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Polish journalist says he risks being deported from USA for being bisexual and not gay

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not one little bit surprised. Bisexual ‘isn’t really gay’ or is ‘not gay enough’ to many public “servants”

  2. Most bisexuals choose straight life because it’s “easier”. He’s not exception.

    But I can’t understand, how can authortities “test” their marriage? Even they find pictures of him with other men, doesn’t that mean they could have open relationship.

    1. Ciaran McHale 14 Dec 2012, 8:55pm

      “Most bisexuals choose straight life because its ‘easier’.”


      First, there are, say, 10 times more straight people than gay people, so bisexuals have about 10 times more opportunities to have other-sex relationships than same-sex relationships. That is just simple mathematics, and it can explain why most bisexuals appear to be in other-sex relationships.

      Second, typically bisexuals feel they are always bisexual, regardless of the gender of their current partner(s). For example, a bisexual man in a relationship with a women is still bisexual, rather than straight. (Likewise, a bisexual man in a relationship with another man is still bisexual, rather than gay.)

      Third, when a gay person is mistakenly thought to be straight, people normally refer to that as being (perhaps involuntarily) in the closet. Likewise, when a bisexual person is mistakenly thought to be straight, it is wrong to think the bisexual person has it “easier” rather than realising that s/he is in the closet.

      1. Thank you for every word you have written. I get so frustraited when people just don’t get it!

        When I was in a relationship with a guy I was bisexual. Now I’m in a relationship with a woman – and guess what – I’m STILL bisexual!

  3. As a bisexual and a US immigration attorney, I can assure that this article is an absurdist, reductionist farce, missing at least 90% of the factual content necessary to make sense. There is no penalty whatsoever under US immigration law applied to bisexuals who are married. Nor, from a procedural point of view, is it clear how someone who has been in the US and married for 10 years is suddenly in immigration court over the validity of their marriage. A lot of facts are missing from this story. None of the links involved sheds any light on the situation either. It is required by court precedent that when judging the validity of a marriage for immigration purposes, no higher standard may be imposed than is imposed on 2 married US citizens. As many American bisexuals are happily married, it is impossible for one’s immigration status to be revoked on the basis of bisexuality alone, or even due to extramarital sex.

    1. zappernapper 15 Dec 2012, 3:36am

      Joe, I was under the impression that extramarital sex (adultery) was a perfectly valid reason for denying citizenship on the grounds of violating “good moral character”. I live in Chicago and am with a bisexual support group trying to help Ivo. Some insight would be VERY appreciated. Please message me on facebook?

      1. Citizenship is not the same as deportation. Is he trying to naturalize? Generally speaking, a lack of good moral character can lead to one’s citizenship application being denied, but not to deportation. And one can be found to lack GMC without having violated the law. I’m not aware, however, that anyone has ever been found to lack GMC for extra-marital sex when in an open relationship. I have no facebook acct. You can contact me through my website I don’t like to publicize my email so as to keep spam down.

    2. vversatile 15 Dec 2012, 3:39am

      “…missing at least 90% of the factual content necessary to make sense…”
      Sadly that applies to half of the articles on this site.
      I do wish an awful lot of them had a bit more background and hadn’t been badly copied from a press release.
      Or at least linked to places where more information could be found.

    3. Well I read the article and thought it was clear. That the suggestion is that he is really gay and in a sham marriage, that he is not bisexual.

      It wasn’t saying he would be deported BECAUSE he was bisexual, but because it was a sham marriage?

  4. Joe, if this guy is married in holland to a guy, but in the usa, where the ssm not recognised, he is married to a woman, is he liable for something?

    1. This factual situation is much tougher and deals with bigamy, not bisexuality. US law only recognizes one marriage at a time, and if one marriage is concluded while another one has not been legally terminated, then the 2nd marriage is legally invalid. This fact pattern would probably end up on appeal in the courts. Generally speaking, since SSM is not recognized in IL, and was not at the time of the 2nd marriage, there is a legal case to be made that the 2nd marriage would not be bigamous and invalid. However, many states (maybe IL too) grant SS divorces even when they do not grant marriages. In my personal opinion, it is likely that a court in IL would rule that a person in this situation must first have obtained a legal divorce before entering a non-bigamous marriage to a person of the opposite sex. To rule otherwise invites legal chaos if you think about it.

  5. RoBCottrell 15 Dec 2012, 1:18am

    I’ll give him and his wife full marks for honesty in declaring their bisexuality. A great too many bisexuals masquerade as heteros and welter in hypocrisy – no self-respecting gay should ever share their moral squalor.

  6. The way this story has been reported is hopelessly confusing. A situation not helped by this individual’s wife claiming their marriage is a ‘bond created with God.’ If God has been so instrumental in their relationship, perhaps they should be looking to Him for assistance in this matter?

  7. I don’t understand. If he was a married man, why did people think that he was gay? Maybe, he was having sex with men. Therefore, if a married man have sex with other people (man or woman) is logical that authorities think that marriage could be a farce. It’s a reasonable doubt.

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