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Ricky Martin: I wish I could come out as gay again, ‘it’s just beautiful’

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Reader comments

  1. This line will only confuse young gay children and hetrosexuals “I’ve slept with women and I’ve fallen in love with them and I’ve felt wonderful things. There was love, passion. I don’t regret anything, any of the relationships I’ve lived, they taught me a lot, both men and women equally.” Why on earth would you then settle down with a man if you can get all that with a women? Yes I have had sex with women but no I have never felt the love and passion that I feel for my boyfriend – that is what makes me gay otherwise why on earth bother with coming out?

    1. He’s obviosuly bisexual, why he doesn’t just ‘come out’ and say it I don’t know.

    2. Well said. We bear each other up far too often.

      1. Wrong place – sorry

    3. He’s a sweetie, Ricky Martin’s new album “Mas” is great. He’s hot, he can sing,dance and smile all at the same time, what’s not to like.

      1. Dave North 28 Apr 2013, 5:33pm

        Sing, dance, cure cancer.

        That I would respect.

  2. Maybe Ricky Martin could be the first straight, no sorry bisexual, oh! better make that gay person to have his brain transplanted into a dolphin or something to get the attention he once had and now craves.
    Then again Ricky Martin may already have had a brain swap with a dolphin, think about it, he’s fit, he’s somewhat sexually ambivalent, he’s playful and most of all he likes to entertain and please.
    See study, Male gay dolphin behaviour found to turn on female dolphins.

  3. Most of us end up coming out everytime we meet someone new. But we’re not rich popstars .

    1. Yes, it means coming out every time the gas boiler needs attention or the roof needs repairing, plus every other new person you meet basically.

      1. Dave North 28 Apr 2013, 5:39pm

        Tell me about it. The “closet” seems to follow you along throughout your life.

        In my current workplace half of my colleagues know I’m gay, however there are a few “BOSSES” I refuse to come out to, due to there homophobic statements.

        These are people who despite managing off-shored staff have no problem calling them, and I quote, “dirty black bar stewards”

        Coming out of the closet is I think a selective process.

  4. The Hispanic community in the US is fast growing and traditionally quite conservative. I think that Ricky Martin is someone who has used his high profile entirely for good – have a go at someone who deserves it!

    1. Well said. We beat each other up far too often.

  5. I agree. Very few of us only need to come out once. I have no beef with Mr Martin: good luck to him. I just wish we could stop saying that we have to “come to terms with being gay”. Let’s reimagine this. What we have to come to terms with is heterosexism and homophobia. Push the problem outside.

    1. Such psycho babble

  6. Christ on a bike! another rich handsome ‘celebrity’ who thinks its all fairy dust and chiffon. For those of us in the real world Ricky man, we don’t give a wheech about what you think you are so far removed from us.

  7. gay dolphin 7 Apr 2013, 8:47pm

    I for one like Ricky Martin. He appears to be such a gentle benign person.I love to dance on his songs.And I do respect all the work he has done for raising awareness on the issue of human traficking and abuse.
    I watched him on Oprah, from what i got he used to be bisexual for quite some time, but now he likes to identify himself as a gay man.(well at least that what i got)

  8. Why should it matter if he wants to come out again, why should it matter if he is a homosexual. That doesn’t give anybody a right to intrude into somebody else’s life and tell them to do anything or be a certain way. If you’re a homosexual, I don’t mind and all those that tell you not to be, give em the bird and laugh. Don’t ever change so others will like you, if you are yourself, somebody will like you for you.

  9. I wish for the day when no one has to come out and everyone will be free to date who they like without having to explain why. I came out to my parents when I was 22 and I would never like to do it again!

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