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US: Court throws out Bel Ami’s legal case over their models being ‘thrown off’ a gay cruise

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Reader comments

  1. Jamie Hakim 13 Dec 2012, 5:45pm

    Gorgeous as they all are, they are just a bunch of pretty fake-gays from various parts of eastern Europe plucked from obscurity and expected to behave in character by their paymasters. My one ‘brush’ with them was a few years ago in Brighton whilst I was involved in a local gay mag. Prowler were opening their new store & Millivres had arranged for a gaggle of hotties to come down for photos. Afterwards, they were all sent round to R-Bar to ‘hang out’ for more photos whilst they loudly complained that there ‘wasn’t enough pussy’ in the bar. Class.

  2. There’s something fundamentally wrong about this article. It seems to say that a US court claimed it didn’t have jurisdiction over a suit against RSVP which is an American company. That makes no sense whatsoever. Where else would an American want a suit against it to be heard, if not in a US court? It’s likely the writer did not correctly read the judge’s decision.

    1. DCBrighton 13 Dec 2012, 6:09pm

      RSVP had chartered the cruise from Holland America, a Dutch company. The plaintiffs were suing both California based RSVP and Holland America. Which was why it was dismissed. They may I suppose make a case if they put RSVP solely as the defendant.

  3. After reading the article I’m still not sure what really actually here. Pretty confusing stuff.

    1. DCBrighton 13 Dec 2012, 6:21pm

      From what I’ve gathered from other news sources:

      Basically, Travel agency RSVP chartered Dutch company Holland America for a gay cruise.

      RSVP hired Bel Ami to provide models to mix and mingle with paying passengers.

      Bel Ami claim RSVP said that they were okay with a film crew recording the models on the cruise.

      RSVP, not Bel Ami said they were getting too much attention, what with the filming etc. RSVP claimed that the filming was not permitted. Asked to leave, under circumstances RSVP and Bel Ami dispute.

      Case dismissed as non US Citizens suing a non US company alongside a US company.

  4. OMG!!! There was a cruise with Bel Ami boys and I missed it! MY LIFE IS NO LONGER WORTH LIVING! :-((((((((

  5. Still don’t understand what the problem was. Fake Gays or not, what disruption did they cause? If the filming was not legit then why not remove the cameras -or the film crew? This article is incomplete and uninformative.
    I have seen Bel Ami videos and they aren’t asking for Pussy in them, that’s for sure.

    1. Gay for pay, they have to keep an image up. shame it went sour, it would be great relaxing while they were wandering around.

  6. I would have loved to have been on that Cruise. In fact they should do an all LGBT Cruise like that and book a whole ship for the cruise, I am sure there are enough LGBT people who would love to be on that Love Boat, for some fun and sun;)

  7. Paul Halsall 14 Dec 2012, 12:43pm

    Was prostitution the real issue here?

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