9:37pm

    LOL Nazi…

  3. More evidence, if it was needed, that chronic delusion-based mental health issues and religion are completely indistinguishable.

    It is the labelling of a person as “non-human” that is the first step to allowing atrocity. She is a Goebbels for God.

    1. “Why should the equal protection argument be made in favour of homophobic behavior, which is changeable?

      1. Those who argue that sexuality is a mutable personal characteristic do so because, for them, it is.

        Your assertion is either absurd, or a personal projection of yourself. Up to you.

      2. Religion is demonstrably, emminently mutable. Clearly, religion should not have any legal protection.

      3. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2012, 10:05am

        No it isn’t changeable, that religious argument has been proved that in fact it kills!

        That’s thanks to the religious extremists like this vile woman.

      4. But surely, if homosexual behavior is changeable, then it must be that heterosexual behavior is equally changeable as one can not change from one without becoming the other.

      5. Erm… has this post been altered since it was first made? It does refer to homophobic behaviour being changeable, not homosexual. Am I the only one who read this as a piss-take, turning this vile trash’s argument back on her?

        1. Correct Qtoktok, the replay from Yo Ma Ma originally said “homosexual behavior, which is changeable”

    2. I was criticised here only last week for comparing the christian right in america to the rise of Hitler. Doesn’t seem that bizarre any more does it?

      Someone had said politics wasn’t single issue, that’s why they could be gay and vote republican. Well hitler thought and preached that the jews were sub-human so it was ok to kill them. But there were jews who supported him when he first came to prominence.

      Civilisation is very fragile, and we are never far from the atrocities that happened in the 1930’s, so don’t ever feel too comfortable.

      1. There are Christians monitoring this site. Some may be Gay too but they mark down everything that criticizes their churches, no matter how how logical the comment.

      2. In the late 70s the USAF stationed me at a small town in Germany. It was a beautiful town, I met many wonderful people, had a few funny mishaps due to the language barrier and so on. That town was surrounded by vineyards and had an annual Weinfest. Great little place.

        Then one afternoon, while walking through a parking lot I noticed a plaque. It said that “here from 1500 something to Kristalnact, 1938 stood the synagogue.

        I felt as if someone had dumped a bucket of ice water on me. The chill that realizing that these people was as bad as any other place in Germany in the persecution of the Jews.
        The villagers were not bad people. They were just people with families and jobs and all that – but with the wrong kind of leadership, with the propaganda of the Nazi party they (or their parents) contributed to the greatest horror of the twentieth century.

        Americans are no different than the Germans there in Bad Bergzbern. People, just ordinary people…..

  4. Absurd twunt!

    And moisturise, for Gods sake!

    1. Twunt – Brilliant! – I’m using that – thanks

    2. That photo is very old. Time, bigotry and bile has not been kind to her.

  5. What an absolute lune!

  6. Helen Wilson 14 Dec 2012, 9:46pm

    If I’m not human I can do humanity a favour and stop Linda Harvey from wasting oxygen without any comeback for my actions!

    However as a human I have a conscience that would prevent me from this so its upto Linda Harvey, am I a human or not?

    1. Keith Farrell 14 Dec 2012, 10:48pm

      very good idea, if we are not human, no court of human law can convict us of muder. maybe that will be the way to go. It is these idiots that are bringing in gay hate laws, calling for LGBT people to be murdered. The bible says an eye for and eye

  7. What a terrible world she must live in. That is a truly horrible statement – and one that I, and many others don’t believe in. I completely support your feelings and attractions and right to love and marry and have children with whomever you want. I’m sorry you have to hear crazy rhetoric like this. She is wrong.

    1. Sarah Pipkin 14 Dec 2012, 10:11pm

      Thanks for your support Kate, it is appreciated. :)

  8. Omar Kuddus 14 Dec 2012, 9:49pm

    She has a twisted concept on homosexuality and her obsession with it has yet again clouding her judgement.
    For if she now feels that the 14th amendment does not apply to homosexuals, what else could be a logical reasoning. Especially as we all know that it does just on the basis that we are human beings and Americans and even by her logic and arguments “male and female”.

    1. purple_squirrel 17 Dec 2012, 4:29am

      Obviously she is a vitriolic idiot and what she said here is abhorrent but I don’t think she actually said what the headline (and commenters) are implying? Not that what she said was necessarily better, but still.

      Seems to me she is denying that gay people exist and thus saying why should there be gay laws, in the same way that it would make no sense to have special laws for martians for example (except that as we know, gay people clearly do exist and her homophobia is coming into play).

      Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think she said that gay people aren’t human/people and thus don’t have rights, but that they don’t exist altogether. For me that is less abhorrent (and nazi-esque) but still very insulting, and more irritating, denying somebody exists altogether (and of course dangerous given she is on the radio.)

      Also, can’t somebody point out to her that the existence of intersex people PROVE that she is factually wrong about gender (since we can’t prove gayness as easily).

  9. That There Other David 14 Dec 2012, 9:50pm

    If you look carefully at that photo you can actually see the lizard skin poking through the disguise. I bet she eats live guinea pigs like Diana off V.

  10. The closer equality gets, the more these people feel compelled to expose their true natures.

  11. Helen Wilson 14 Dec 2012, 10:01pm

    “This should still have some standing and it remains a fact that there are only two types of human in the world: male and female. Any other distinctions made are appearance, custom, and construction. So marriage is the lawful, orderly confirmation of what we already see in nature.” – Evangelical Christian bigot

    Unfortunatly this is not true Humanity is made up of XX- female XY-male and a myriad of different intersex people with chromosome types that can never be classed as just male or female.

  12. Do you think they are actually the 21st. century Nazis? And that we are the ‘new jews’?

    Next- with apologies to all jewish readers- it will be the gas chambers they are suggesting.

    1. Gas chambers have already been suggested.

  13. I really take serious exception to reading this hate-mongering bitch being described as ‘Christian’ …. there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Christian about her or her opinions.
    This is a self-obsessed moronic idiot who has created a ‘god’ in her own image – complete with all her mental illness, her hatreds and prejudices. To even call this vile woman a Christian insults Christ.

    1. Yes, but what IS Christian? Is it just your idea of what it should be? Or is it actually the vicious, evil views we hear ALL the time as well as the moderate stuff? Christianity IS Christians. And SO many of them are harmful, demented monsters.

      1. The only qualification to being a christian is believing in christ, and I am quite sure that this woman does, therefore she is a christian.

    2. This is a logical fallacy known as “no true scotsman”. I’m sorry – but doctrinally there is just as much support for hellfire, damnation and stoning as there is for love and cuddles.

    3. I agree, she represents typical evangelical Christianity that is always ready to cast the first stone

    4. Peter Vintner 19 Dec 2012, 5:53pm

      Think you’ll find all gods are created as self images. Some are more or less odious than others. Among the religious folk of the world the number of gods is likely N+1. Among the non-religious the number of gods is incontrovertibly N×0.

  14. Just when you thought you had forgotten Anita Bryant… along comes a look alike with attitudes and opinions just as vile!

    Too bad she doesn’t endorse products we could boycott and send her career into the same oblivion as her nemesis!

    Suddenly seeing that face makes me feel like a “fruit pie!” as desert!

  15. Andy Fellows 14 Dec 2012, 10:09pm

    There are significant dangers to our youth from listening to this hate-mongering clap-trap. Isn’t it interesting that she uses a lack of scientific evidence to justify her dismissal of homosexuality. Presumably then, she has concrete scientific proof of the existence of god?

  16. People like this take their ten minutes of fame when and where they can. She has now had hers’. Time to move on and not give her the print.

  17. this woman is nothing short of an oxygen thief….what a disgusting excuse of a human being!!

  18. Poor tragic sow!

  19. Do you think these type of people are 21st. Century Nazis? And-with apologies to our jewish readers- that WE are the equivalent of their “jews”?

    i remember reading somewhere that during the reign of the 3rd.reich that jewish citizens were depicted as “non-people”

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Dec 2012, 10:25pm

    So an infertile hetero married couple would also have to be treated as having no stand in marriage? What does she have to say about married men who suffer from erectile dysfunction who can no longer penetrate?

  21. ...Paddyswurds 14 Dec 2012, 10:25pm

    Instead of shooting 39 innocent people why doesn’t someone send this evil bitch to meet her gawd…… Last time these words of hers were uttered almost seven million people died……

    1. ...Paddyswurds 14 Dec 2012, 10:35pm

      This is what awaits the evil bitch…oblivion!

  22. *Facepalms the desk*

  23. All men are created equal under the constitution. This radio host is a woman, so she should not be protected under the constitution. However, as gay men are men they should be protected. Don’t you just love a literal interpretation. :)

  24. So if im not human what am I?

    Last time I checked I looked human but I must have been wrong all these years.

  25. Since March 2012, Mission America has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  26. ...Paddyswurds 14 Dec 2012, 10:40pm

    ..this is what awaits this evil lizard….oblivion
    this comeback bankrupted |Bryant and she now lives in a stinking trailer with 11 cats and rerely washes. Her groceries are delivered by van as she is berred from moswt shops in Florida. Gay people do have power and this evil radio cow will learn that to her cost.

  27. What a deeply inhuman thing to say – Is that what so called ‘superstitious’ values have become –

    Even her smile is really a toothy sneer –

  28. Keith Farrell 14 Dec 2012, 10:44pm

    You stupid person, at one time people like you were saying the same thing about people of colour, that they are not human. have you never learnt that God created us all, therefor we are all human and as humans we all deserve equal rights and respect. sorry you are taking something which is screwing up what little sence you have

  29. ...Paddyswurds 14 Dec 2012, 10:54pm

    disappearing post syndrome again….

  30. First this country was founded on all different people non of us other than native Americans are true Americans. If a person was born without an arm or a leg would he or she not be human because they did not choose to be born that way being gay is not a choice it is the way I was born. Fact… Don’t throw the bible at people because there is allot of other things you are doing that the bible sead to do and not to do like (love thine neighbor as thine self) it didn’t say love thine straight neighbor just love thine neighbor and judge not lest you be judged. And by getting up and judging me for being gay as less than human is not how the bible would have you act rather the other way around. And what does it matter if a gay couple gets married the world isn’t going to stop and unless you are in there bedroom watching what goes on in there own homes it is not going to effect your marriage one bit. Why worry about others. Sweep around your own front door befor sweeping around mine…

  31. Remember Anita Bryant ? ( maybe vaguely, and only because of Harvey Milk) best hitch yourself to a famous gay bitch or you will be just a , who ? In the annals of history…. Actually , who are you exactly ?

  32. stupid cow

  33. Bill (Scotland) 14 Dec 2012, 11:55pm

    This is the same kind of doctrine that was used to create Guantanamo and to his shame Obama has not yet closed it! If you believe a lot of these maniacs (and that includes most Americans, sadly) they will argue that if you are not a US citizen you are not protected by the US Constitution. Being ‘gay’ is the least of your worries if you are not actually a US citizen. I think the US is a wonderful place, but it has become badly corrupted over the past 10-12 years (since Bush 43 basically) and it is a fact that that Obama has not yet reversed this madness. Possibly if you are gay and a US citizen you might, just, be OK even with this harridan mouthing off. Will the country that has just seen 27+ people slaughered in a gun crime consider reform of 2nd Adt? Seriously?

  34. Here we go again. People are not NORMALLY homosexual. That is not the same thing as stating that they are not NATURALLY homosexual. Does she think that the parents of gay children have them treated at birth to realign their sexuality, or that some hobgoblin visits their crib and administers a magic potion that turns them gay? What an idiot!

  35. Robert (Kettering) 15 Dec 2012, 12:25am

    She has the same ideology the N@zis did when they said the same thing about Jews not being human and thus justified their genocide! This woman is derranged and dangerous.

  36. Not human eh?

    Sweetheart… you could learn a lot if you brushed up your Shakespeare!

    Okay…. so it’s been over 500 years! But his words yield a reality lost on your kind!

    I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands,
    organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same
    food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases,
    heal’d by the same means, warm’d and cool’d by the same winter
    and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If
    you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?
    And if you wrong us, do we not revenge? If we are like you in the
    rest, we will resemble you in that.

    1. I suppose she considers Jews to be human.

      1. I must admit that I considered editing the Jew to read gay. I didn’t take that liberty because it’s words resonate with all aspect of life whether gay, homophobia, humanity regardless of a persons religion or ethnicity.

        I just find the words profound and appropriate eloquent retort to her contemptible ignorance.

        But you also raised an interesting point… “what else does this woman consider not human?” I suspect much more!

  37. Newton Pinheiro 15 Dec 2012, 12:35am

    She must be one of those who urges to stamp a pink star on the gay’s bodies and send them to gas chamber. Am I right? Is she human?

    Newton, from Brazil.

  38. Even if homosexuality is about mere behaviour, changeable and a choice, her argument still wouldn’t stand up because guess what else is behaviour, changeable and a choice? RELIGION. Yet, there’s freedom of religion. So why not protect sexual freedom?

    1. That There Other David 15 Dec 2012, 10:56pm

      Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. It appears this particular plastic Christian has forgotten that.

  39. Kathryn Howie 15 Dec 2012, 1:15am

    Those who will have you believe absurdities WILL have you commit attrocities.
    I think that is all I have to say on the matter.

  40. If that pictures anything to go by then nether is she :-)

  41. Heterosexuals aren’t human. They breed and pollute the earth like rabbits.

    At least some of us are being responsible.

    1. pig

  42. PeterinSydney 15 Dec 2012, 3:45am

    Time this stupid chook went somewhere else in the universe where there are no gay people to worry her vicious head.

  43. I believe Linda Harvey is borderline retarded. Anyone who reasons and says gays are not being human, like she has, has to be on the lower left scale of the IQ Bell Curve graph (IQ below the 90-100 normal range).

  44. Paul from Tacoma, WA 15 Dec 2012, 7:05am

    She is not human, because she is an alien from the planet of hate and bigotry!

    She is so fat and ugly her husband or any man for that matter being heterosexual even would or should refuse to have sex with her!

    What a old stupid and dumb bimbo bitch!

  45. Paul from Tacoma, WA 15 Dec 2012, 7:08am

    She must be a lesbian in denial, because she is so obsessed with gay sex and gay marriage!

    If you do not like gay marriage – DO NOT GET ONE!

    That simple!

  46. GingerlyColors 15 Dec 2012, 7:09am

    If we are not human, what does that make Linda Harvey?

  47. petestuppence 15 Dec 2012, 8:50am

    these people are just ignorant: 2 “elephants in the room” to be pointed out: 1) if gays weren’t natural – then we wouldn’t be here – but we are ! & 2) the bible is man made and the “draft” version was only finalised in 397 – by a group of people who would use it as a basis to go and burn “non-believers”. Personally I’m glad that these extremists live far away from me!

  48. What does she have on the shelf next to the Bible? Mein Kampf? Certainly nothing of any ethical or historical value. Utterly poisonous woman.

  49. Jock S. Trap 15 Dec 2012, 10:03am

    Another disgusting cretin!!

    Of course by ‘homosexual behaviour’ she means sex, not a person but what we do in bed. How is that any concern of here. I have no wish to think about what… cant continue with that will be sick!!

    Why can these people Only think about sex them preach about morality? It’s pathetic and to use such a comparison as she has is just shameful. All it does is show her up for the hatred she has and the fact she thinks that is acceptable to teach.

    Get your head out of the sewer Ms Harvey and learn about humanity, you sick, sick woman!!

  50. Chris Avant Smith 15 Dec 2012, 11:04am

    If you take Christian Scripture seriously then we believe that we are created in Gods image. Clearly God therefore is an emotionally stunted, uptight, stupid woman, who spews bigotry and intolerance in the name of religious righteousness. How dare you spread this vileness in the name of God and Christianity.

  51. rudehamster 15 Dec 2012, 11:05am

    I so want to rip this bitch’s throat out with my own teeth.
    Ignorance at this level only ever comes with religion attached.

  52. Thank God. I’m not human.

    I’ll stop paying my taxes then. A win-win situation for anyone.

  53. Garry Cassell 15 Dec 2012, 11:11am

    Why do u think people are not following the sky fairy any longer…why would anyone want to become a bitch like Harvey? What an example of a Christian? Such a role model…F*****ing witch..

  54. Evil woman. She’s possessed by satan.

  55. She claims on Twitter that getting STD-tested doesn’t reduce HIV:

    “Testing does not reduce HIV among youth. Avoiding homsexual sex is the answer.Why don’t we teach this, no apologies?”

    She’s clearly a bit confused and not very smart, probably even mentally-ill ..

  56. Some of my best friends are gay. And very good friends they are.

    But I do think Christianity isn’t natural as well, so she’s not human and a same outcast as all the gays. Men, how she will hate that.

    Never heard anybody with her head so deep in their own arse.

  57. Rob Bennett 15 Dec 2012, 12:19pm

    What a class act – does she not realise that claptrap like this only serves to make young people feeling confusion about their sexuality even more vulnerable to depression and possibly suicide.
    To say that homosexuals are not human is not only offensive but damn right irresponsible.
    So much for her being a “Christian”.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Dec 2012, 2:40pm

      Hardly a ‘christian’. Real christians, what few there are, do not judge or condemn others. She’s a hypocrite, not a christian, the very type of person Jesus Christ didn’t want around him.

    2. Do you think she actually cares?

  58. I lived in the USA and the place is full of these types of nutters. As a gay person there, you feell their presence, it hovers constantly throughout that society. It must be quite depressing. Of course, it’s always generated for the bigot’s love of god. Yawn……

  59. Har Davids 15 Dec 2012, 1:05pm

    Linda should have been more specific: if gays are not human, what are they? Certain member of the human race were once deemed not human enough, like the non-whites and the females, with all kinds of legal and social consequences.

    1. ...Paddyswurds 15 Dec 2012, 6:57pm

      A certain German dictator also opined that a certain section of Humanity wasn’t human and 7 million people died Sensible people ignored his view and made him their leader and we know the result. Will the same be the case with this evil woman. She should be locked up for the rest of her natural in solitary confinement for the safety and good of Humanity. Ignore a pimple and it soon becomes a boil………

  60. Mental illness at its finest right there. Go get some professional help before its too late.

  61. People can’t naturally broadcast their voice over radio, so clearly Linda Harvey isn’t human.

    1. Remind me again…just what “scripture” endorses hatred?

  62. Fascism is alive and well in the heart of the United States.

  63. I contend she’s not human with drivel like that. In all fairness, what kind of person is she? Hate-filled, deluded, angry and disgusting; that’s what.

  64. Well, I refuse to have my species dictated to me by someone who looks like they’re about to metamorphose into a werewolf.

  65. Black people didn’t count as a person either until the later 90s, and until then it was an actual argument that they were monkeys.

    1. ...Paddyswurds 15 Dec 2012, 6:51pm

      ………There is one good method for identifying monkeys from apes, Monkeys have tails. All others including Man are Apes and don’t have tails. I lived in the US in the 70s and i never ever heard an argument that black folks were monkeys. I even lived through the school desegregation bussing fiasco in Boston and such an ignorant view of black people was never ever uttered, so it is a mystery where you heard such an argument in the 90s; most probably in your own racist head.

      1. Your final words are entirely out of bounds, and you owe an apology for them.

        1. Perhaps Zach meant to say the 1890s. I think some people DID harbour ideas like that in those times. His statement makes sense in that context.

  66. Fact-based, historical, beneficial? That’s how we should judge being a “person”? I guess Leonardo DaVinci, Alexander the Great, and many other people I thought were famous and changed the world, don’t count.

  67. She says there are only male and female. Apparently she has never heard that hermaphrodites exist…..LOL

  68. So you shouldn’t be considered a person if your behavior deviates from the precepts of most religions and cultures? Okay so we need to include anyone who’s ever stolen anything, anyone who’s ever killed someone (This would include all service men and women since they’ve all either killed or helped those who did the killing). Of course the whole marriage only for procreation argument means we’ll need to nullify all marriages after the female reaches menopause. Likewise your marriage doesn’t count if you’ve had a vasectomy, hysterectomy, or are otherwise infertile. Probably ought to have some sort of mandatory testing to make sure that couples are fertile with each other as well.

  69. ….pr stunt

  70. Jacques Knoes 15 Dec 2012, 8:45pm

    And another liberal opens mouth… shit & lies come out! Religious MY ASS stupid cunt!

  71. Eternal_Dancer 15 Dec 2012, 8:58pm

    I thought that radio hosts were supposed to be at least a little informed. Well, she obviously is not, because there are scientific findings that suggest that sexuality is determined by one’s genetic makeup. She also states that homosexuality is “not natural,” while there are plenty of other animals that portray homosexuality. For example, male bats exhibit the highest percentage of homosexuality of any other animal. If homosexuality is not natural, then how is it that it occurs in nature?
    What religion is this woman? She is not Christian, whether she calls herself one or not. She basically believes that gays are evil, correct? Well, I’m sorry to say, but it is not possible for something that God has created to be evil, for nothing evil can come from God. Undoubtedly, she may give the argument that gays are not created by God, but then who did? Satan? If she believes that Satan has that kind of power, she surely is not Christian.

  72. This woman is insane.

  73. Gays are not people? What planet does this woman live on? I will not be xmas caroling at her house this year!

  74. Not that there is any point in explaining to that silly woman, but every gay man I know, including myself, is a MAN as well as being gay and every lesbian is a WOMAN as well as a lesbian. We fit her narrow definition of men and women – aka human. Transgender people are ultimately either men or women, too.

  75. Has this woman been re-incarnated from the Third Reich? If she was saying things like this about black people, there’d be riots. Why isn’t she prosecuted for Incitement to Hatred?

  76. Jason Jehosephat 15 Dec 2012, 10:31pm

    If gays and lesbians aren’t people then, since the concept of sin ONLY applies to people, it follows that they aren’t sinful, and she can therefore safely shut up and not worry about it further.

  77. What I find interesting is that she states that homosexuality is “unnatural” in science and nature, but there has been established, factually, that homosexuality exists naturally in many other species. Penguins, swans and other species mate for life, and often times same-sex partners can be found and are together for the entirety of their lives. She suggests that homosexuals are not only a product of their preference, but that their existence is negative and destructive to children. How is it beneficial or constructive for children to be encouraged to segregate and stereotype their own peers and mentors? She’s suggesting using the law to shape the restriction of rights based on religious preference or opinion. Not only is this wrong, but enacting exactly what she claims is the problem, when she says recognizing homosexuality as part of humanity within the law is preferential. I don’t get this ‘encouraging to hate’ mentality.

  78. Does this mean I can stop paying Taxes and things now?

  79. If we’re not human then we must be devine …..

  80. I don’t agree with her, but I also don’t agree with the law, as you described it, at the end of your article. Also, that you put free speech between contractions indicates something of a misunderstanding of the concept of free speech. She’s a bigot, but she also did not call for violence against homosexuals, so a charge of incitement would be hard, if not impossible, to prove.

  81. douglas in canada 16 Dec 2012, 4:55am

    I don’t believe in Satan or any supernatural devils, but if I did, I think they would look like her.

    I find it odd that christians are so ready to condemn the people who have chosen NOT to belong to those narrow-minded churches, yet they don’t read and do what their own guide book says. Their bible says that if you want to get into heaven, you have to sell all you have and give it to the poor. I have NEVER seen or heard of a christian doing that.

    So, maybe the issue isn’t to keep us out of their ‘heaven’, but because they realize that even they won’t make it in, they don’t want anyone else getting in either.

    1. Actually, all you need to get into heaven is to ask Christ to forgive your sins. Heaven is a gift to be received, not something anyone can earn. And Jesus also said “let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.” I encourage you to seek out Christians. They will embrace you with all of your sins. A real Christian may counsel you not to be a homosexual, but they will not hate you or try to turn you from Jesus.

  82. I can’t remember the exact quote or even where I heard it but I remember someone once saying that for all those people that commited genocide to do what they did, they had to look at those they killed as not human for they could not of done it, if they considered them the same.

    I am by far not saying she is as bad as that but there does seem to be similarities in her thought processes.

    I just really hope she finds herself in the company of some homosexuals so that I might be able to dispel the ignorance she has about us.

  83. Jamie Armour 16 Dec 2012, 12:34pm

    All I can say is thank any and all deities involved, because if this “woman” is an example of humanity, I want no part of it.

  84. what a sad unhappy woman

  85. Oh, plucked that excuse from the sky didn’t we!

    Go plaster some feckin cement on yer face.

  86. This woman sounds like a cunt.
    Someone needs to knock this bitch out before I fly over there and do it myself.

    (sorry for any offensive this language has caused but it was pretty necessary)

  87. What a completely silly woman.

  88. Wow.

    I am a lesbian. I tried having sex with men, I really did. But they repulse me sexually. How on earth is that changeable behavior? Could you just “change” to become gay? Could you choose to be attracted to the same sex? Force yourself? No? Well, me neither! I am a lesbian, I cannot change that I only get aroused by females. It is the natural response of my body. My eyes see male, my body goes Uch! My eyes see female, my body goes Yes! How did I choose that?

    God knows, if I could choose to be straight, I would have, for the simple reason that it would make life a whole lot easier! Give me a break, seriously.

    And if I have sex with a woman, it does not hurt you. If I steal something, kill someone, or have sex with a child, then I hurt someone. There`s a big difference. No one cares if I love my girlfriend. It won`t affect anyone, but me and her.

    Maybe it should be turned around then, religion is not natural in nature, so religious people aren`t natural, they aren`t people!

  89. She’s got serious mental health issues. Speak to someone, Linda – you need help.

  90. I’m a Christian and I believe homosexuals are sinners. But I’m a sinner too. Just because the homosexuals sin is different from mine doesn’t make them any less a person. Please forgive Christians who treat homosexuals poorly. It’s not what Jesus wants. He is there for the homosexual, the thief, the murderer, and even those who discriminate against homosexuals.

    1. Kody Mullins 16 Dec 2012, 7:56pm

      It made me giggle to read that I’m grouped with the thieves and murderers.

  91. Guaranteed she has some kink in her closet.The ones who preach the loudest,are the ones who are the sickest.Go back home and drink your haterade Mrs Homophobe….we’re not buying what you’re selling!!

  92. so we are not human? then what the f*ck are we? and if I may you warped husband worshipping closet lesbian bitch.. your so called god is not human . and he decided instead of having a woman and a child to ask a ghost to rape a virgin child and have a baby. so hes gay just like me , and the child spent his entire life with 12 men and a hag. GAY. and then he decided to set his own child up so he could be murdered publicly in his underwear… now you say we are not human? I rather be a non human homo than believe in that ridiculous bunch of evil hateful stories.

  93. ARE YOU SERIOUS???? What gives you the right to say someone is less than human??? you make people believe in god look bad. My best friend is true to his belief and he would be ashamed if he saw this. You make christians have a bad name.

  94. who lit the fuse on this bitch’s tampon? does she not know the Declaration of Indepence? We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  95. Josie Smith 16 Dec 2012, 7:43pm

    This kind of bigotry & extreme hate mongering disguised as Christianity sickens and frightens me. How DARE you set yourself up as God and pass judgement on anyone for any reason? Your Jesus spread a message of LOVE – not hate.

  96. Kody Mullins 16 Dec 2012, 7:54pm

    “It’s wrong because it’s wrong.” circular logic.

  97. John Smith Maryland 16 Dec 2012, 8:14pm

    I’m very sorry but where is the scientific proof that god is real and that what you say is true.

    I lived many of years feeling ashamed of who I was until one day I heard someone say that god doesn’t make juke or trash. Then I realized this is how I was made so it can’t be wrong.

    Also maybe this is god’s way of cutting down on the population and giving those kids who needs homes some place to live.

  98. Your headline is very misleading.

    She did not say “gays aren’t human”. She said homosexuals are not a “class” of persons defined by inborn traits like gender or race. And she is technically correct.

  99. You are a sick person! Are you really a lizard? You look like one.

  100. Debbie Teague 16 Dec 2012, 10:18pm

    Anita Bryant, reincarnated!

  101. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID! Pretty certain that she will have quite a shock when she comes before God to gve an account of her words in life! I’m the Mom of a Gay kid and I’m quite certain whe I gave birth to my son it was recoded as a live HUMAN birth ASSHOLE!

  102. Well with a face like a horse and teeth with which she could eat an ear of corn through a picket fence, we should allow her little diatribe misinformed as it is. That is one homely woman.

  103. Ed Staubach 17 Dec 2012, 1:42am

    Please, from now on, at the end of these reports, please list the sponsors of the programs that broadcast such sub-human ravings. Nothing will stop these hate mongers unless their pockets are emptied.

  104. Surely based on her argument christians shouldn’t be protected from the discrimination they claim they’re constantly subejct to either? Being part of a religion is changeable and a behaviour. Also love that people like this old cow always claim there’s no evidence of a biological basis of being gay when there’s in fact loads. To ignore science as they tend to do but then to misrepresent it and use it too is really crappy, you have to wonder how they can even believe their own bs.

  105. Pinknews editors are either not very good at reading comprehension, or just like posting inflammatory headlines.

    She’s hateful and misguided, but she isn’t claiming that gays aren’t ‘people’. She’s saying that she believes that the equal protection clause of the US constitution should only be invoked in cases where discrimination is due to some inherent genetic aspect of a person, such as their gender or race.

    Basically she believes being gay is a choice, and a sinful one. By her logic, we don’t deserve protection as we can just simply ‘choose’ to be straight.

  106. To call her a sociopath would be an insult to sociopaths every where.
    To call her a retard would be an insult to retards everywhere.
    To call her a bigot would be an insult to Hitler, which i’m actually willing to commit.
    But I will call her only 1 thing today. The one thing everyone should hope to never be called.
    A Christian Fundamentalist.

  107. HA dumb beech

  108. Crazy snotzi biatch! ’nuff said.

  109. too funny…when I glanced at this woman’s face I thought at first it was the actress who played the hateful part in the Harry Potter movies of the muggle hater who made Harry write “I will not lie” etc. – when I read the article my first thought was – Good grief, both of them are uninformed hateful individuals who don’t live in the real world and are in love with their own stupidity….the similarities are incredible lol (no disrespect to the actress who played the part in the movie)…..I see this “religious and Godly” person missed the parts about tolerance and love thy neighbour….she is….hmmm….she is a truly uneducated little twit!

  110. Besides if she wants to rule homosexuals as ‘non-people’ then would she like us to chaneg all of the laws as we know? Since ‘homosexuals are not people’ how can they be blamed for any crimes they commit? And who is she to decide who is ‘human’ or not? Would she consider it right for us to accuse her of being non-human for some pathetic reason? Stop living in the dark ages woman!

  111. If we’re not human, we must be superhuman.

    I’ll take that.

  112. As an American who happens to find this sad woman to be appalling, I want to thank you Brits for your hilarious words and comments. I think fighting hate with humor is awesome (twunt? feck? I must find ways to start using those…).

  113. “gay people can’t consummate a marriage?” … Im gay not impotent, I consummate like a rabbit, thanks!

  114. Haha!

    I agree I’m not a human. I’m a superhuman as I’m better than whatever her name is!

  115. Religious freaks are not human either.

  116. Julian Freeman 20 Dec 2012, 5:00am

    WRFD radio?? Should be renamed WTF! Radio! As a christian I can only apologise profusely for this insanity. :-(

  117. Liberal Agenda : Gun Control, Fix economy

    Conservative Agenda : Define “rape” and “person” and possess no understanding of Science.

    This is why we are so divided. Half the country is worried about the world around us and the other half appears to be preparing for a third grade quiz.

  118. joel sharp 20 Dec 2012, 6:04pm

    I can’t believe that people this ignorant are allowed to live… If I knew my child was going to be this hateful and stupid I would abort! Shove your self righteous crap up your big fat stink hole!

  119. Chris C. Goold-Camp, LVN ret. 21 Dec 2012, 9:27am

    I am embarresed as an American, a human, a Christian, a good mass-going Catholic, a student of a Christian university, as a vertern who fought in the gulf war for her rights to say what is on her fucking mind, and mostly I am embaressed a straight transgender ftm transexual. I suggest this woman read Mother Theresas “It’s Btween You and God”. This poor woman is uneducated and clearly does not want to open a closed mind. Narrcisist comes to mind. I can’t find the spell check and normally pass thiese topics up. I refuse to be quiet. I love my wife. I will be married ten years in Janurary. We are shining examples of and for our non-judging, small-town Christian community. Shame on you. Serve yourself well and open your mind. If it wasn’t for judgemnet of folks like you, I wouldn’t also be embarressed to act like this as a ten year recovering addict! -Chris C. Goold-Camp, LVN, ret.

  120. Off to the camps with this bitch

  121. This woman is so wrong about there only being two types – male and female. What about female maned lions? Homosexual behavior has been witnessed among other animals than humans.

  122. I notice that she cited no sources and no specifics whatever. “Most religions”…what religions? “Truth”…whose truth is that? “Fact based-traits”. What “traits”, and what “Facts” to base them on? She’s also conveniently forgotten that there are thousands of married couples out there who have no sexual interaction whatever. Are those marriages “unnatural” as well?

  123. A) Intersex people are also a fact of life + B) Infertile heterosexuals and those who chose not to have children can get married + C) Separation of church & state + D) LGBTQ people deserve exactly the same rights as everyone else + E) Your actions are a choice, your attractions are not, but that doesn’t even matter because consensual, adult queer sex isn’t in any way wrong or unnatural = F U

  124. That is the sort of thing one hears from people who have latent desires to experience same gender sexual experiences. Besides, her teeth are enormous and we all know what that means.

  125. ‘this is the way the world ends…not w/ a bang ( ;) ) but a whimper.” man’s inhumanity to man. same as it ever was. these people say they worship the prince of peace, god of love but they dont. they worship the capricious monster-god of the old testament. this woman is evil personified. same as it ever was. she can now join WBC. whoo. i do not blieve these ppl are my species. she isnt human imo.

  126. Oh my God.

  127. Yawn.
    It’s clearly difficult to have anything rational to say when you only have sh*t for brains.

  128. Awesome !! I always wanted to be an alien !!

  129. i think your not human your a cold hearted evil little b**ch who should have no human rights and should especially have your right to free speech taken away. it isn’t gay people that are not human is the unkind bigoted people like you who are not human

  130. nanananananana 4 May 2013, 11:37pm



  132. Victoria Munro 22 May 2013, 10:02pm

    What NERVE she has to say gays are not human, she is the inhuman one, she must be heartless, and brainless

  133. Land of the free, home of the incredibly stupid.

    The more animals like this Linda Harvey spew their bile, the sane people will shun their lunatic religion.

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