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Bryan Fischer: Being gay is the ‘result of a birth defect’ and mothers would abort gay babies

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Reader comments

  1. Staggering, just staggering. Like the way he leaps from happens in the womb to “birth defect”.

    1. Imagine all the people eminent and productive people who would never have been born if this comedian had had his way. Alan Turing amongst many many others.

  2. It’s a shame that the opportunity for him to be aborted was wasted.

    Perhaps scientists can search for the “homophobic and stupid” gene, then we can start having them aborted too!

    What a freaking moron that man is

    1. I thought he was the result of an abortion

      1. Joseph oz 8 Feb 2013, 3:20pm

        Yeah, the coat hanger gave him brain damage…!

  3. Hmmm. But aren’t birth defects god’s will ….?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Dec 2012, 12:41pm

      The Catholic cult would agree, even those severely deformed.

    2. The downs syndrome case is interesting as it is catholics who refuse to abort a downs syndrome foetus. Presumably the people who will most want to abort a gay foetus, catholics, won’t be able to? Or will this rule be changed now?

  4. While the way he talks is very offensive there is something in what he has said that worries me.

    How many parents, when told that their child’s chances of being gay were high due to their genetics (whether wholly or partially), would decide to abort?

    The idea of parents doing this makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. On the bright side, this would result in fewer people having to suffer being brought up by homophobic parents and homophobes might die out:-) I’d be interested to know if this guy’s a pro-lifer though, as these lunatics tend to be:-)

    2. I’m afraid that Fisher may be right about parents aborting fetuses if they knew they were LGT.

      It’s scary that the ability to do this will probably arise long before we have a chance to find out the role that LGBTs have played historically, currently play and would play in a future society that was not homophobic. For all we know, to eliminate LGTs could be devastating to society (e.g it could increase overpopulation and warfare).

      We just don’t know what the unintended consequences would be. For example, in China, the one-child policy and the preference for male babies has led to the situation where millions of men will never be able to marry a woman, a result that the parents probably had not intended for the son they are so proud of.

      That’s why I oppose research on determining the cause of homosexuality and transgenderism. It is far more important to understand the roles that LGBTs play in society.

      In China, as a rplay in modern society. gays

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 Dec 2012, 11:37am

        Ironically the people advocating such abortions are those very people who religious are opposed to abortion!

        1. So, will this then become a battle between the pro-lifers and the pro-death-to-gays?

          Oh! Those funny old god-botherers. Haha. I wish their almightly would just come down here and tell us exactly what it is he DOES want instead of leaving the interpretation of ‘his will’ it up to the insane.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Dec 2012, 12:43pm

      Obviously, there are some who would of the Fischer persuasion, particularly in America and I’ve no doubt here in the UK too.

  5. That something is determined by genetics doesn’t mean it is a “defect”. The right wing born again types really aren’t the best people to rely on when it comes to scientific analysis.

    1. Not when the same people think the world is 6000 years old and men had to fight off dinosaurs to survive.

  6. by that logic that must mean the process by which in the womb the fetus changes from female to male must also be a defect :S

  7. The times have changed… Scientists have successfully combined two eggs and one sperm, so it won’t be long before the genetics of two spermatozoa could be combined to produce a child.

    The aforementioned would implicate legal rights for lesbian partners simply because the child is both of theirs.

    However, religion is on the decrease. Far greater numbers are claiming they aren’t affiliated with any religion.

    Only time will tell.

    1. In the UK it wouldn’t make a difference as the woman who carried and gave birth to the child is the mother… her partner will be the second female parent same as with IVF.

      An egg donor has no automatic rights in relation to a child

    2. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:36am

      Courtesy of PN some days ago – 1100 a day of the English are leaving behind xtiamity every day

      Soon churches will be nothing but museums showing how much of religion has been a cesspool of hate

      BTW the second largest religion in the USA is EX caths.
      100 million living baptised, only about 65 mil have anything to do with the church of hte maniacs who gave us WWII and the holocaust of Jews, gays etc

  8. He’s right… but first we need to abort all gingers, lefties etc…. can’t have our pure genepool corrupted too much. :(

    1. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:33am

      REmidns me of protecting the Aryan race.

  9. This is chilling but the scenario has always been a possibility. He is right that many, many parents would choose to abort a Gay child. That is certain. It is a truly apocalyptic vision. Horrifying and real. There would have to be many changes in society before the advantages are seen of allowing Gay children to be born randomly and naturally as they now are.
    Also upsetting is the apparent glee with which the evil old monster makes his claims.

  10. Frankly, I much prefer to have/be a ‘birth defect’ than to make the lifestyle choice to be a total as*hole, liar, hypocrite or hate-monger!!!

  11. Jock S. Trap 14 Dec 2012, 11:30am

    What a disgusting man!! and this is religion for you. They don’t want fact just the right to assumptions and vile discrimination.

    No-one has proved a ‘straight gene’ exists any more they have a ‘gay’ one. This is just more excuses to be hateful. This isn’t about finding gene, it’s about accepting who people are.

    Of course it would be these hypocrites who would suddenly voice for abortion if such a gene was found.

    They are vile and let down those in religion who are much more accepting of facts than superstition.

  12. being bryan fischer is a result of a birth defect… – more like.

  13. Just because scientists say so doesn’t make it true. There is no defect. No scientist has said, here’s the mother, here’s the male homosexual child, here is the genetic marker in the mother. It’s all supposition and conjecture. And quite frankly goes back to the old idea that all gay men are really women and all gay women are really men; all gay men are effeminate and like girly things, and all gay women are butch and like manly things. It all goes down the same road as the gene for alcoholism – there isn’t one, the gene for schizophrenia – there isn’t one, that certain races have superior genes for intelligence – there isn’t one. Neither state of being gay or straight is superior or inferior to the other except in the minds of biased ‘researchers’ out to prove a personal, and biased viewpoint. If anyone really wants to know, all sexuality is a quantum event that can only be determined, in a general population, and well after the event, not before, as a probability.

    1. Because you saying it’s so clearly makes it so. Whereas years of peer reviewed research on top of a lifetime of education holds no weight.
      If only they’d thought to ask you before starting the study, think of all the money they could have saved =p

      1. Exactly – I’ve worked with enough researchers to see how they like to see things their way and only their way even when the evidence points in the opposite direction. Peer reviewed or not this is still rubbish science.

    2. You’re right to place a question mark by the recent findings. There is still every place for competing theories in this field and we are not at all close to definitive answers. That’s why the subject of the origins of homosexuality still resides firmly in the realm of Science.

      However you state your own theories about genetics and sexuality without providing any justification and in a dogmatic tone which suggests
      the same unscientific bias of which you accuse the researchers whom you criticise.

  14. Jock S. Trap 14 Dec 2012, 11:40am

    So who would have thought Christian, or indeed any religious, extremist show they are more like WW2 n@zis… prehaps they consider themselves the perfect race….. what am I saying? Sorry… of course they think it!

    1. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:41am

      read the book – american fascist – the xtian right and the war on America by chris hedges.

      About $12 delivered in the USA via search engine

      For myself I’m going now – to buy “the hound of H!tl’r”

      its about pius x who just recently got sainthood.

  15. And just to add, because i didn’t have enough room to say so first time. Being gay or straight is a statistical probability in a whole population (whatever that population may be;be it monkeys, birds, gerbils or humans). A population without gay people or homosexual creature in it would be statistically abnormal. In other words, having no gay people in the human population would be UNNATURAL as far as evolution is concerned. And I’ll say it again – whether you are gay or straight is due to a quantum event, which is unpredictable, unchangeable and unstoppable, and neither of which, gay or straight, is superior or inferior to the other.

  16. Right-wing Americans talking about abortion – they must be getting desperate!

  17. Unfortunately bind ignorance of his sort isn’t a congenital defect. it’s learned behaviour due to a bigotted, ignorant environment. Aborting his sort wouldn’t solve anything.

    1. I obviously meant BLIND ignorance. My keyboard decided to play up on me.

  18. GingerlyColors 14 Dec 2012, 12:06pm

    No doubt these zealously pro-life anti-abortionists who oppose abortion in all circumstances on religious grounds, even when there is a risk to maternal health will make an exception if the baby is going to be born gay.
    On the issue of abortion I have always taken the middle ground and I along with many ‘pro-choicers’ would be appalled if pregnancies were terminated because there was a chance that the baby will be born gay.

  19. What really gets me about this is that.. the same guy is probably anti-abortion, you know, except when you think it might be gay because you misread some study.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Dec 2012, 12:48pm

      He is pro-life. All of those right wing American religious hate groups are which makes them hypocrites and bigots of course. The Christian Institute in the UK is no different, pedals the same hate, well, then there’s the catholic cult where all this has come from.

  20. Disgusting man! Describing fellow human beings as ‘birth defects’?! WTF-ING F?!

  21. I never thought I’d see the day that a Christian pastor would advocate abortion

    1. He isn’t a christian, he just likes to pretend. He is no better than the members of the Westboro Baptish Church or the pseudo christian Pope.

  22. Thanks, Fischer. It’s my birthday today and it’s really made me feel good to hear you suggest that maybe I should have been aborted.

    Your charming words, Fischer, so lift the spirits of all of us lesbian and gay people all over the world. You make us feel so welcome on this planet.

    1. Happy birthday, Eddy!

      1. Thank you, Cal.

        We’re lucky to be alive and not to have been aborted by some grinning All-American Family Man! :-)

  23. I suspect a higher than normal proportion of totally think people amongst ‘christian’ fundies.

    Yes, Fischer dear – a ‘birth defect’ in the same way your blue eyes are! Imbecile!

    1. sorry not ‘think’ – should be *THICK (spellchecker on phone!)

  24. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Dec 2012, 12:39pm

    This is the same moron who is pro-life, against abortion, but then most of these so called ‘christians’ are. HYPOCRITE!

  25. Apparently, being an unintelligent bible bashing homophobe is a birth defect. On that basis, we should feel sorry for him really

  26. The flaw in his thinking is that he assumes pro-choice people think as he does about homosexuality. Most don’t.

    What he is saying is that, given someone who is predisposed to thinking abortion is ok, if they discover their fetus will be gay, that woman, not wanting a gay baby, will have a casual abortion and try again. Except most people who are pro-choice are also not homophobic so if she wanted a baby, the child maybe being gay isn’t going to be enough to motivate her to casually abort it. Pregnancy isn’t a video game where you aim for a top score and if you make a mistake in the opening level you quit and restart. The gay abortion holocaust he fears just isn’t going to happen. Fischer truly doesn’t understand how pro-choice non-homophobes think.

    1. He doesn’t FEAR a gay holocaust. He wants it.

      Another thing that struck me, is men wanting a divorce on the grounds that their wives are ‘carriers’ of the epi-gene.

  27. If anyone was born with a “birth defect” it was Bryan Fischer!! He was obviously born with half a brain!

    1. You’re too generous

    2. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:43am

      Schitzoid per my psychology prof.

  28. The problem is, were were born much closer to perfection than them, poor thing is obviously going mad with jealousy.

  29. Islam, Christianity, Catholicism and et cetera are quite strict when it comes to abortion. So, if it indeed becomes possible to determine where a fetus is going to grow up to be gay then there would have to be a fundamental shift in those religions’ views towards abortion for those religions and their members to start aborting gay fetus’. Something will have to give. Either they will relax their views on abortion or they are going to have the relax their views on homosexuality.

    1. You can be rest assured that the Catholic Church will never change it’s position on abortion or homosexuality .

  30. That There Other David 14 Dec 2012, 2:13pm

    I can’t even be bothered getting angry about this. Just another foolish man talking bollocks and thinking he’s moral for doing so.

  31. Being ‘gay’ is not biological/genetic but is indeed only a choice – the choice to label one’s self ‘gay’.Fischer is wrong on so many levels.Every life should be protected no matter who you are.
    If doctors were to ‘offer’ abortion on the grounds of detecting homosexuality the gay lobby would no doubt say this would be wrong and would be persecution – they would be right .Since the gay lobby seeks pseudo rights such as same-sex ‘marriage’ and refer to the child in the womb as only a cluster of cells this might be a turn around to stop abortion in this country where +7 million children have been murdered in the womb and people with genetic conditions(Downs,cleft palate) are ‘screened’ (exterminated).The first right is after all the right to life.Time to stop chasing pseudo rights folk and stand up for the real ‘phobia’ against the unborn child and their murder masquerading as ‘choice’.

    1. you really are confused, aren’t you? Funnily, most of the gay people I know are pro-life and hate the idea of abortion. They love life and treasure it, and would give a home to an unwanted child any day if it wasn’t for the obstacles placed in their way by narrow minded sorts like you.

  32. If one must speak in favor of abortion, it should be pointed out that his mother should have spared us her horrible offspring.

  33. I couldn’t be bothered reading this nutters opinion nor the accompanying PN article here, and I wanted to point that fact out.

  34. Being a star athlete is the result of a genetic defect — so is having a high IQ or being able to hear or see or even have intense emotional feelings.

    Evidently, having foo-foo hair is o.k. though.

  35. His first thought is “gays are defective”
    His second thought is “ABORT… ABORT… ABORT…”

    The only people who would abort a child for being homosexual are the hateful ones who rather than loving their children, send them off to “conversion” therapy.
    I am sure people like him who claim to be “pro-lifers” would happily queue outside abortion clinics so they wont end up having gay children in their house.

  36. Hmm… I wonder if there is a gene for being a Muslim or Christian!

    1. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:45am

      its actually an induced type of Obsessive compulsive disorder.

  37. pity they didn’t abort him.. I have a Downs son, and am Gay.. both of us should be dead.. what a monster..

  38. He is absolutely right, overlooking the fact that just because something is biological, does not make it a defect. As soon as parents can test for a tendency to homosexuality, or think they can, they will start aborting babies because of it. They already abort around the world based on fetal sex. Just because something is genetic or biological, does not mean that people won’t discriminate over it! There’s racism and sexism for obvious examples.

  39. What an ignorant moron. He’s a real authority on the subject. Idiot.

  40. *Fischer concluded his remarks by saying scientists “are coming DANGEROUSLY close to saying that homosexuality is the result of a genetic defect, a genetic abnormality. In other words, read from one angle, these same scientists are saying that homosexuality is the result of a birth defect.”*

    Sounds like he is against abortion and aborting those scientists believe are genetically ‘gay’ (which is a myth).Why all the bile towards him and not towards the scientists who “are coming dangerously close to saying that homosexuality is the result of a genetic defect'” . Seems some people on here act like its the Salem witch trials !

    1. Well to be honest I’m extremely doubtful that any scientist would claim that homosexuality is a birth defect

    2. Fischer has is not honest – these scientists never refer to homosexuality as a defect , but rather a natural genetic trait , its Fischer who adds defect into the item .

  41. Usually I just laugh off all these people but this one is too far.

    What a disgusting thing to say, is he not against abortion anyway. Double standards as usual.

  42. I would urge caution in believing anything a preacher from the U.S.A. said. They are known liars and have no scruples. I’m from the U.S. and know this first hand.

  43. Why were you n ot aborted? Can’t they test for ignorance and stupidity? It is amazing how people like you interpret things such as the Bible. We are all children of God and he loves each one of us. If you are without sin, which no man is, then throw that first stone. I hope some day one of your children or grandchildren come home and say “I AM GAY” get over it. Although I feel bad for them because you would probably drive them to suicide.

  44. Well-hang on a nimute, doesnt Jesus loves us all regardless of our deed or who we are??
    This man is modern day Hitler-who wanted to abort all Jews,gypsies and gays and any one else who wasnt blond-blue eyed…but did he suceed in his mission-NO, infact he ended up killing himself in a dark bumker…
    researchers also believe that Hitler was a suppresed-closet hmosexual himself and had a gay relationship…may be this guy Fischer or what ever hes called is so unhappy and anti gays because he’s too old to come out and get envious when he see happy gay/lesbien people doing so well with their lives…
    An idiot like him should be banned from preaching and put in jail for the rest of his life..just like we banned Muslim homophobic schlors in UK..

  45. Please believe me when I assure you that not ALL Americans poses weapon-grade stupidity. :(

  46. Bryan Fischer is most definitely the result of a birth defect.

  47. And this guy needs a frontal lobotomy,forthwith!

  48. This article really makes me want to cry.

    How can you talk about life like that? A baby is a miracle and no matter if straight or gay, healthy or disabled, it’s the greatest present you can get.
    I don’t know the attitude towards Downs syndrome in the US, but it Germany it becomes a pretty normal thing. It’s shocking me that people abort an unborn child because of that.
    People with Downs syndrome can live a happy and long life. In fact the two people with Downs syndrome that I know are the happiest and most smily people ever.
    I learnt so much about life just by spending time with them and understanding their own special view on life.

    No baby should be aborted because it could be gay, have the Downs syndrome or any other “blemish”.

  49. Mike Pennell 15 Dec 2012, 1:25pm

    Usually after these sort of outlandish comments we hear that said person was caught groping someone in a theatre or restroom. So give it time….

  50. Wow…. a guy with bs instead of brain… and these are the people “pro-life”!!!!

  51. Abortion is a matter of choice. It is a great pity that his parents did not abort him.

  52. This guy should be shot at dawn

  53. I don’t know who this guy is but I had to laugh at the comments on this one. Where does it say in this article that he agreed that unborn children with a “gay” gene should be aborted? All he said was that he believed most prospective parents would abort a baby with the gene. Given the prevalence of abortion in western society and just about every and any reason under the sun to justify abortion I don’t think the man is too far off the mark. Most gays and lesbians I know are pro-abortion so I think it rather ironic that they advocate a position that would relegate the gay community to the history books. We could well be witnessing the last generation of gays and lesbians to be born, and just think it will be the pink tax dollar that is going to help bring it about.
    Oh and yes I am gay and have children and I am laughing my arse off about this one.

  54. He should be put away in an institution becasue he is a danger to society.

  55. The epi-genetic basis would mean a “gay-gene” wouldn’t exist. It would be the expression of the gene that would be affected, which would be passed between generations as a “memory”(which can’t easily be tested)…. he could at least have understood the research before making ridiculous comments.

  56. Surely the correct answer is to eliminate defective parents……….

  57. jonnielondon 16 Dec 2012, 7:49pm

    “Being homophobic is the result of a birth defect, and mothers would abort their homophobic babies.”

  58. billywingargtenson 17 Dec 2012, 4:31am

    he ,lived in Idaho and may be from there. Its one of the prime out of the way locations of neo-nazi-ism,

    Except in some evangelical and catholic churches with their mad pope.

    A ltitle think about Fischer (german spelling name for Fisher) on whats on him on Wiki will show you what I mean.

    AFA is just another example of how hate groups protect marriage. (see southern poverty law center for list)

  59. Couold we please be told what the 17 Dec 2012, 4:19pm

    Fischer is misinterpreting the scientific data. Even if there were a genetic *difference* in the case, it does not follow that that is a genetic *defect*. You can conclude it is a *defect* only if you start with the unscientific assumption that there is something wrong with being gay.

  60. Daniel Pitt 17 Dec 2012, 4:31pm

    Being one of the sheeple that follows weird cults like this is a personality defect.

  61. I would like to add that the difference between a genetic mutation and a genetic phenotype is the very arbitary line of if it occurs in 1% of the population, a line only there purely because of tradition. Not only do most studies show homosexaltiy to be atleast over 1% but the arbitary line also points out the ridiculous nature of viewing mutations and variations as negative.

    As for aborting gay people, it is a common philosophical debate in the scientific community about whether given the technology people should be allowed to chose their children based on genetics that might increase intelligence or sporting fitness to give some examples. Aborting for non-medical reasons really wont just simply be allowed, there will be alot of thought and strong opinions first. But I myself would like to think that in this day and age there wouldn’t be that many that would be bothered enough to go ahead and abort the foetus.

  62. Sorry Bryan, didn’t anyone tell you…? New rule – to be able to comment on scientific studies, if you’re in the public eye, you need some sort of higher education where you are thoroughly taught about analysing and interpreting research papers…

  63. Tom Edwards 17 Dec 2012, 10:25pm

    This is a prime illustration of why these people are so dangerous. For years they have insisted there is no “genetic basis” for a homosexual orientation. But when scientific evidence emerges that there might be, they suddenly shift gears and insist it amounts to a “birth defect.” It is impossible to reason with people who twist the facts so conveniently. Bigotry is deaf to reason.

  64. The man is an insane mad man.

  65. Ray McIntyre 22 Dec 2012, 2:08am

    This man is a maroon!

  66. Wtf. Hate seems to be more of a birth defect nowadays. And no we are not afraid of finding the gay gene, in fact we’re happy about finding it and can’t wait for it to be discovered. Get your facts str8 dude or better yet shut up.

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