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MSP blasts anti-same sex marriage opponent who warns of polygamy

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Reader comments

  1. Hardly blasting it is he?

  2. They used the same old rhetoric with womens right to vote, and interacial marriages.
    Same sex unions have nothing to do with polygamy, which coincidentally was the common form of marriage in the biblical times.
    Might as well say, if we allow for heterosexual marriage, it will lead to beastiality.
    It’s a nonsensical strawman position.

    1. I think most kids are less confused than she is.

  3. Surely while there is a process of one person being legally joined to another then there is a danger of someone wanting to then be joined to more than one person? So all marriage should be outlawed yes?

  4. Ah the old slippery slope fallacy, I wish that these people against same-sex marriage would find a more original claim to support their position. This is the argument of somebody who has absolutely no point to make whatsoever.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Dec 2012, 4:47pm

    Does the idiot really believe that any sane government is going to support polygamy? On which planet are these fools living? How would she explain divorce and the reasons why it happened and continues to happen prior to equal marriage being legal anywhere?

  6. “anti-same sex marriage opponent” – double negative surely?

  7. I remember that this petition was put on hold last year or earlier this year until the Scottish Government announced whether it was going to legislate for equal marriage – I assume this petition is now being considered again and that John Finnie is on the petitions committee, although I don’t know for sure. I hope they’ll do the right thing and throw this petition out.

    1. I’ve had a wee look and found out it’s actually the Equal Opportunities Committee who is considering this petition – and they are still considering it, more’s the pity. I expect (hope!) it will be thrown out in due course.

      1. And it’s surprising and disappointing to see someone like John Mason on the Equal Opportunites Committee given his views on subjects like marriage equality.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Dec 2012, 5:08pm

    Ignorant stupid bint. The case in British Columbia was struck down in November 2011 upholding the law against polygamy. Of course, that she doesn’t mention.

    For her information. some islamic countries allow heterosexual polygamy, up to four wives at a time. There is no same sex marriage in any of those backward countries of course. She has a lot of explaining to do.

  9. Jancis M. Andrews 13 Dec 2012, 8:55pm

    Amy King is a total ignoramus! Canada is NOT about to legalize polygamy — the exact opposite is true. On November 23, 2011, Chief Justice Robert Bauman of BC Supreme Court, ruled that S. 293 CC, proscribing polygamy, is constitutional in that polygamy is an anti-social act, contravening women’s equality rights, harming their children and setting men against men in the search of a wife and family of their own, because Nature has not made even two women for every one man. Every male polygamist therefore is robbing his brother. Perhaps Amy King does not know the meaning of “proscribe?” For her information, it means forbid. That gal should go back to school.

  10. The slippery slope should have been answered with another slippery slope in the other direction.
    You prohibit one section of society from enjoying marriage, who’s next?…

    I think I heard Amy King volunteer.

  11. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Dec 2012, 12:42am

    Oh yes the old coservative saying that same sex marriage leads to prositution, polygamy, incest, bestiality, peadophillia, nacrophillia and the whole wide world ending with the sky falling?!

    Show me evidence of this – you stupid bigoted moron politicians!

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