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Mike Tyson gender reassignment spoof mistaken for reality by news websites

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Reader comments

  1. Julian Morrison 13 Dec 2012, 11:23pm

    The transphobia is strong with this one. Sexism, too. Stereotypes are not saved by being called “satire”. It’s not funny and it’s not OK.

    1. I don’t know if the original spoof was funny but what happened after certainly was.

      1. theotherone 14 Dec 2012, 11:52am

        why? is transphobia funny?

        1. twitless is not saying transphobia is funny. More stating that the reactions from the African newspapers in question is.

          Lighten up!

  2. GingerlyColors 14 Dec 2012, 7:10am

    Should have saved that story for Boxing Day, or better still April 1st!

  3. This is hilarious. With the icing on the cake being the pig ignorant african countries in the front line of hate falling for it.
    Like the Chinese news agency that fell for the onion story about Kim Jong Un being the sexiest leader in the world.

    Says more about them than us, I think.

  4. Totally hilarious. And the Macho Africans believed it. Brilliant! They always love a wife beater.

  5. The fact that people thought this would make a good joke highlights how people still believe being trans is a joke.

  6. theotherone 14 Dec 2012, 11:51am

    this is shockingly transphobic

    1. In what way?

  7. This is all wrong. That gender affirmation surgery is the basis of humor is disgusting and inflammatory. Trans people are consistently thrown under the proverbial bus in under the guise of humor. Whether it be satire or “tranny” jokes it’s all the same, a means of repression. Gender variant people are perhaps the last societal group that it’s OK to denigrate publicly without fear. I’m hoping that comments such as mine, shared, can start to spread the message that “Tanny” humor is not only hurtful, but one of the main ways transphobia and its ensuing violence are perpetuated. When you encounter “Tranny humor”, please, speak up and say STOP IT, TRANNY HUMOR IS NOT OK !

  8. DJ Sheepiesheep 14 Dec 2012, 5:28pm

    While I have no problem with the concept of Tyson, the convicted rapist, losing his genitalia, the article itself is plainly unacceptable. If you think about it, it’s akin to a spoof headline that says the Yorkshire Ripper is happy with his newly found gay sexual identity. A person’s sexuality and gender, and for that matter, race are not a valid or acceptable basis for humour. But yes, let’s cut off Tyson’s bits!

  9. Hahaha, this is like China falling for Kim Jong Un’s good looks.

    Mike Tyson is clearly a significant figure to some people in Africa, so I would be interested to see if this story has made/will make any change to the opinion of some African’s towards sexuality issues.

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