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US: Trans model still loves ex-partner despite violent attack

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Reader comments

  1. Womandrogyne 14 Dec 2012, 8:02am

    …and why exactly are we being told this fireman’s weight?

    1. Probably to dispel the myth that trans women are still en snd thus couldve fought for his/her self. Thats what cops, society thinks, oh never mind te hormones you’re still a man so fight back smh
      Not realizing that we are just as female as any other female…

  2. M Milligan 2 Jan 2013, 10:01pm

    “it’s alleged Taylor called Charriez more than 1,000 times and erupted one night at a strip club in her hotel room.”—
    Your proof reading should be better than that. Jeez!!! The quoted sentence makes no sense as she did not have a strip club in her hotel room. And the implication is that she is sleazy. I expected better reporting from you as a representative of GLBT press.
    He went into a jealous rage at a club, when she fled in a cab he arrived ahead of her in her hotel room and then beat her up.

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