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US: Mayor of Atlanta says ‘gay couples deserve the same protection’ as straight ones

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Reader comments

  1. When will the black population in the uk , start evolving on this human/civil rights issue? So far i cannot think of one public black person advocating equality in the uk?

    1. What about the lovely Chuka Umunna?

      1. Yep, besides (the lovely!) Chuka Umunna, there’s Diane Abbott and David Lammy and that’s just Westminster politicians. Beverley Knight is fantastic. It’s silly to pretend there’s no problems getting certain demographics on board including large numbers of black people, but some really like to distort this issue out of reality and it comes across as having an unpleasant agenda.

  2. God Bless this man who wants to bring gays out of the chains of oppression like Lincoln brought the black man out of the chains of slavery.

  3. I am glad that the Black population seem to be changing. Their own civil rights battle should be fresh in their memories.

  4. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Dec 2012, 10:08am

    The civil rights movement has certainly come a long way and we still have a long way to go yet until we are done, starting with the abolition of slavery, minimum wages for workers, voting equality or suffrage for women, abolition of the prohibition of alcohol, abolition of the death penalty, ending black segregation, giving blacks the right to vote, abolition of treating women as property of their husbands, abolition of conscription, abolition of legal marital rape, recognition of heterosexual de facto couples, legalising gay sex and finally and eventually legal gay relationship recognition (such as both civil unions and domestic partnerships to full gay marriage)!

  5. I went to uni in Atlanta and familair with the politics there and so know exactly how brave a stand this is. Well done. In the city of MLK – human rights must prevail – this is a step in honouring his sacrifice – good on ya mate!

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